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I take 1x 250,000 delayed release enteric coated and 1x 250,000 Enteric coated just before sleep around midnight. From what I read it’s better to have enteric coated tablets as they dissolve in the intestine rather than stomach, and work better.



Do you mind posting a link to this since other form does bother my stomach @SomeGreyBIoke




I have no stomach issues with them.

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So I had my vasectomy May of 2018. Since then, I have daily pain. Like a soreness in left nut. When I get hard, it feels like my cord is getting pulled harder than necessary if that makes sense. I can orgasm better now. Despite the pain, I get super horny all the time. That is no different. I get sperm leakage a lot. Especially when I have to sit down on the toilet. Sensation has somewhat diminished. I noticed while fucking my wife’s warm sweet pussy, the sensation was not 100%. Doing certain floor exercises that require crossing my legs, hurt. Balls are extra sensitive. There are definitely side effects. Not all good. The idea that I can bust inside and not reproduce now turns me the fuck on. Excuse my language. Think I will have to deal with the pain for awhile. But it has not deterred me from jacking off rough or having sex.



@Ste hmm my guess is you have the issues I had for the past two years.

=epidymitis + cyst due to sperm leak and bacteria

Antibiotics brought back my sensation by 50-60%. There was a granuloma on the left side of the upper side of the testicle that is almost gone. However I’m still dealing with a cyst in the sack and not sure if antibiotics can treat that. So my next step is to see a urologists (referred by family doctor) to see if they can suck the thing out or whatever needs to be done to treat it. My discomfort right now is due to the volume increase of the stuff in the sack.

Before antibiotic treatment the sack had become stiff, and the penis was almost numb because of the aftermath of all the bacteria in there and i believe my prostate was infected too, numbing the penis (as most of the penis nerves emerge from the prostate region). It’s a lot better now.

Go see your family doctor let him examine you and give you a referral to a good urologist. That’s what I did. I had lost hope several months back but I think the issue is fixable to the most part. I am in my third course of two week antibiotics.

Good luck! :+1:



Hiya I’m Justin fellow pvpd sufferer have u been to pain clinic ask ur gp about it they tend to be in hospital. Also try hot bath a hour B4 intercours and advoide coffee and caffeine product also for a hour try fresh fruit of my issues is it went flaccid half way through intercorse but counciling via pain clinic.also try the blue pill u can get 4 pills a month on prescription from gp again



Hey Gatorcase just wanted to let you know that after I had my reversal it took a solid year before I stopped having severe bouts of pain. Guys in here say it takes that long before you know where you’ll be for the long-haul. My experience was that even after a year, my body continued to improve, very slowly, but it did improve. I’m not 100% pain free, and it’s been 3 years since my reversal, but I wanted to offer you some hope.



Don’t think you re alone.A lot of smart people have been fooled by this “simple” procedure.



Read my posts tlbtb.



I too am having sexual issues sonce my vasectomy. For starters my ejaculations are not as thick and way less. My scrotum after my 3 mile jog everyday aches like i have the blue balls.of course i wear a jock when i run too. My wife has informed me a while back she wants me to get a reversal she wants a second child. Shes in her 20s im in my mid 40s and am blessed with 5 sons already. So this has surely given me alot to think about! Any feedback would be welcome!