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Surgery with Dr P tomorrow

Diagnosed with epididymitis/vasitis September 2020. Most of the problem is in the cord however. There appears to be a lipoma/cyst/mass with a distinct beginning and end. So it’s being treated as a spermatic cord excision, with possible orchiectomy if there is too much damage to the cord.

Also varicocelectomy on the left side that has been bothering me for a while, since he’s already going in.

I am nervous but believe I am in good hands with Dr P

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Hell man they make vasectomy so simple and easy. However they fail to tell you what they do. If there is a problem. That is so drastic to loose your testicle, I presume that you are not that old.

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I should have clarified I am not a vasectomy victim. Just a chronic epididymitis

All good I was making a point on vasectomy. Sorry to hear that mate i had that through vasectomy it is no joke. Get well

In serious pain, with swelling, bruising (scrotum is black and 3x normal size) low grade fever, chills, and 7/10 pain at incision site. Dr P told me to expect this and I “wouldn’t like him for a few weeks” but does any of this sound alarming to you?

Can you tell us more about what type of procedure you had done? Was it just the spermatic cord excision or did he do the orchiectomy as well? Did he do the varicoclectomy as well?

He actually did not find the spermatic cord mass he was hoping for. And he did not do an orchiectomy, so it ended up being a bilateral varicocelectomy (two incisions inguinally).

I know I have that mass. It does seem to change shape based on my body positioning, much more defined when I stand up. My thought was inguinal hernia. We did do a CT scan that showed a “tiny hernia” as Dr P put it but he did not attribute that to causing the problem in my cord.

If this surgery does not resolve my right sided pain I will probably go back to remove the entire thing in a few months.

No, I have heard similar things from other physicians. Swelling and inflammation will likely increase, or stay the same for a few days before getting better. Good luck, take it easy.