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So instead of having an epididymectomy i went through with an orchiectomy on Wednesday

My recovery is going ok for now with minimal pain. I’m just looking forward to being normal again.

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keep us updated with your progress

I will. Minor discomfort right now but nothing i can’t handle.

I’m close to this decision. I had a Cord Block that worked, but means I have nerve damage. Denervation is the next step. I’m considering coping it off instead of another issue.

Please keep us posted on your results I’ve had chronic epidid for two years. I had the cord block it worked temporarily but my epi is still swollen… it is only on the right side and I have no clue if I should have denervation of the spermatic cord or go straight for Orchiectomy. I need to make a decision soon because I will likely lose my job in the next 6 months if something does not change also all my normal activities have been eliminated, working out, bike riding, sitting for long periods. Please any advice is helpful.

I say go ahead with the orchiectomy. The quality of life is an improvement. I don’t regret it.

Hey man, how’s the pain levels going?

Zero pain at the in incision/operation site but occasionally I have pain in my left scrotum where my testicle was removed. Not sure what it is but its only mild and equals a bit of discomfort. I am happy I made this decision. This week I can final take an actual bath so I will be doing that tonight.

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I think what helped is a had a great surgery team and my urologist Dr Zhao was on top of his game.

What were your symptoms by chance man, did you have only testicle pain or did you have any referred pain on the inner legs or tingling sensation there?

I had pain in my epididymis in my left testicle. No leg tingling.

Hello mate, I suffer a lot of years from a chronic pain in my left testicle and considering doing also orchiectomy, I would like to ask you if you have phantom pain where your testicle was and if yes how is the level of this pain comparing to the pain you had before the surgery.

Yes I do get phantom pain but it is very minimal and doesn’t last very long. It only hurts for about 2 minutes and I have it maybe every other day or so. It was so worth it for me.

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Good luck @Misterclark74. It’s a tough decision, but you made it, so let’s all hope it works. In the same position, I’d opt for orchiectomy over epididectomy. Still haven’t met a met in person or virtually who had good results from epididectomy.

It was a tough decision especially with my wife worries about me lacking testosterone and becoming sensitive all of a sudden. Lol.

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Glad your recovery is going well.

I was diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis and my uro told me that epi removal often causes worse pain, so I had a right side simple orchiectomy. My epi pain has gone, but I’m still left with same trigger pain as before, seems to be coming from the scrotal skin or from the cord, I still get pain in my remaining testicle as well.

Did you have a radical orchiectomy or a simple orchiectomy, did they make the incision in your scrotum or higher up in the groin pubic area?

I had a radical orchiectomy and the incision was made higher up in the groin area. I get pain where my testicle used to be.

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Do you ever get the pain radiating down your leg into your foot?

Hey brotha, you’re still getting pain where you testical used to be? How bad is it compared to before?

Its like a 1 out of 10.

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