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Successfull reversal, and goodbye pain

Hello there, hang in there. I want to share with you my new life and recommend you with my doctors.

I am from Argentina, I’ve been suffering 1 and a half years of a shitty vasectomy, you all know what Im talking about. Like a disease on my body, my bones hurt, I’ve got no libido, I could not even think.

Yesterday I’ve got a reversal from Dr Alvarez and Dr Medrano in Argentina, I am not shitting you, I woke up from the operation crying of happiness, all my body and spirit knew that it was going to be okay.
Of course my balls are huge from hematoma now, but nothing else. I already dont have pain from cut of the vas deferens I had until yesterday morning.
Last night with all the new pain from the little scars, I even got an erection. That didnt happen for the last… year?

I know a big part of you are from the US, I want to tell you this with all my heart because I paid for this vasovasostomy just 95.000$ PESOS argentinos, thats like less than 1000 U$S.
(For a reference, my salary is about 800 U$D, and 13.000 is like 2 million pesos… A TON of money, unpayable for me in this moment)
If you can travel to my country and get it, do it as soon as you can.
Before contacting this center I just read your numbers and for a third world person I would not be able to pay 13.000 U$D maybe never in my life, so when they told me this 95.000$ budget i was so excited. This is their site, when I discovered that place and talked to Dr Medrano about the operation, they confirmed that they had already had successfull vasectomy reversals.

I am now leaving this forum that helped me see that I am not entirely alone, and now I invite you to take a journey into looking for these super professional medical body.

Theres an option out there. I hope the best for you. Bless you


Thanks for sharing and congratulations @shawarmabb !!!

I cried too when I realized that the pain I had every morning for 5 years that would wake me up and was so intense my chest was about to explode was gone.

Leaving here, not feeling the need to be here, is what happens to most guys that are able to get to a good place.

That doesn’t mean you are not welcome to come back as guys like to hear from other guys that have had success, no matter what form that success takes. It gives guys hope.

I acquired a fascination with Argentina about 5 or 6 years ago. You guys have such an interesting culture and geography. Looks like a beautiful country. I think my daughter is going to go there with her friend whose mother hails from there and do a work study thing. She has a dual major and Spanish is one of her majors.

Congrats again and thanks for sharing the good news with us.

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Its magical how my body its going back to its original place. Many things happened in less than 24 hours. I shit you not I could even think straight.

Sending hugs to all of you guys

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Hey mate glad to hear of your success, I am currently waiting an “urgent time sensitive” referral with the NHS for a reversal - I made an account just to reply to this as I seen in your post history you had some similar issues that I currently have - would you mind giving a list of the kind of issues you experience with regards to ball/vas pains?

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I had until yesterday in the hospital pain were vas were cut, now I dont feel nothing, just my body working fine. That is just a part of the big list of things that have changed in less than 24 hours. I will tell when the inflamation is gone if my scrotum keeps tight like always, because after vasectomy it hunged like if I was an old man, and I am just 26 years old.

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I wish you the best recovery mate, the same as I hope for myself when I finally get the reversal, my pains are like this:

  • Random periods of congestion pains in the vas where the vasectomy was
  • Testicles are a bit sensitive, but if I ejaculate, the next 24 hours they are ultra sensitive, a small bump will make it hurt bad
  • Random pains from Vas up inside of pelvis area
  • Pain in kidney that sometimes radiates to teste
  • My left testicle sits horizontally ever since I got epididymitis infection 4 months after vasectomy
  • All sorts of weird hormonal issues like depression, almost like auto-immune type, feel like I am run-down all the time
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Yes brother all you mention is what I lived through as well. Even masturbating was hell.
Congestion was all the time, unbelievable pain everyday.
Dont give up hope, I believe you will be 100% back to normal because you deserve it, of course.

We will wait for your reversal with you

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Thanks mate, wishing the best for us both - I’ll 100% be back here to update once I have some progress on my end, right now what works for me is:
Don’t move much
Don’t ejaculate
Take paracetamol

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