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Surgery Cancelled - Feeling Well Enough

I went through a number of therapies in 2018. On Jan 2, I had bilateral pudendal RFA and that took care of my perineal pain.

In June and again in October, I had steroid/botox cord blocks with Dr. P. On 12/31, as part of a dynamic ultrasound for final verification for a hernia, I had a GF block with steroid to test for efficacy of laproscopic neurectomy.

Throw in Zyflamend and Nerve Shield, and I’ve been in a much, much better place for the past 3 months. Most of the time, I’m pain free. So, I’ve decided to indefinitely postpone the GF neurectomy.

Thought I’d pass this along. Perhaps patience and pain management techniques do actually work, time will tell.


That’s great to hear buddy! I’ve followed along your journey and glad you’ve found relief!

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Great news. You deserve a break from pain.

Have a block with Dr. P scheduled in about a month. Hoping for the best.

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Thank you for the update. I’ve been sitting on the fence re: surgery -Now 14 months out from vasectomy- have scheduled out denervation in 2 months as so far no change in symptoms. :roll_eyes:

Will look into Zyflamend and Nerveshield

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I am glad to hear you arrived at a decision, and opted for the no-surgery path. Please keep us updated, your documentation of your case is inspiring for others. Thanks.
I just stumbled over this article when searching for Zyflamend:

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Thanks for posting that article. As I read about Zyflamend and Nerve Shield, they both seem to be supplements that help with many of the ailments we PVPS sufferers experience. They aren’t cheap, but seem like good broad-spectrum supplements.

I’ve been researching Zyflamend, and others, and here seems to be a good summary about it, reported side effects included:

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Thanks for the words and glad to know you found some relief!

hey @raising4girls am happy to hear about your recent change and positive results this is awesome. As for the Zyflamend is there a specific one your taking simple search on amazon and several to choose from. I was thinking of trying it out not just for pvps pains but other nerve/joint related pains i have from neck and posture.

Here’s a link to the version I take (I buy at a local health store)