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Spermatic Cord Nerve Block Painful

I have seen a lot of discussion around spermatic cord blocks in the other threads so I thought I would post my experience and comments for newer guys coming to the forum. Bottom line is tread very carefully - I did a spermatic cord block a few weeks ago and ended up in the Emergency Room a few days later due to a huge increase in pain (lots of bruising, felt like the needle was still stuck in there). The block is proposed by urologists as both diagnostic and therapeutic but most of the time that is just not the case. From a diagnostic standpoint, I asked the urologist (top guy in the state of WI, has written articles about PVPS) where he plans to stick the needles (two of them in my case) and he said they just make an educated guess as to where to poke. So, they don’t really have a clue and that makes the diagnostic part pretty sketchy. In my case, I had 60% relief for 1.5 hours and then bigger pain after that than when I first came in. So, diagnostically speaking it was inconclusive and I went through all that pain for nothing. It took about 2 weeks for the swelling to go down. From a therapeutic standpoint, you only get very minor relief for a few hours at best. Not worth the trouble and don’t buy the urologist’s thinking around hitting the hot spot to calm it down.

If you do decide to play the spermatic cord game, make sure the urologist does it under anesthesia. In my case my nervous system and mind were already on high alert from the vasectomy trauma - as soon as that needle went in, my pelvic floor went crazy, my mind went crazy, and the scrotum pain increased substantially a short while later. You are re-traumatizing an area that is already pissed off.

If you want to do a nerve block for relief, avoid the scrotum area altogether and go up higher with a pain management guy. Even then it is a crapshoot but at least your not playing a dangerous game with an area already on high alert Hematomas, bruising, tissue damage is all possible with a spermatic cord block - low risk for that stuff but so was a vasectomy.


I had the same issue but I didn’t go to the er after. But I will say, it helped me know that nerve blocks weren’t going to work. From what i as told, it helps figure out if it’s congestion or nerve pain.
Mine sounds like congestion. But i won’t know till i have a reversal. Who knows when or if that will be.

Anyways, I know what you went thru. Had it almost two months ago happen.

In my case the needle gave an electric pulse. So when muscles in the groin region contracted the spot was found. Well on the way I had some real unpleasant contractions in my legmuscles. And o yeah, I don’t know if it was the right spot after all. It gave a bit of a relief for about three days. And triple the time more pain. So no gain there and I guess they really don’t have a clue what the f@ck the’re doing

WOW something to think about for sure, thanks guys for sharing.

Yes they hurt when the numbing wears off.

I have had 4 nerve blocks.

I had two pudendal nerve blocks, one bilateral mega-block of the spermatic cords at PUR, and some left blocks with Dr. Eric Williams in Towson Williams tried a hypo-gastric or illioinguinal and then a spermatic block. Neither did all that much…

The pudendal nerve blocks numbed my genitals to the point where when I was peeing I could hardly feel my penis. This is a disconcerting feeling. I felt next to nothing so I’m not sure what I felt was relief.

The mega block really worked well on the right, the side that is not bad at all now, but it did not do much for the left/was inconclusive. When it wore off it hurt like hell.

I think my issue is not cord pain but the stuff the original vasectomy urologist messed up to get to my spermatic cord.

Thanks everyone for sharing. My uro made the in-office cord block sound fairly routine, but he’s of the same profession who makes vasectomies sound routine, so I guess I should be more leery.

I had a GF block in 2006 and an II block in 2016 by Pain Management. Both were done under anesthesia. Got modest relief from both, but no increase in pain (maybe a short period of tenderness after the II block here recently).

Sometimes I think leaving well enough alone and letting things try to heal on their own is the best option. That said, this relapse is at 6 months and I’m impatient already.

I have to say that the blocks done by Dr. Williams did not hurt hardly at all. So I think there is that to think about. He tried to get my spermatic cord well north of the scarring and damage done by the vasectomy.

Oh yeah I had a doctor who is well recommended on this site in Maryland tell me " You are in not in and danger, nothing will happen, I can’t help you if you don’t do this etc" when I told him I did not want to do it. Of course a few hours later I had a huge hematoma and was in the emergency room…I chalked it up t one more doctor telling me some BS just because he didn’t really know what was going on. This was the experience that sent me to see DR P. Really no matter what the results. I would still get reversed before denervation so I don’t see any benefit in it…Dr P told me some guys have a hard time with them

ignore the Urologist.Just get the reversal.Had vas 12 years and pain about 4 years ago.Pain right nut,huge drop in cum(almost gluelike),Soft erections,not being able to finish(I faked a few).My testosterone reversal almost immediately.Ignore the bullshit side talk he s going to give you,get the reversal.No garrantee but pretty damn close.Good luck.Best decision I ever did?Ignore the Ulogists advice that it was a pelvic floor issue.Just do it.emphasized text

This kind of stuff scares me. I’ve made comments in another post.
So cord block…No. Def not.
I’m 24 had a vas in march and 1 month in told I had a granuloma “nothing to worry about” aon left and a hematoma on the right…now I’m reading it is! I have black and blue balls underneath(not a lot) but burning sensation almost 24/7. 1st 3 months were okay. No pain after my long 1 month recovery subsided. It hurts to pee almost times and my erections are like 50% what they were prior. Ejaculating? Forget it. The pain is so horrible after that I have to mentally slap myself in the face whenever I get a boner just to make it go away. I don’t want another surgery (reversal) but from reading all of this stuff …I really don’t know what else to do.
My book “Vasectomy” by Brad Bowins should be arriving today and I’m gonna power read that for the symptoms and appropriate treatments. I can’t even play my drums for more than 20 mins :frowning: and sitting hurts.

