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Survey: Vitamins and Supplements for PVPS

Wondering what everyone is taking from a non-prescription standpoint. I take fish oil, niacin (B3), saw palmetto, Vitamin D, and a probiotic every day on advice of GP. None are for PVPS, and I don’t think any are exacerbating the PVPS.

During my 2nd bout of pain 2008-09, I discovered Zyflamend. I had forgotten about it until recently and went back on it, 2/day. It contains a lot of different anti-inflammatories including turmeric which many have recommended.

I believe others on the board have recommend alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin B12 for nerve pain. I’m considering adding both of these to my regimen in hopes of weaning off Lyrica (my insurance just denied my appeal)

On the congestive side, I know about papaya seed powder. Since my pain is one-sided and I was reversed 12 years ago, I won’t try this for fear of closing up on the painless side.

Anyone else have anything to add, pro or con, on these or others?

I’m currently taking Vit B1 (fat soluble form called allithiamine), Nicotinamide Riboside (the active form of Vit B3), a B complex that includes the methylated forms of B6 and B12, 4000 IU’s Vit D, 25mg DHEA and 100mg magnesium glycinate. I go on and off alpha lipoic acid on occasion.

Prescriptions: Testosterone cream and 4.5mg Naltrexone (low dose).

Right after I realized I had potential nerve damage from the VAS I was taking alpha, tumeric, fish oil, and B12 among other things but had to stop due to GI issues. I think it all helps with nerve pain which you can research to see studies. Alpha seems rough on my stomach but I have a sensitive stomach anyway. I would give it a try as conservative options.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff on top of several common brands of well rounded men’s multivitamins, including supplementing with saw palmetto, high doses of fish oil, zinc, B vitamins, natural anti-inflamitorys, alpha lipoic acid, papaya seed powder, etc.

My GI, and system in general is pretty intolerant of to much stuff going through me. If it doesn’t give me a slight buzz, or make me feel weird, it makes me feel a bit nauseated.

Many years ago, I learned it was best for me to avoid high doses of fish oil because it thins my blood, leads to vascular congestion, and/or more pain. Given my pre-existing varicocele pain condition, and the fact that vascular damage via vasectomy does happen, high doses of fish oil are a no no for me.

For years now, I’ve been keeping things pretty simple. I take a mix of the men’s, and adult complete multivitamin, brand name “smarty pants”. It’s non GMO, contains a moderate dose of fish oil, omega 3’s (EPA/DHA), D3, coQ10, lycopene, B’s, and other goodies. I supplement with 500-1000mg vitamin C on top of that. I’ve played around with various forms of vitamin C including liposomal, ester C, etc.

I took papaya seed powder for 3-6~ weeks multiple times last year, and think to take a low dose daily in gel cap form because since then, I have trended slightly better.

I recently started taking alpha lipoic acid again. I can certainly feel it in my system, and it effects my GI as well. I just wanted to see if it would help my lower back pain, with a possible bonus of any improvement beyond my day in day out hiccups with pvp/s. So far, I haven’t been able to stick with it on a daily basis because of the side effects.

Another thing I’ve been experimenting with lately for my back pain is 500-1000iu of SOD, an antioxidant catalyst. I haven’t been taking it long, so not much to report so far.

Although not related to the pain, I also take 5htp just before bedtime, and found it that it gives me a very restful and deep sleep. Can notice the difference when I stop using it.

I’ve heard of this stuff. It’s supposedly neuroprotective. I think that was the one that might help with Parkinson’s Disease. Where did you get it?

It can be hard to take a lot of supplements. I bombed my gut with Celebrex and in 5 years I’m just sort of stable now. I almost had to have a bowel resection and will not rule one out but I was really, really sick as little as 2 years ago. I would wake up with intense pain that made me think I should just go right to the emergency room I’m not sure how I got through that without surgery.

Point being. Take care of your gut. Be careful taking supplements. Most importantly, NSAIDS are not long term answers for controlling inflammation if you have any sort of gut issues or are prone to them.

Just to add, I have been waking up around 5am with naseua every morning with stomach pain mainly on left side. I have a hard time going back to sleep. I just had a endoscopy today and they did not find anything. They want me to start taking Bentyl before bed to see if this helps and also protonix daily. The only Medicince I have been taking regular over last couple of months is ativan which is hard to ween off. 1) it helps with anxiety 2) it seems to help with some of the nerve pain. As soon as I cut the dose I start feeling the WD effects and weird stuff. I am wondering if the medicine is causing the Naseau or a combination of all the medicines I have tried over this time. I don’t think the VAS is directly causing the naseau and stomach pain but the medicines I have taken since including multiple rounds of antibiotics. I need to get my stomach figured out since I am considering a reversal and want to be prepared to take steroids and anti inflammatories.


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