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Supportive vs double pouch vs boxers

Wondering something guys.

I’m close to three months post vas and I still have nagging discomfort in my lower right testicle. No sexual pain but not sure if this is nerve issue or just healing slowly.

Have some days I don’t feel much at all but some that it bothers me and triggers anxiety.

My uro suggested a jockstrap but I find that tight underwear after a while start hurting.

Any experience with double pouch underwear or boxers? I used to wear tight boxer briefs but no more.

Should I suck up the pain and get supportive underwear if that’s a long term solution to the pain?

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Hey bro and welcome! Myself i find jocksstaps next to impossible to wear all day. Talk about constricting! I wear them only at workouts and jogs
I do wear boxer briefs by hanes the rest of the time and find they give the best comfort and support. Hope you find what works best for you!

So I take it your pain doesn’t come from compression. I actually can touch the area that is tender in the lower end of the testicle. But perhaps having little support is a bad thing and actually worse in the long run. I’m just so weary of anything that brings discomfort that I live in fear :confused:

Well my pain lately actually comes if im not supported enough. Maybe my age 44 has something to do with it gravity taking its toll on my nuts and all. I would recommend just trying different brands till you find one that works.

Before the VAS I hated wearing anything other than loose boxers. 18 months after the VAS I only wear under armour boxerjocks. They are so comfortable and supportive without being stupidly tight. Lack of support in my case definitely caused pain during healing, I’m 37.

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