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Spinal Chiropractor Helped With My Referred Pain


Im very sorry this has happened to you. That is some facinating info. Makes total sense. Thank you


Hi @Acschiro question regarding chiropractic treatments. Just today i went to see my urologist because been dealing with a constant dull/heaviness pain in left testie which then roughly 2 weeks ago started to radiate out to my left groin area to my left outer thigh and buttock. Also randomly would shoot down to my foot. After telling this to my uro and after his physical examination said epi looks good so no epididiymis but the refereed pain as he calls it in the groin and leg is causing the testicle pain and is considered nerogenic pain and possible from lower back and sciatica. He said speak with my GP and go see a chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat my groin/leg pain and possible sciatica. From what i read your a chiropractor and wanted to get your thoughts on this am skeptical of his diagnosis but if chiro or physio sessions will help with the pain am all for it. I have a chiro have seen in the past that does active release therapy is their anything specific they chiro/therapist should be doing to treat the pain. Appreciate the insight and support.