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Spinal Chiropractor Helped With My Referred Pain

I finally have some good news to report. Three weeks ago i started seeing a chiropractor that just focuses on the head and neck to align the spine, hips, legs, etc. I was having ALOT of referred pain in my hips lower back inner thigh as my body compensated for my damn scrotal pain. After a couple weeks of being properly aligned ive noticed all my referred pain is gone and i no longer have to be a 29 year old man walking around with a cane. I have zero back thigh hip pain as of today. Hopefully my scrotal pain can heal itself now that my body is less tense and stressed.

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Can you be more specific with what the chiro was doing? Chiropractors can be all over the map with different treatment modalities. I’ve personally dabbled in several. No offense aschiro!

Heres the website of the practice ive been seeing. Its very specific type of treatment as the doctor utilyzes gentle pressure throughout the neck to bring spine in alignment. My preliminary xrays and measurents showed alot of issues with my hips back and spine. For example my left hip was lower than right, chronic fight or flight response in my lower back etc. All of those issues cleared after a couple treatments. Im on a six week program where i get readjusted if my body goes back out of alignment. Fortunatelly my body is maintaining the initial adjustments of the first week.

Thanks for sharing. My pelvis is rotated counter clockwise and down making my right light shorter and my upper torso lean to the left. Most PT’s recognize that my pelvic muscles are hypertonic but no one can seem to do anything about it.

I think this very thing is the cause of a lot of pain on the forum, especially referred pain that develops later. If you study Piriformis Syndrome, it is consistent with many of the complaints you hear post vas.

Glad it’s working. Good luck,

Thats very interesting. Have you heard of the type of chiropractor work i mentioned? I have been to a standard chiro with no results but this spinal stuff where they just focus on the neck seems different.

I believe the type of chiro you are referring to is an atlas orthogonist. I have seen normal chiro but never one of these. Ironically, I sent three MRI’s to one of these guys a month ago but they went missing in the mail. Do you have headaches, brain fog, etc? Where is most of your referred pain?

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Thanks for sharing. I’m going to look into this some. I’m a fan of chiropractic. I’ve noticed several in my area have expanded into other aspects of holistic medicine. I think they take the most systemic look at our bodies. A lot of others in the medical profession seem to take a very narrow view treating symptoms rather than looking for root causes.

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@Thissucks Thanks for sharing the info. I too have definitely felt better as the referred pains get less. My relief came from pelvic floor PT and massage. I went to a couple chiros. One was a salesman and I couldn’t walk out of there fast enough. The other I liked and I’m going to go to him a couple more times to see if can’t get it to die down even more. My scrotum hurts but it was the referred rectal and groin pains that were killing me. I’m glad to hear some good news from you.

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This is an interesting post. Glad it helped you, and thanks for sharing.

After a year and a half of pvp my body became pretty messed up in order to compensate for the ball pain. The worst was lower back, inner right thigh, and a general tightness from the waist down. Since my left hip tilted lower with my left leg now being longer than right my right side has been killing me to compensate. What sucks with pvp is its an endless cycle where referred pain excacerbates ball pain then ball pain exacerbates referred pain ad infinitum. But now that my head, spine, hips, and legs are balanced after only a couple adjustments i no longer have any referred pain. My reasoning now is hopefully if my scrotum will heal itself i just fixed a huge roadblock to that healing namely misalignment throughout my body causing chronic tension and stress.

Yeah a few family members recommended it as they have experienced multiple health issues resolve after simply realigning the spine and neck. One of them who knows im at my wits end as far as trying every treatment offered to pay for a six week treatment. Who would have thought that just getting the spine back in alignment can heal so many issues. It does make sense though when you think about how all nerves and muscles are controled by the spine anyway.

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@Thissucks Don’t forget to work on your pelvis. Your neck and spine are a mess for a reason. The vas was the trigger and after a series of neuromuscular compensations, you’ve landed where you are. The body has to have balance. Ankles, knees, hip, shoulders, TMJ , all have to align. When one is off, your going to have compensations and pain. Imagine walking on an incline the rest of your life. It would create problem. Either through muscular dysfunction or your pelvis reaction to pain, your hips are off. Your neck will give you relief but without fixing your hips, you’ll relapse.

My two cents.

