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I’m doing a little bit better. Testicle wise everything is still really sore and painful. Most days it’s a 2 to 4 occasionally 6 to 8 haven’t had any shooting pain. Consulted with Doc F down at pur. he prescribe a couple things for me Gabozphen I think and a pain med. They both have worked wonders for me. Since I started my days have been 1 and 2 occasionaly zero pain.

My penis still feels odd to me flacid its definitely smaller limp. Weirdly I have excess skin on my sack but now some tension has in my sking on my penis has gotten looser I have wrinkles obviously horzitonal but now I have them vertical as well.

My biggest prob is my nerves hurting all the time. It feels like my right chord has a lot of nerve issues, I’ve actually had my leg fall asleep from the nerve burning and pinching from my inner thigh. Now on my penis on the shaft you have the two sacks that fill with blood, I can actually see the inner ridge and on both side right under the head the feel raw or chaffed. It sucks so once things get going during sex they really start to hurt.

But I have nerve pain at the base on the right and the incision site when it’s bad. Sorry I’m ranting now.

Over all doing better.

Some of us are thinking of buying a billboard. To warn men about the true effects. Would you be interested in contributing. It’s kind of a work in progress…

@tlbtb, Thanks for your contribution, and honesty. You’re definitely not alone. I’m only 3 days post vasectomy, and I’m a ways from being completely healed. That being said, I have noticed exactly what you’ve described. Not a lack of penile sensitivity, but the undeniable decrease in ejaculation intensity. I think there is a lot to the fact that the flow of sperm rushing down the vas during ejaculation is a huge contributor to the feeling of climax, as well as satisfaction afterward. I think it odd that anyone, much less any urologist would deny that fact. I haven’t had any pain, erectile issues, or swelling after my procedure. Just a very mild tenderness around the vas, that I honestly expected to be worse. I always enjoyed that almost painful release of sperm flooding my vas like water through a fire hose, the empty feeling post ejaculation, and the sleepy & drained feeling from head to toe, all of which I don’t seem to get now. I’m a 37 yr old military get, with 3 major surgeries under my belt, one of which included open back surgery after my L4-5 disc ruptured and crushed my spinal cord flat, paralyzing me from the waist down for two weeks till I got into surgery. I know the difference in mental and physical effects of trauma as well as surgery, and can clearly tell that the decrease in pleasure is in no way “just in your head”. @urologicmd

If you’re only 3 days post vas, I’d be careful how much you blow your load. If I could go back, I would’ve laid in bed for two weeks and not moved. Probably even taken laxatives to avoid any kind of straining. You’re in a very small window post surgery that if you screw it up, it could affect you the rest of your life. Don’t risk it. Docs don’t emphasize this enough.

I think a lot of the orgasm disbelief within medicine is a lack of understand of the process. After 24 specialists in 11 months, 50 blood tests, 4 mri’s, I’ve painfully come to the conclusion that medicine knows 1/3 as much as I realized. Don’t get me wrong, there are some smart people out there but I have obvious problems and can’t get straight answers about anything. I think often times they say “this doesn’t cause that” when in fact it should say “we simply don’t know for sure” and “everyone is different”.

I didn’t have any major sex issues until the 6 month mark. Now it’s soft ED, lack of sensation and minimal libido. I wouldn’t rule out hormones either. There are more papers documenting hormone changes after vas than papers that say there’s no change. Unfortunately money incentives within medicine latch on to the papers that support their agendas. Case in point, there are research papers within 10 years of publication that focus on lutenizing hormone. One paper shows LH nearly doubles post vas (not good), the next shows a 15% increase, the latest shows no change. Who’s right? Who’s lying? What paper does every urologist have memorized and quote when the question comes up? There’s something big going on within medicine pertaining to vasectomies.

You hit the nail on the head with your last statement, that there’s something big going on within medicine pertaining to vasectomies.

I’d feel better if the urological community would admit that it simply doesn’t understand many of the potential impacts. What bothers me about medicine in general is that it’s OK with “percent defects” and collateral damage. They seem comfortable with 1% or 2% of men having problems after vasectomy. That’s bad enough. The real evil is that they have no fully-understood regimen for treating the 1-2% they (sometimes) admit will have problems. That’s irresponsible…doing a surgery and having no clue what to do with a patient in the 1-2% I as a urologist acknowledge will have problems. I say “follow the money.” A uro can do 4-5 vasectomies every Friday afternoon and earn a real nice income. Anyone has a problem? Tell them it’s in their head.

This is why I have so much respect for the urologists like Dr. P, Dr. B, Dr. Thomas (who treated me), Dr. Marks, and the others who have shouldered the entire burden of those with post-vasectomy problems. At least they recognize the issues and have used their skills to treat us. I admire them.

Whats funny is how they constantly tell me I’m fine.
I was at the GP the other day. I like him. He’s nice, I have his cell number and he’s been great with our family. But honestly, he actually said to me “oh, you’re still having problems?” I was like, YEAH! I’ve only been saying it for 3 years! Like he couldn’t believe it or i was making it up.

I’ve only seen him every 4 to 6 weeks with issues over the last 3 years. And I’ve only mentioned it every single time. But of course, I am clearly fine.

It’s just like my wife. I am clearly fine cause either A) I don’t mention it to her cause whats the point, she doesn’t give a shit or B) or because she doesn’t see or hear me in pain.

I personally think the Uro section of medicine doesn’t care about PVPS. They don’t see it as a problem. I would bet any amount of money if you asked them honestly, they would probably say it doesn’t even exist. That en who have issues are either making it up or having regrets or phantom pains from the regrets. Thats what my Uro told me.


Your wife either punishes you for talking about it or when you don’t then you must be fine. It’s maddening.


