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Spermatic Cord Denervation caused me permanent nerve damage

Glad to hear you are still with us. Hang in there brother.

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My Last Hope appears to be a procedure called a dorsal root rhizotomy. In this procedure, a neurosurgeon goes right to the base of the spinal cord and Sever’s the dorsal root which serves the damaged nerves. I have found a neurosurgeon who performs this, although he is reluctant to do it because the procedure has a high failure rate. But I must try, at this point. Better to try and fail than to not do it at all and be assured of remaining in pain.

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i’m glad to hear from you.
It’s a tough call.
I’m after reversal and removal og left testicle still in at lot of pain. And I can’t have any further treatment here in Denmark.
I’m glad, that i have my wife and children. They give me a reason to live…

Somehow, I’m still here even though it’s been over 2 years since my life was ended by denervation. I realize that at some point, I will most likely need to commit suicide. The incurable nerve pain caused by the denervation is a constant 7/10 pain that occasionally climbs to 8 or 9 out 10. It is an unlivable condition. I have only survived by means of high doses of oxycodone.

It will have to end for me very soon. I was 33 years old when this piece of human garbage urologist did this to me, meaning that I only got 33 years of life. It was 33 great years, but I should have had more. I lost everything as a result of denervation. It is a barbaric procedure with devastating potential to end lives, and as such should be illegal in the United States.

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@sdhc81 man i feel for you and on this forum you just cant compare any peoples pain we are all different. I am in brutal pain everyday just from vasectomy let alone what you been through. There is other ways like slow release morphine inplant, its not a fix but hey if it buys you more time its something. Meet with some of the long timers on here in your area they will give you hope brother. Few of these guys have been destroyed by this and maybe talking to someone the same boat can help. Hang in brother.

I’m in the same boat. My pain is 7/10 to 10/10. I have always thought, that this fact - that the pain changes from 7 to 10 - will be my way out to understand the pain better.
If you can’t cure the pain, maybe you could be able to keep the pain on a 7 more often. And less days with a 10 pain. There is a huge gap between a 7 pain and a 10 pain. When i return from a 10 pain to a 7 pain, i’m actually happy for a couples of days.
One way to get better (keep it on a 7) is to take care of your immune system.
Eat fish oil, take vitamin, try to avoid stress and stupid discussions about PVPS. Avoid any types of inflammatory food as candy etc but also keep away from potatoes, tomatoes, because there are small amount of toxins. If you also have troubles with sleeping, try “grounding” and permanent turn of all wifi and mobile phones. Keep away form all kind of electromagnetic fields. It’s all interfere with your immune system.
It will not cure your, but it will reduce the numbers of really bad days. I’m still on tramadol. I have decided not to commit suicide, but when my pain is a 10 it always come back to me in an flash…But I also now know, that i will return to a seven again, is only a question about days…
Good luck.

Hi guys, I have thought about it too, but more to the sense I wish I would die in my sleep then the actual act of killing myself. However the 1 thing that I have tried doing more so recently is eliminating anything that causes my pain to jump. i.e. lifting heavy things, stress, repeated bending, crouching, pushing or pulling and unfortunately sex. It totally sucks but the pain is mentally and physically so draining when it spikes that I have to do this.

Unfortunately pain killers don’t do anything for me. The one (and only) treatment that seems to help when I get extreme pain is cold. I basically soak in cold water which means going to a friend’s pool in March or April or a local lake. I literally stay in the water till my body goes numb and the pain fibres get overriden by the cold. If you are desperate at times I would try finding somewhere that has cold water - even a local pool and stay in it for a while. I wish the best for all of you on here!

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Have you tried Subutex - buphrenorphine?

Hi. I am in my 60’s. I have had chronic testicular pain for 5 years following TURP surgery. The pain is mostly in the left testicle however when it gets really bad it spreads right across the pelvic region. I have tried every drug known to mankind I think. I have had all sorts of conservative treatment without any success. A am currently on a course of tibial nerve stimulation however after three weeks there is no real change. A nerve block gave me temporary relief - like a few days. Denervation of the spermatic cord is an option. Is there anyone out there who has had success with this surgery?

anybody had success with de-nervation??

Not here. My son had denervation surgery after testicular torsion surgery left him in permanent pain in the right testicle. I thought for sure that the denervation would solve it. I was wrong. Then he had a third surgery to clean up the scar tissue left over from the denervation surgery. That helped a little. It freed up his spermatic cord that became stuck in scar tissue.

