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Sharp pain/tightness in lower abdomen

Have started experiencing a pain/tightness in lower abdomen/groin area during erection and ejaculation which then subsides shortly after. Anyone experience this months after a vasectomy?

Yes, very much so. Way back in 2005, my pain was chronic, but it got much worse in the inguinal canal as soon as I’d get an erection. Ironic that we get vasectomies to have sex without concern only to develop pain upon erection. This pain WAS helped by a GF injection.

Thanks. When you say it was chronic, did you have it all the time regardless of during sex/erection? Did you try PT at all?

Yes, I had pain all the time, but erection raised the pain level. I felt like the spermatic cord was being torn. Yes, definitely tried PT back then and that, combined with GF injection, helped calm things down. That’s when I decided to have a reversal.