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Six weeks slight dull ache

So I am about six weeks out. I have a slight on and off discomfort in my right testicle mainly when sitting down. This comes and goes and I notice it after ejaculating and sometimes before. It seems that my right testicle is a little bit larger now but you know I am not certain. Do I still need time to recover ? it isn’t painful really just once in a while I know its there. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

Brady, at six weeks out the discomfort you described sounds like “normal” recovery. I would wait it out until 3 months for sure. good luck and keep us posted.

I think we should probably put up a FAQ list for people. No offense to @Brady, most of us have had to navigate the ridiculous lack of information - it’d be nice if there’s a pinned FAQ.

I’ll throw one up and link it from this thread.

@brady and @solomon - I’ve pinned a new FAQ here:

Just reply to that thread with new additions to the FAQ, and we’ll add stuff there.