Glad to see I’m not alone. I had post vasectomy pain that was originally treated as epididymitis. After no success with antibiotics and other treatments, I ended up with a somewhat exploratory surgery in which the Dr performed a left epidiymectomy. This worked for several months until the same pain started on the right side. I’m convinced this was due to post vasectomy pain, this was all about 4-6 months after my vasectomy. I ended up being referred to a specialist in South Florida. He ended up performing a right sided neurolysis/denervation of the spermatic cord. This resolved the right sided testicular pain, however, about 6 months later I began having severe nerve pain around the area of the incision site. The pain continued to get worse and I was eventually referred from my urologist to a neurologist/pain management. This turned into escalating doses of opioids along with the realization that my 14 year career as a firefighter/paramedic was coming to an end. I never would have thought that a procedure as routine as a vasectomy would have led to all of this. My vasectomy was 3 years ago. My denervation procedure was a year and a half ago. I’ve also tried the cryoablation with no luck. Just yesterday tried an ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric nerve block. I try to stay optimistic, but after all this time I have serious doubts about any miracles. I would definitely do things differently if I could. I trusted a lot of dr’s and their success rates. I think they assume when they don’t hear back, that the surgery was a success. Whereas, in my case…I wasn’t driving 6 hours away again for procedures that were a guessing game in a field that they know very little about. With the cryoablation, the Dr told me the chances of hitting the affected nerves were very slim, but that the good news was that I could keep coming back and having it done as many times as I wanted! Really?! How very big of you doc! Glad you’re fine with me driving 6 hours, getting a hotel room and spending hundreds of dollars to keep having a go at it. The biggest part of all of this is the mental part of chronic pain and all that goes with that. I’m sure I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t know if they’re here for the same reason as me. Takes its toll on you, family, work, and friends. Good luck to everyone, and like I said. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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@chronic_nerve_pain, Who performed your vasectomy? What does/did your informed consent paperwork for the vasectomy say about chronic pain? What did your doctor say about chronic pain at the initial vasectomy consultation? What type of procedure was it? Single incision, bilateral incision, no scalpel etc.?

To be fair here I’ll tell you my information.
The urologist that performed my vasectomy was Robert J Sher of Urological consultants in Rockville MD. I was told by him that the chance of pain was 1 in 1000, then 1 in 3000 then he said he had never seen it and if it happened we could take care of it.

I was not able to get a hold of my informed consent paperwork although I tried.

@MikeO My urologist is in Panama City Florida. He did give me the rundown of possible complications. Mostly hematomas and things related to not following care instructions post-op. I don’t want to blame my Dr. He’s actually one the best doctors I’ve every dealt with. Throughout the process he was extremely helpful. He was completely baffled by my symptoms and had never encountered a patient with post vasectomy pain syndrome like mine. Mine was bilateral incision. I think my issue was just due to being one of the very few that experiences post vasectomy pain due to congestion. It was intense pain too, not just mild discomfort. It got to the point that I was having trouble walking. The pain that I’m having now, and have been having for the last year and a half is solely due to the neurolysis/denervation of the spermatic cord. I take Lyrica 150 mg x3, Fentayl patch 100 mcg/hr, and Percocet 10/325 q 8 hrs for breakthrough pain. Ever since realizing that this was going to be something I would be dealing with for the rest of my life, I have been trying to explore different medication options. Basically figuring out a way that I can reduce or even eliminate opioids altogether.

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@MikeO The Dr. that performed my Spermatic Cord Denervation was Dr. P

I’m not asking you to trash him or throw him under the bus. Doctors don’t set out to have bad outcomes. I would never hold that against a provider. It happens. It’s part of doing business. They do have a responsibility to communicate the risks honestly to future patients. I don’t see the harm in you telling us his name on this forum. In fact I think nothing but good can come from documenting bad outcomes for this procedure on the web which includes the names of the providers that performed them? This is an elective procedure. It’s completely unnecessary. People need to know these things can happen and doctors need to understand that if it happens to their patients people will know about it. How else are we going to change the culture of how vasectomies are marketed.
Actually I will answer my own question. I had discussed a protocol whereby people here write notarized letters to their State Medical Board and forward a copy to a caretaker on this site. If the doctor is aware that his bad outcome is documented in a notarized letter to the State Board and a brief bio/narrative has been sent to this site then they might think twice about saying that someone is the first and only bad outcome they have ever had.
The idea is not to punish but to modify behavior.

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Sorry you’re here. That’s truly heartbreaking that the treatments made you worse.

I really don’t know what to say, but thanks for sharing your story.

I realize you’ll probably be unemployable as a FF/EMT, but do you at least have a disability policy to fall back on?

I’m working on trying to get disability through my pension. Awaiting an independent medical exam to confirm with my neurologist’s diagnosis of being disabled as a firefighter. Also, I was able to be hired on as a dispatcher with my department. Not how I saw things going, but it could always be worse.

Let us know how the disability thing goes. I’m getting closer everyday. I’m trying to squeeze every last drop out of my career before I change gears. Good luck.

I was just in watersound fl last weekend. Nice place.


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Your certainly not alone. Thanks for sharing your story.