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Study of opiate use after vasectomy


Title: Routine Prescription of Opioids for Post-Vasectomy Pain Control
Associated with Persistent Use

Conclusion: Opioids, which do not appear to be necessary in men who undergo
vasectomy, were associated with persistent use in 7.8% of patients at 3 to 6
months. In the face of an opioid epidemic urologists should take action to limit
over prescription of opioids after vasectomy.

My main takeaway from this article is that here is something you NEVER hear about. You never hear people at work talking about how they had a vasectomy and got addicted to Oxycontin. But 7.8% of guys are using opiates 3-6 months after their vasectomy? It just shows how the fact that you never hear people talk about something doesn’t mean it isn’t common.

Also from the study:

In the opioid cohort of 102 patients 13 (12.7%) had prior scrotal/inguinal pathology or surgery, 26 (25.4%) had a chronic pain diagnosis, 31 (30.3%) had a behavioral health diagnosis and 43% had prior opioid prescriptions. In the nonopioid cohort of 126 patients 15
(11.9%) had prior scrotal/inguinal pathology or surgery, 28 (22.2%) had prior chronic pain disorders, 24 (19%) had behavioral health diagnoses and 40% had prior opioid prescriptions.

Of the 102 patients in the opioid cohort 13 (12.7%) had an encounter for pain within 30 days. Five of these patients (4.9%) telephoned a provider, 5 (4.9%) saw a provider as an outpatient and 3 (2.9%) went to the emergency room. In the nonopioid cohort of 126 patients 23 (18.4%) had an encounter for pain within 30 days. Six of these patients (4.8%) telephoned a
provider, 10 (7.9%) saw a provider as an outpatient and 7 (5.6%) went to the emergency room.

Also, holy moly, are 4% of guys who get a vasectomy going to the emergency room for post operative pain?

Seems like an admission of guilt. Only 1% of people get pvps but 7-8% are taking opoids 3-6 months post vas?

They gave me 10 days of oxycodon after mine. I’m sure it would help now but I’m trying to stay off anything additive.


A few minutes before my vasectomy, a nurse came in and discussed post op care. She handed me some paperwork and a prescription for 30 hydrocodone pills. I distinctly remember (eventhough I was high on Valium) thinking, “Damn, that’s a lot of opioids. Why would I need that many? This isn’t going to hurt that bad”. For a brief moment, all the bells starting ringing in my head. However, since I really didn’t want any more kids, and believed everything I was told at my consult, I ignored the bells and had it done.

Ironically enough, I ended up tearing up the opiod prescription when I got home after the vasectomy. I hate opioids because they make me nauseous. I also never thought I would hurt enough to need them. Plus, I was going back to work in 3 days and absolutely can not take opioids while I work. I would end up regretting not having those just to help me get through the first few weeks.

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My take away from the article is that 18% of the men had to follow-up because of pain. You think many of us would have it done if we were told that 1 out of 5 men will have to get help postoperatively for pain control. It’s nothing but BS to tell men a vasectomy is easy.

It’s so unethical that they lie about these numbers. As I stated in my other post, I did mine at a military hospital; they don’t get payed more if they do more surgery so why would they not be upfront about this? Unless they’re just not paying attention or people are not going back in there and just suffering in silence.