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Stomach Pain or Abdominal Pain

Looking for advice, I have been waking up around 5am with left side stomach pain which moves around a little. I originally described it as naseua but It’s kind of a gnawing, burning feeling. I had a endoscopy and nothing was found. I assumed it was acid reflux or IBS but nothing seems to help with traditional meds. The pain typically goes away after a few hours and doesn’t bother me before bed. I originally thought the issue was from the early rounds of antibiotics or a medicine I am taking and still wonder if this is the case. The only thing I have been taking the entire time after VAS 4 months ago is Ativan. I am trying to ween off the Ativan without chance this is causing the issue. I have tried Bentyl and protonix but no help. Anyone have any suggestions? The only other Pain med I take is tramadol and this is not daily and only started a few weeks ago.

Had this exact thing, it was caused by inflammatory reaction from the epididymis. Look into lowering your inflammation naturally.

It could very well be referred pain from the nerve damage as well. Both the IL and GF nerves go from the scrotum and snake their way back to the lower lumbar through many of the muscles found in your abdomen. It’s more than possible that damage to these nerves is causing the issue.

For the most part I managed to survive the initiall 12-18 months of PVPS hell without any medication and I still developed the same garbage. It could be the meds but I would venture to say it a result of a botched vasectomy and nothing more.

@Choohooo I have been considering that but my confirmed nerve damage is on the right side which I can feel at times from testicle to lower inner stomach into back. The stomach pain is higher on the left side about 4 inches from the belly button going up. I do not have any left side lower stomach pain or groin pain. So if it is the nerve its only causing pain in the stomach area around left side of the belly button moving up. I guess I could try a nerve block on the left side to try to find out if it is nerve related.

Sorry to reply to a very old thread, I’ve had a pain under my left rib in stomach area for months now that PPIs and diet haven’t seemed to solve, pending an endoscopy but it kicked off around the same time my PVPS started - wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this and how to fix it?

Nope it just went away over time

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Ah cool, cheers for coming back to respond - hope you’ve moved on from awful PVPS life by this stage! I’m pending an endoscopy for a constant pain/burning/bulging feeling under left rib that kicked off around the same time PVPS did