I get shit on no matter what. It’s pretty messy here. SOOOOO tired of it. Just keep thinking back to an old girlfriend and how things could’ve been very very different if I had stayed with her. But oh well. It is what it is. Made my bed and now I am stuck uncomfortably in it.

If I was you I’d roll the dice on getting fixed and flee. You seem like you deserve a better life.

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Thank you for this post.

I am a doctor . . . and I had a vascetomy complicated by sensation loss similar to the one you described. It has been heartbreaking for me as well. Immediately after my vascetomy, I felt a lack of sensation over the tip of my penis, and it has been 3 years with no resolution. I have been suffering for a long time. This is because, immediately after the procedure, the sex was not and has not been what it used to be. I have some type of erectile dysfunction or the absence of the combination of sensation coupled with a less firm penis makes it difficult to 1) get erect (without much more stimulus) and 2) go to completion. Now it is like running a marathon to bring it ejaculation. The worst thing is the penis is smaller in size than it was prior to vascetomy and I this too is painful (mentally). I feel like my urologist wiped of 20 years of good sexual life with the cut of a knife. Unfortunately, the urologists have to sell this procedure, but there are risks that the Urologists don’t know or understand. I went to different Urologist who said (as a matter of fact) that “there is no association of erectile dysfunction with vascetomy.” Of course, there is no mistaking that there is in my case. I wish I could go back and undue the damage. One day everything is great, then after the vascetomy, nothing works or feels the same as it did before (for the rest of your sexual life). Life, love, mental and physical health and so much happiness have been taken from me.

Thank you for the post. At least I know I am not alone.

Dr. Dan

Dan, I’m sorry to hear what’s happened. What if anything have you tried medically?

Welcome to the board (or hell).

I’m very sorry to hear this. You were probably told the 1 in 10,000 line of complications and that everything would be the same.

It’s rough to suffer through this. No one really gives a shit and most dr’s think it’s all psychosomatic, or we’re just too sensitive.

With that said, I’m six weeks out and have pain in the tip of my penis, surprisingly it goes away when erect. User @choohooo replied to one of my threads about penis pain with an article about anatomical variations or nerves in the groin, and although the penis is generally not innervated by the illoinguinal nerve, in some folks it can be. This is nerve that runs down the spermatic cord that can be damaged by the vas.

Perhaps you have some inflammation pressing on the nerve causing a loss of sensation.

Anyways, good luck and welcome aboard.

What kind of Doctor are you Dan? Just curious as to this and how much research docs put into it, before they get the snip. Any warning signs that perhaps you ignored? Dr P said me as much he sends guys to this site and 80% of still get it done and I don’t believe that.

Hi. Reactivation this one. I have been dealing with this for 8 years now.
No reduction in penile feeling, but plenty of reduction in the scrotum, perineum and internal areas when ejaculating. Some areas I get no feeling at all.
Used to be able to shoot from one side of the bed to the other… these days it’s more like a dribble.
Wife has been totally awesome about it. But it bugs me, it bugs me a lot.
Sure I expected volume to reduce and things to change… But to dribble out the end and to lose the full back arching ball shaking, perineum tickling intensity is something I could never have prepared for.
If I had known, I may not have done this without a second thought.
I am still glad I did it but miss the intensity. Thankfully my libido and my ability as a lover has not been hindered. Screwed my head for a while. But little Miss Awesome has been real cool and honest with me.

It has been about a month since I had vasectomy. So far I too have noticed a strange feeling when it comes to orgasms. I feel it coming and then it’s over, it feels as if I was out for a second and missed the action. I am hoping this will improve.

It might improve in time. What you are experiencing is typical of vasectomy, and is reported by multitudes of men. Your certainly not the first.

Sexual issues are common after vasectomy. What I find interesting is US doctors claim it doesn’t change anything but literature outside the country says differently. I think it’s the money situation here in the US that makes the difference. India in particular has done a ton of vasectomy research. They published an article 40 years ago showing sexual dysfunction in 21.7% of men after a vasectomy. ED is pretty common as well. I know my uro didn’t mention that statistic. Sorry you are dealing with this.

“Srivastava PD. Post-vasectomy sexual disturbances and their treatment. Probe 1973;12:183-6.”

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Thank you Ringo…“it might” is better than you are “screwed.”

Choohoo, I was unaware of the study, and for some forsaken reason I didn’t think symptoms of this nature were possible. I spoke to three colleagues and two other men before my procedure and they all reported everything was normal.

I will give it time as others have done in this site. God bless me.

Neither did I. I don’t have sex related pain but orgasm is very minimal. It started out ok then got worse with time. I’m roughly 2 years out.

Hopeful…I think it does get better. It’s just getting used to the new you, adjusting to the new orgasm and how it all works. Just don’t get into the head game it can play with you. That’s when shit starts to get messed up. Stay positive.

I could’ve very well told you that you were screwed, that certainly crossed my mind.

Some men do report better after much time gone by.

What you are experiencing is just part of many things urologists are not required to tell you before you sign your life away, and have the procedure done to yourself. They feed men a bunch of bs to get them to follow through with the procedure, and they know it.

Having the nerves severed from between your boys, and your end organ (penis) is a big part of the problem, but it goes even further than that.

I agree with the other post in regard to not getting all focused on the side effects so early in your recovery. You will just drive yourself crazy, and you wouldn’t be the first on that one either.

Only options to “possibly” help better this is vasectomy reversal, and time.

Vasectomy reversal comes with serious risks. Beyond the risks that you probably didn’t know you took when you had your vasectomy.

I still advise you give it time if this is your only complaint about your vasectomy. For what it’s worth, this happened to me as well. Same exact thing.

Hang in there.