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Thanks for the advise. Regarding the treatment the effect travels to the lower extremeties. The idea is by aligning the neck every other limb is automatically aligned. It sounds crazy but its true. Twice a week i have an appt for doc to check my alignment by measuring my hips and making sure my feet are flush by having me lie down. Thats whats so unreal about this treatment. My hips leveled out after only one session of gentle manipulation of my neck. If my body goes back out of alignment doc does same thing to my neck and im set straight again. The goal is to retrain the spine to keep the alignment right for longr periods. Wierd stuff. After everything ive been through im prob the most skeptical when it comes to treatments but this seems to be really helping my referred pain going all the way down to my legs and feet. My balls still hurt but at least im walking better now lol

There’s nothing to be skeptical about. I believe everything you’ve experienced. Im just saying, the neck went out in response from the pelvis. Don’t ignore the pelvis or let it slip back.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced the brain fog like I have. Do some quick research on Jim McMahon, the pro quarterback. Our symptoms are nearly identical. He was thought to have PTE until he met a chiro similar to yours that fixed everything for him in a few minutes. In his case it was whiplash to the neck.

It sounds hokey but in certain cases it works. Medicine denies it because the can’t make sense of it. It works. Not for everyone but we’re all different.

Good luck @Thissucks

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Thanks @Choohooo. Yeah i was speaking of my own disbelief and doubt. When a family member encouraged me to do it I was very skeptical and actually frustrated cause I thought at this point nothing can help me other than maybe future surgery. I didnt want to waste anymore time or money on snake oil treatments. Anyway glad something is helping me finally. Thanks for the support!

@Thissucks My brother used to pass out regularly when he was in high school. Walking along and boom, hit the deck. It went on for 4-5 years. Of course neurology took a crack at it with no success.

He had his atlas adjusted in 1996 similar to yours. Hasn’t passed out since.

WOW! That is awesome

I’m a chiropractor your guy is using atlas orthogonal. He is basically adjusting your parasympathetic nerves via the atlas. Some chiros believe the atlas being out of alignment can put pressure on brainstem. Adjusting the atlas helps balance the vagus nerve. The nerves in your groin scrotum back and hips are also parasympathetic nerves. If your atlas is out of alignment it can affect the nerves all the way down, but it also works the other way. If your pelvic nerves go crazy they can reflex up and actually cause your atlas to subluxate. There is a lot of debate in Chiropractic whether the sacrum, pelvis causes scoliosis and malalignment or the atlas, Tmj causes proprioceptive problems leading to pelvic subluxations. Basically it works both ways you can have a descending signal that is bad or an ascending signal that is bad or both. I’m glad it is helping you I have fixed multiple patients with scrotal pain of no etiology that urologists couldn’t figure out by realigning their pelvis and neck. Unfortunately my atlas will not stay in place now and I’ve seen some of the best atlas chiros in the US the ascending signal from my pelvic nerves is driving the dysfunction. When my atlas is adjusted I will get a short 15 minute span where my pelvis balances out but then the pelvis unwinds again from the testicle pain and then the atlas goes right back out. Stick with it if it’s helping hopefully your nerve damage in the pelvis (testicles) isn’t too bad and rebooting the system from the top can break the cycle. If it seems like the atlas won’t stay in alignment you might want to see if he will adjust your sacrum also some atlas guys will check the pelvis if it won’t hold

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Wow! That was great information! Thank you. Yeah my biggest doubt when my family member encouraged me getting it done was the fact that my balls are the root of the problem not my atlas. Before my vas i didnt have any of these issues. So yeah I have thought about what you said but hearing it from an expert like yourself is really helpful. We shall see. Its so expensive i have no intention of continuing treatments beyond what my family member is paying for which im grateful for of course. Hopefully during these six weeks my scrotum can self heal better with my atlas being aligned. Assuming its not permanently damaged from Freddy Urologist Kreuger.

I also forgot to mention your parasympathetic nervous system is your calm relaxing stress free no anxiety part of your nervous system. Pain is conducted and interpreted mostly by your sympathetic nervous system which is your fight or flight, increases blood pressure, depletes cortisol, increases anxiety, increases pain, tightens muscles etc. so by having your atlas aligned he is increasing your parasympathetic a which decreases your sympathetic nervous system which is maintaining the pain. Unfortunately the reason it isn’t working for me is my body has went completely parasympathetic to try and avoid and decrease the pain in doing so it has tried to completely shut off the sympathetic side. What your looking for is the para and sympathetics to be balanced and homeostasis. Since I’m running totally parasympathetic I’ve developed muscle atrophy and weakness of the muscles which had led to hip tears, si joint tears etc. I don’t have enough sympathetic side running anymore and the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for maintaining normal muscle tone. These types of nerve injury is why you’ve read of people with all sorts of symptoms on the board even vision symptoms (which I know of at least 2 of us), brain fog, fatigue, nerve pain, joint pain, testicle pain, pelvic floor pain, guy problems, back and pelvic pain, especially all the ones who were outgoing type A on the go personalities who are now riddled with anxiety and basically don’t like being around others, it’s all due to the imbalance of the nervous system and the constant battle of the chronic pain. Chronic pain for too long will centralize to the cord and brain and basically at that point the body fails and gives up.

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