24?Fuck that s young.Jpw get it reversed.Even if it does eventually get better , you ll have lifelong problems that will only get worse as you age.We all messed up here by not doing the research and just assuming that it was safe and medical doctors taking their oath would protect and inform us of the hazards.They don t,so don t take it from me,do your own research.In the end you ll realize that you put your balls in the hands of incompetent and immoral people and the only way out is you fighting for you.Do your homework,find the best at reversals and get it done ASAP.

Before you do anything, I would highly recommend a consult with Dr P/PUR clinic in florida.
Best $200 you can spend at this point. Sorry your in this hell situation.

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Cardinal rule of blocks only do them under anaesthesia so the nerves and brain are shut down to avoid causing worse problems. My new pain specialist that I’m seeing has been adamant about telling me how many people get worse with nerves issue when blocks aren’t done under anaesthesia. If your doc won’t do them that way either find a pain mgt doc that will or go to the put clinics

@Acschiro - I think you just provided a good bit of advice there. Thanks again. My uro (who’s a pretty well-respected guy) has treated great so far, no complaints on my part, but he suggested next step would be a cord block in his office to see if I’d be a denervation candidate. I’m REALLY hesitant. In part, I have virtually no pain left in the scrotum, so I’m thinking it’s unlikely to provide any pain relief or diagnostics given the risk. And you pointed out the risk. I have a GF block in 2006 and an II block this year and both were done under anesthesia.

The Cleveland Clinic seems to be big on doing things like this under anesthesia. My brother-in-law had his vasectomy at the CC, and it was done under general anesthesia. I wonder if all of us nerve-pain PVP victims were done under local.

Considering how many vasectomies there are, and how fast they are done, I would be 99.999999% of them are done under a local like mine. It has to be. I mean, it makes no sense to do it otherwise.

But with the cord blocks, like the one Shoskes did, he just used a local as well. And they will if you opt for a plexus nerve block-which Grimm probably mentioned to you as well. That one was the scary thing as they want you awake to make sure they don’t nick anything. Thats what scared the shit out of me. Using a local to go and do the plexus black. Awake, laying on your stomach under an X-ray as to not hit anything.

I think doing the vas w a local is what caused a lot of us our problems most guys I’ve talked to felt some type of pain pulling etc during the procedure this is why dr p does vasectomies still buy under anaesthesia only he believes the brain remembers the pain. I know I about jumped off the table and broke out into a complete sweat during the vas when he grabbed the cord wasn’t near numb enough!

I gut feels like that is probably best to be under. I took a Valium and was pretty relaxed and didn’t feel anything and still ended up bad so who knows.

I had a cord block which was marketed as possibly long term pain relief and if one chemical mix for the block didn’t work, that there were other chemical which could be tried. There was no mention of it being a diagnostic test and I had close to 1.5 months of pain relief. The last 2 weeks of it were hit/miss as if it was wearing off.

After being scheduled for a 2nd nerve block 4 months later, the dr stated the original mix of chemicals was the only one he uses and offered an orchiectomy. When I explained how the nerve block (performed not under anesthesia or even a local) increased my pain 10-fold, I was told that it just wasn’t possible and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Move forward 3 months later to a specialist who does microscopic testicular denervations and does not believe in orchiectomies. This doctor told me along with the assisting dr in the room that hitting any nerves during this procedure is also like finding a needle in a haystack. I understand the CYA society we live in, but downplaying reported increased pain while trying to create the image of a menacing apocalyptic painful future by trying a denervation seems like an unbalanced approach. Originally I was told I would be a good candidate for the denervation, I contacted the dr who originally performed the surgery and he said they normally last from a few hours to a few months and I feel I had good results. The fact is, I traded slightly over a month of being pain free for having increased pain the rest of my life.

Some social engineering was used with the 2nd specialist - I wanted to see all options available and be able to choose on my own what I wanted to try next. I opted for the denervation being that originally I was told I was a good candidate but before the next visit I rec’d notice that I was not a good candidate due to having pain after the nerve block wore off. This doctor warned me that I could end up in worse pain and would want to try and exhaust all conservative options before surgery but the warnings were null - I was already in the worst pain possible.

After trying gabapentin and having a bad reaction to it, this specialist is no longer returning any calls to continue the next step in treatment.

I have skimmed over the site for a few years and decided to join. I know there will be people here who understand the chronic pain, the hassles and games that the urologists play with near immunity, but I’m at a point where being lied to, and being left in a worse condition seems like medical malpractice.

I did read on another thread that there was consideration of creating a private area of the board for that kind of info.

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So you got a month and a half of pain relief and then after it wore off you were in more pain?

Actually Yeah, One of the blocks I had done 4-5 years ago had that same result. I was miraculously pain free for month or so but then pain returned one day so severe that it felt as if I was being stabbed by a tiny knife in my scar abdomen area and getting “kicked” harder in my groin. The cord throbbing was so intense that I remember whimpering and feeling nauseous just after waking up and getting dressed heading out to work. Those sharp pains were radiating down my inner left leg all the way down to my knee. Thankfully many of the numbing blocks/cryo/botox shots I had done after by Dr.P have “reset/reprogrammed” throbbing to my typical localized groin(left cord) and orchiectomy scar site. SIGH…twelve years and still no end in sight. hope and pray one of these doctors has a “EUREKA!” moment and finds a technique or medication combination to stop all this aching

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