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“Success” 2 years later - what worked for me

Hi everyone,

I was on this forum a lot after having severe pain following my vasectomy and a subsequent infection (developed sepsis about a month after the procedure. Apparently some staph had snuck in, hung out for a while and then broke into my blood stream). I just wanted to post what has worked for me in healing and keeping the pain away.

Initially the pain, redness, and just overall discomfort and irritation was extreme for months following the sepsis infection and hospital stay. I checked here a lot and took all the advice: NSAIDs, icing, anti-inflammatory supplements, supportive underwear, spacing our ejaculations, etc. Doctors were of no help, so I followed all the great advice posted here, and over time it really worked.

I found that after trying out and keeping up with all of this great advice I read here, the pain and inflammation slowly subsided and everything returned to almost pre-surgery normal (even the dull ache slowly went away after many more months).

While I’ve been able to reduce and even remove the other self treatment options, there have been 2 things I’ve had to continue religiously even years later:

-Spacing out ejaculations. I found that if I shortened the 72 hour window to even 48 hours I would have inflammation, irritation, and redness rise back up right away.

-Wearing scrotal support underwear. The David Archy kind have worked great, but there’s lots out similar ones out there, mostly on Amazon. I used to be pretty active, cycling and running regularly to stay in shape. Sadly I’ve had to give most of that up, but I’m still on me feet all day working and chasing around my 2 small kids. The supportive underwear has been huge in just keeping everything more stable and not jostling around and getting inflamed. Only underwear I wear now.

I do also somewhat follow an anti-inflammatory diet, but that’s now more due to having an autoimmune disease than the pvp (turns out vasectomies and the related dead sperm proteins that can escape don’t jive well with people with auto immune disorders prone to inflammatory issues, found that out the hard way). It may be helping with just keeping inflammation sort of more in check in my body, and it certainly helps to be eating healthier since I can’t run or cycle like I used to.

I know everyones bodies and surgeries are different, so some of this stuff may or may not help. I hope it does and I just wanted to post my “success” story (it’s been a long road and I’ve had to make substantial changes to my lifestyle, but I can keep the pvp away so that’s success for me) especially for anyone who was where I was at 2 years ago. It’s scary, painful, and can feel hopeless especially when doctors just write you off (which a urologist and pcp both did) but there is hope.

Thanks to everyone who for their support and excellent advice, it has really helped my recovery. Best of luck to everyone on their recovery journey.