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Still around guys


Hello Everyone.
To all the ones that know me. I am still around hanging on going day by day.
To all the new guys. Some of us go away from the forum but we aren’t always better.
I am still dealing with the same stuff as before. I can remain inactive for the most part pain my pain is a 1 to 3. Any slight activity I can be a 4 or higher. And then usually the following days (usually two) it stays between a 3 to a 6 it sucks.

Managing to still find freelance work. But it’s hard.

To all the old guys on here that know me, hope you are doing as well as can be :wink:


Hey Backintime-

Great to hear from you. I’m in a VERY similar boat. When was your vas?

Went back to gym 4 total times over the last 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m aggravating everything, but I’m just over it! Planning on going today and just dealing with the consequences… my main question: How can working oun cause any more damage?? I could understand it delaying the healing a bit… I can’t deal with this sedentary lifestyle… Like if I knew that if I stay away from the gym for another 4 months and then start I will be fine…great but there is no way to know that… sorry for the rant…


About three years ago. I can walk around in general but a walk more than twenty minutes I start to feel it. Sitting long periods sucks. I work for different agencies. If I go in more than two days I really feel it and have problems. Anything like cutting grass, sex, playing with the kids causes unnatural pains in all different areas, a lot of it probably being referred pain. Mainly in left chord, taint area back of balls, and lower abdomen.

Depending on your issues working out can inflame the area even more and cause more nerve trauma I believe anyway. If you work out and that bump in pain you feel goes back down to “normal” level then working out makes sense. But my worsens for a few days at least and keeps me from doing other things.

I do push thru it a lot of times and put on a smile but I’m basically a really fat skinny guy emphasis on fat. I can’t do enough in one regular work out or activity to shed any pounds.


Have you thought about a reversal? I’m going on 4 months and it feels like forever. Can’t figure out if mine is congestion or nerve related. I think it’s both for me? Chronic swelling and any kind of activity just makes it worse. IE walking, sitting, specially standing for more than 10 minutes without moving makes my balls feels really heavy. I have saved 2 guys from getting this Fxxxxng surgery done.


I have but I can work some and I am afraid if it makes me worse I won’t be able to feed my family. If I could partial disability the kind you can still work if you have it, it would still be something if I came back and couldn’t do what I can now. I think I would maybe try it. Still need to look into it all.


@backintime30 that totally sucks and I completely understand not wanting to take that risk. I have not worked in the past 4 moths either and I can’t get disability because because of my type of work I do. Luckily, the wife works, but it has been hard just now had to tap into the savings.

I have read enough and talked to a couple guys on here who have gotten reversals who eventually got to 90-95% back. Right now, I can’t really walk to well because of the pain/twinges I get if I move to quickly or take a big enough stride. This has been probably my biggest complain and can deal with 2-3 daily pain just not sudden kick in the balls feeling (super painful).

I have improved a bit over the 2 months, but it’s micro improvements and I have basically done everything non surgical IE. papaya seed, vitamin supplements, all kinds of underwear, pelvic floor PT, hot baths, Gabapentin, and chiropractor. Walking a little better, but old people walk faster than me. I’m only 30 so I need to try and get my life back and I will go the reversal route at the 6 month mark.

The pelvic floor PT has been probably the most helpful to me and I live in the Bay Area, so some of the Uros here are top notch. Unfortunately, none of them can tell exactly what’s going on. Did you try any non surgical options to see if it would help? Did you also have micro improvements?

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Hey Backintime-

I’m pretty much there with you with what you are experiencing on a daily basis. Standing (thank goodness I have a standing desk) here at the moment and for what I would consider no reason at all a at a 3.5 pain level. Long story short I had my original vas in Jan '18 and then after a sperm granuloma developed, I essentially had the procedure (had the granuloma removed) again in Jan '19. So ups and downs the past three months. Would say going back 6 weeks ago till about 2 weeks ago, I really thought I was in the clear, but most definitely correlated with going back to gym, I’m getting the pain ramp up again. So, like you, I’m pushing thru. I’m pretty tall (6 '1), but have packed on too many lbs (at 190-195) lately. I really do feel the benefits of working out (some weight loss, some muscle gain, little better endurance, curtails my acid reflux, and forces me to properly stretch decreasing my back and neck pain) even if its 2x a week for an hour each time.

For me even though there is no mistaking I’m still healing and am probably aggravating the area and delaying the healing, it’s a lot of mind over body!!

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