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Sperm Granuloma Removal Surgery

Had a granuloma removed, 11 days post op. Still pretty swollen all over and in a lot of pain. Anybody had this and how long did it take to feel better?

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I had this done but it actually made things worse and I think it likely wasn’t the source of my issues. I was still in a ton of pain/discomfort for about 2 months after. Then had several months of feeling okay followed by another 6 months of horrible pain and discomfort. (Cymbalta seems to be the only thing that’s worked for me, still taking 120mg/day).

I had a reversal 6 weeks ago. More invasive of course but I’m still dealing with a lot of swelling too. That area doesn’t react well to surgery. Give it time and try to keep the inflammation down with ice, compression, meds, and rest.

How long until the swelling came down? I’m like 17 days out and my testicle is still like 2x its size and my vas deferens is like 4x its size… ugh.

My whole scrotum was very swollen but then improved significantly at 2 weeks. After that the left testicle swells up, sometimes dramatically, in response to activity over the course of the day. I have a hematoma on that side which is causing the inflammation I believe. The right side still looks bigger than normal but isn’t usually painful. Overall it’s slowly trending better.

If you have any lumps that aren’t part of your normal anatomy down there, it might be a sign of a hematoma. Maybe ask your doc for steroids to help bring down the inflammation. I had a methylprednisolone dose pack which brought swelling down a notch. OTC naproxen and Epsom salt baths/rubs have helped me too. But wait till your incision is well healed before any baths. From what I know swelling and inflammation can last 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Did you only have granulomas removed? I’m assuming you had a vasectomy? I have not heard of anyone in here having surgery just to remove granulomas. Were they on the ends of your cut vas? Did the surgeon recauterize or covert to an open ended vasectomy?

I believe on the end of my cut vas and I believe he recauterized it. Yeah there is a lump, but hard to tell because of how swollen everything is. I’m guessing maybe a hydrocele, but the doctor in emergency on day 3 and my surgeon on day like 7 hardly even examined me. So I’m gonna make the surgeon thursday do is f’n job and do a proper exam instead of half assing it. I’m pretty disappointed in doctors right now tbh.

Will be very interested to hear how you come out the other side from this surgery. My reversal doc offered granuloma removal as an option, but I was in so much pain I just wanted to be put back together.

Yeah the pain now is up and down. I switched to naproxen from ibuprofen yesterday and its helped immensely. I think the swelling is down, I’ll keep you guys updated for sure.

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Glad you found some relief. I found naproxen to be better post reversal surgey. But ibuprofen was better for my pain previously that wasn’t due to acute swelling.

Hey guys, figured I would keep journaling about his because there doesnt seem to be alot of info and stories about this surgery online.

I’m a month and 3 days post op. For the last 2 weeks I’ve needed Aleve (naproxen) to help with pain management. I would be about a 7/10 without. Luckily this past week I’ve only needed it sparingly. Like 220mg-440mg every 2 days. (Aleve is good for 8-12 hrs each dose)

Thankfully my pain has literally gone down to a 2-3 naturally these last few days. I had heard from a guy on another forum that it took a month to feel pain relief, so I have trended near the same. My vas still feels like 3x its size around the site and my testicle is still a bit swollen. It can take a few months for swelling to be completely down.

Going to see if I can get an ultrasound anyway, I do kind of feel a bit of a lump at the site, might just be swelling but we will see.

This has kind of been hell for me emotionally. I honestly was beginning to wonder if i would have this pain permanently. I saw the surgeon a week or so ago and he was mentally preparing me for possibly an epididymectomy in the fall. Thankfully af this point I think I’m finally in the clear. knocks on wood

This pain sucks though, I found sitting to be painful. It could be because I had to do a super long car ride a few days post surgery. But the vas deferens travels into the bladder area, so I’m curious if the extra swelling kind of irritated that area or it was pain from the nerve travelling up there. In any case I could feel it sort of in my bladder. Of course stepping off of curbs and stuff still sort of sucks.

Anyway, you’ll probably hear from me in another few weeks!

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I had this surgery about 6 months after my original vasectomy. The pain reduced some after the surgery, but it took another 3 years for the pain to go completely away. I think a lot of mine was muscular tension that occurred during the vasectomy. But, hang in there because the pain did go away after I relaxed and actually spent some time healing and relaxing vs. forcing myself to do more than I should. See some of my posts from the past. Can’t say that we are exactly the same, but it’s possible that you are on a similar path that I was/am on.

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Good to hear, thanks buddy

Two months later, I can finally update you guys and say that my pain is now officially a 0-2 on the scale. I only go up to a 2 maybe if I’m sitting for a very long time with work, or if I bend over to pick something up off the ground or tie my shoe.

I’d expect that in about a month I’m thinking I will basically be 0, as I still have very minor swelling that is probably causing the mild pain.

I think I took longer than normal possibly as well because 2 days after I had to do a 10 hour car ride all in one day (very long, crappy story)

So id say this surgery was pretty successful, considering my granuloma pain ranged from a 1-5 before.

What is very interesting too, is I found a massive improvement in pain as soon as I started jogging again. I’m really wondering if it maybe increased blood flow to the area? Running really helps my back pain as well.

I’ll update you guys in another month or two to sign off!

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Great to read that you are nearly pain free!! I read your post previous about it being hell mentally and I and I’m sure many others can certainly relate. I’m so glad to hear about your recovery. Remember to enjoy life now brother. I swear if I get out of this hell again I am not sweating any other small ‘life problems’.


Glad to hear you’ve had resolution. For anyone else following up on this thread later, I opted for a granuloma removal during my reversal. It was really enveloped within the nerves and was a big cause of discomfort. It’s much improved, although I still get occasional moderate aches at that site (3-4 x per month).

meh i spoke too soon on this post I think. Im at 3 months now and still in constant pain. Some days are better than others but its more like I was a 1-5 on the pain scale before surgery, and now it ranges like 2-7.

Before surgery the pain was a dull ache, and now post surgery i am more like a stabbing and burning. Still feels like I have a bulge on my vas.

I regret this surgery now, I think it just made me worse.

3 months iş early… İt takes more than 1 year for nerve healing…

Hmm alright, good to know

Just made a thread about matcha tea. Literally switched to it 2 weeks ago for inflammation at the advice of a nutritionist, and this last week has been more dull pain and a steady 2. Either got to a point in my healing or this shit really works. Id like more guys to try. I’ll keep it updated.

I believe a lot of your pain is probably coming from tense muscles. This sounds very similar to what I went through. The tea is probably relaxing things, which is putting less tension on the nerves. Over time, if you can continue to keep those muscles relaxed, the pain will slowly go away, in my experience. I don’t know with 100% certainty, that this is the case, but it sounds eerily similar to my experience. For me, what finally reduced my pain the most was the following 3 things: 1) Relaxing 2) Relaxing more 3) Relaxing even more…

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