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Short version of my story reversal success


Hi, I got a vasectomy in early 2013. I spent a lot of time on this board and I found it to be very helpful and supportive as I dealt with this hell. I was in constant dull pain-about the same level if you squeezed your arm as hard as you could. I usually work up and felt ok but as the day went on I got worse and worse. It was relentless and it did not matter if I was active, had sex etc it was just a constant. After 1 1/2 years after seeing lots of doctors and realizing they could not help me I got a reversal with Dr P at the PUR clinic. I felt better-he did a fine job but my tubes did seal up after 6 months. I gave it time but pain came back so I tried again in 2016 with Dr Marks out in Arizona. I did sperm tests for 6 months and after that I just lived my life. I would say I am 90% healed. There are days where I don’t think about it at all; and for years it was my only thought. I have not been on this board in years as I am trying to put this whole thing behind me. But I wanted to post to let you know that I am there with you as you journey this hell, it is possible to get better, and sometimes reversals do work. I will always be thankful for this board. In the end there are only 2 choices: denervation or reversal. I would try reversal first.

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I had my vasectomy in Feb 2013; so we’re pretty close. Had my reversal in Sep 2016. Never thought about getting a second. Cord block didn’t work for me, so denervation isn’t very high on my list. I’m not sure what a second reversal would do for me as I think my pain is nerve related.


Do you still have sperm flowing? I was feb 2013 too


Congratulations on making progress. You have an interesting story and opinion especially when considering the cost factor and insurance.

I tend to agree that reversal is the better first option among the surgical options. According to one forum member, he was told the same by a frequently-cited urological surgeon. The challenge is that insurance generally doesn’t cover reversal but will cover denervation. There’s a great case study for the divergence between medical providers and insurers.

Also interested that your reversal at the PUR failed quickly. I know there’s another forum member here with the same experience. By contrast, my reversal from 2006 is still open and flowing (I’m dealing with a nerve damage component). Not bragging, just wondering if reversal success is more about the surgeon, luck, or some component of the body that produces more scar tissue in some than others. Sure would men a lot of money if they knew if they were a good candidate for reversal.

Really strange situation. My tendency is to believe that more guys have nerve issues than we realize and fewer have congestion, yet, at the same time, the evidence on this forum seems to suggest reversal is more successful than denervation. My math doesn’t add up.


Sentosa - have you looked into separate blocks of the II/IH and the GF? Laproscopic neurectomy might be an option. It’s done higher up and takes out the nerve(s) at the trunk(s) rather than the branches.


I never had a semen analysis after reversal, so I don’t know. I just assume I’m fertile because the left side is connected. If my pain is nerve related, I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter if it’s open or closed.

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I haven’t had laproscopic neurectomy or blocks of the II/IH and the GF. The doctors I’ve seen haven’t suggested them. I’ll put them on my list. I did have a cord block, which didn’t do anything.


I wouldn’t give up after a failure of one cord block. It’s not impossible for a doc to miss. I was pretty well convinced that I had reversal failure because (a) my SA was 10MM and (b) Pain Mgt.'s blocks of II/IH and of GF weren’t working.

Subsequently had 3 cord blocks from 2 different uros and got some or complete relief. Then saw two different general surgeons who delivered separate blocks of the II/IH (no benefit either time) and GF (relief both times). Three of the docs told me that they get frustrated with Pain Mgt. guys who use too little numbing agent as some source of pride.

I figure my first Pain Mgt. doc either had bad aim or used too little numbing agent or both. Wasted a lot of time with him.


Can you describe your pain? Do you have issues walking or does it get worse with activity?


It’s a soreness on the left side. I can walk fine, but I think walking increases the pain level afterwards. Definitely gets worse with many types of activities, such as lifting, moving furniture, etc.


That you’ve shared so much amongst those who truly feel your pain, is greatly meaningful. I’ve suffered, and still do, after having left nut taken out, and the vas cut, denervation and the epid cut out as well…was promised significant relief by haughty surgeon, left with 0 results. Chew on ibuprofen everyday, Lyrica at night, take boiling hot baths and silk underwear. But I can still fuck—though I pay for it later.
All I can say is keep on onand on…