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Spine problem masked my Vasectomy pain

Vasectomy in December of 2017 and within a month i got an infection in my right testicle. Diagnosed as Epididymitis, antibiotics cleared up the infection but ever since my Epididymis has been swollen and painful.

I saw my doctor and had an Ultrasound which did not show any issues so she said there is nothing wrong, despite me being in constant pain and having a permanently swollen Epididymis. I also told her that I had no sex drive and found it hard to achieve an erection unless it was first thing in the AM. I asked to have my hormones checked she refused and said welcome to your 40’s. I found a new doctor after that.

But by then I also began to develop sever pelvis pains and nerve pain all down my legs. It turned out that I had a Spondylolisthesis which required surgery. The whole ordeal of wait lists for Spinal Fusion went on for 2 years, I finally got my surgery February 2020.

In that time I also found a new doctor, he had sent me for Hormone blood tests and it showed i was low on Testosterone (but within limits) and higher end for Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), high FSH often occurs after damage to the testes. He also sent me for an Ultrasound and again it showed no issues but I really didn’t push further at the time as my Spine and being unable to stand was the main issue for me now.

Following my spine surgery, the nerve pain and numbness in my legs and groin are gone and I am now fully experiencing the pain in my testicles. I can only gently handle my testes any pressure hurts. The pain is made worse after ejaculation, the Epididymis gets so hard and swollen for a few hours that it is painful even to touch the testes.

I am about to make an appointment with my Doctor and as I’ve learned with it taking 2 years to get spine surgery I am not fucking around. What do I demand of my doctor as far as testing and referrals. Do I go for another Ultrasound or ask to be referred to a specialist? I’m in Canada by the way.

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I am sorry to read your story and that you are here.
Since you are in Canada, you have got an expert in the country, Dr. Jarvi in Toronto. He seems to be one of the go-to PVPS docs in North America.
I would try to make everything possible to get a referral to him.
All the best.

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There is a reason the internet exists and you my friend just proved that Internet Bros are true Bros. Thank you and I will bring that name to my Dr.

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There is a number of fellow Canadians that saw him, you might want to get in touch with @NorthernFellow, @help and @vasregret

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I would very much recommend getting a referral to Dr. Jarvi. You will likely be on a wait list for a couple of months atleast before you get an appointment (that’s assuming no further delay due to Covid) but I really like him and he’s incredibly knowledgeable. Hopefully you’re in Ontario as that is easier although you may still get to see him from another province I’m not sure. Ofcourse that comes with the logistical issues of travel but if your pain is bad enough I’m sure that won’t be a barrier. His offices are at Mount Sinai in Toronto.

Any advice on how you’ve managed the scrotal pain over the past 2.5 years? Or was it more less trying to manage the nerve pain from your spinal issue? Anything you find helpful? Ice nor heat seem to help for me. I find if I’m very sedentary it makes things manageable but that ofcourse comes with other problems. Anyways, sorry you’re here brother. If you ever need to reach out feel free.

I’m in Oakville, I looked him up and got the information needed to ask my Dr. for a referral. I am thinking my Dr. may want me to see Dr. Incze first since he was the one that did the surgery, and I’m willing to see him but will want to also get the referral going to Dr. Jarvi.

As far as living with the pain, I had a pinched Sciatic nerve which pulled the root nerves and caused lots of nerve issues all around I would even get numb fingers from time to time. The nerves were so badly pinched that last summer I sliced my toe open and didn’t notice at all until i slipped on the pool of blood that gathered beneath me. So for the past 2-3 years i simply didn’t have nerves sending pain signals effectively.

Currently 6 months post op, I can feel my toes there is still some sensitivity loss, like i can feel a tickle on my toe (light touch) but I can’t feel a pinch (Hard pressure or even cutting doesn’t register well) I also am getting more feeling back in my groin.

Finally I would add that I was on Hydromorphone for years due to the Sciatic pain lots of Opiod meds administered 3 times a day, i wasn’t feeling much of anything.


I never connected my spine issues to my vasectomy (and post-vasectomy pain syndrome) until a chiropractor on this site helped me connect the dots. I had a vas in March 2005, pain didn’t start until October 2005, but between those events, I wrench my lower back terribly for the first time in July 2005.

I survived the lower back problems with the help of PT and chiro and dealt with PVPS through 2006 until a reversal got that simmered down. Then in 2007, the lower back problems started again, off and on, until mid 2011. I ultimately succumbed to L5/S1 fusion in late 2012.

Based on comments here, I’m convinced the GF nerve damage led to core weakness which altered by posture and led to premature wear on the facet joints. Will a doctor ever confirm this? Of course not, at least not in writing, but several PTs, a chiro, and a Pain Management specialist all agreed with the theory.

Bet you experienced something similar.