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Spermatic cord problems

I had a simple right side orchiectomy 5 weeks ago, I understand the spermatic cord gets left behind which usually causes a stump within the scrotum. I’m confused as to why they even offer a simple orchiectomy, why don’t they just perform a radical orchiectomy for all patients, at least the whole spermatic cord gets removed?

Since my simple orchiectomy I can feel the spermatic cord in my scrotum, it feels like a swollen hard stump, I can feel the thick hard cord as it travels up into my pelvis. I seem to be getting an ache from the cord, especially when I get an erection.

Has anybody experienced this or know what happens to the cord when it get’s left behind, does the cord die off or does it keep filling with blood?

Chip, given the severity of your situation, I would recommend booking an appointment with your surgeon or another doctor ASAP to get some help with this issue. I’m not sure anyone here (mostly amateurs) will have the answers you need.

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My follow-up appointment is February, so I’m hoping I will be better by then.

I don’t have any pain like before, the pain where the epi was has gone, but the ache I have that comes and goes is not nice.

I guess I have to wait it out and see how I am once the cord goes down.