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Sinus congestion immediately after ejaculation

Here’s another symptom that I observed but haven’t seen on this website. Immediately after ejaculating, like within a few seconds, I experienced significant sinus/nasal congestion. This only lasted for a couple of minutes, and then my sinuses seemed to go back to normal.

Anybody else notice this? The only place I have found this on the web is with the Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome topic. I wonder if this is an autonomic nervous system thing? Vagus nerve thing? blood pressure thing? Immune system response?

I’ve found when I abstain from ejaculation(Like I’m doing at the moment, desperately trying to avoid any blowout before my reversal coming up shortly), I wake up in the morning with a blocked nose for an hour or so, I originally put it down to spontaneous allergies, bed sheets etc but the only thing I can tie it to is ejaculation habits so I’ve always guessed it’s my body reabsorbing sperm ---- utterly utterly wild layman guess, but is it possible you have an epididymal blowout and it’s a reaction to the sperm releasing?

Edit to add other weird things I notice, when I abstain from ejaculation I get surges of anxiety and depression, when I don’t abstain I do not get these, I do however get more pain following the next 24 hours