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Should I go for a reversal?

I’ve been reading you for a while and want to share my experience. I got a vasectomy 2 months ago and have little pain in my right testicle. Do you think I should go for a reversal before major issues start?

I think people should wait until the 1 year mark before they consider whether to get a reversal or not. I had a lot of improvement after about 10 months and I don’t know whether I want a reversal or not at this point.

Here’s my post from 2018, where I asked the same question you are asking:

Would you do it just in order to avoid all the possible health risks?

No, I wouldn’t do it just to avoid the possibility of future problems. The risks are very small in my opinion.

I would wait 1 year. If your pain goes away, personally I would let that be the end of it and take no action.

Remember that vasectomy works fine for over 90% of guys. Only 1-2% at the most have permanent pain as far as I can tell.

Don’t forget, reversal has risks too. As does being fertile.