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Softball sized swelling and black bruising all over

5 days since no scalpel vasectomy. Softball size swelling and major bruising since hours after. Swelling has gone down in last 2 days to hardball size, bruising same. Swelled size same for last 2 days. Lump below my testicles at bottom of bag. Big, painful lump left of shaft- felt like my left nut was jammed up in there at first, now not sure if it was always that lump. Pain the whole time- like you feel 2 minutes after being kicked in the balls.

My swelling has been/is more than I expected, as is the amount of bruising. I haven’t seen anything online that looks as bad as i have it. No images I’ve found online come close.

Dull pain/uncomfortable in my sack, strong pain above/left my shaft (lower left abdomen), large swollen spot there too, bruising has been getting worse across my abdomen, and staying constant everywhere else. My entire sack is black and blue, almost my entire shaft, and around everything as well, also bruising in a line down my perineum.

Will figure out how to post pics if I can.

Stuff isn’t always as simple as it appears online much to our surprise :-(. Hopefully you’re not this bad (link)

20181028_143610 20181028_143707 20181030_043038 20181030_145844

Could you put a penny in there for perspective?

Holy shit, just from the vas?

Looks like the “simple snip” claimed another victim. You wont hear stories like this in women’s magazines.

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You got a bleed @Postproblems. Thanks for posting the pictures and I hope it resolves quickly. A picture is worth a thousand words and no one can deny that picture. I suggest you make a Christmas card out of it and mail it to your urologist every year or stand outside his office and hand them out.

@newballs That’s the first pic I’ve seen with bruising like mine

@raising4girls yep. Pics are from next day and 3 days later

@MikeO I’m hoping it will resolve quickly as well! Beyond the standards- pain pills, rest, time- I’m not sure what else I can do for now. Doesn’t help I’m on my feet and moving for work every day.


My hats off to you if you are working through this. I have said many times my vasectomy was a non-event. Little to no swelling an just a little discoloration. My pain developed over time and grew to be really, really bad.

You will likely be one of those guys that has a bad experience with the surgery itself but things get better and you are 100% okay. Even with this outcome the odds are you will be okay one the hematoma in your scrotum goes away and your body has time to heal a little bit.

I think it is important men and their wives see a picture like that (which a lot of times doctors will say, “that’s normal”…!!!). It drives home the point that vasectomies are not always a “simple snip”.

I think we should have a link to a page or thread that is our own gallery of pics like that. My post reversal pics were pretty brutal.

@MikeO I agree a section of the forum just for images would likely be useful. Perhaps where only those signed up to the forum could access- to encourage men to not just browse silently.

So the swelling is staying strong on my left side but coming down on the right- is this common/expected? I guess so from what I’ve been reading but still I fell better asking. Left side has a largeish lump in my sack and above shaft- wazzat?

Yes, and clearly labeled with warnings too. I was on this thread at work yesterday and was like WOAH!!! NUTSHOT!!! and fortunately the young lady behind me who wears a head scarf didn’t see it. Or any of the ladies behind me for that matter, lol.


@loz thanks for the reply. The lump on my left is becoming basically one long lump from above the left of my penis down the left of my sack all the way to a small protrusion at the bottom. Sucks. Guess this can happen

Yes mate the lump can take up to 12 months to completely absorb, mine did. Even though internet research states few months. Mine is now replaced with hydrocele from all the trauma, i am not going into further surgery till i cant walk with it basicaly. I sometimes get it drained needle asperated. Be patient mate it will go away. If your lucky your nuts wont look like a freak like mine. Lol

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That looks painful! How is it going now? I had mine done yesterday, swelling after I had to push to # 2.