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@RingoStar thanks for your message. I will follow up with the doctor you mentioned.

Is it very common that VR is not covered by insurance? Assume I have UHC from my company.

Thanks again!


That’s correct. It’s uncommon to hear of it being covered for pvp/s. On that note, I certainly wouldn’t expect it to be covered for sexual side effects, or because someone is unhappy with their outcome. I will spare everyone a rant about it. It is what it is.


Thank you so much for all of your advice Ringo, Kyvas and Bry. We have had quite a few really candid discussions that have gone really well and ultimately have really helped our relationship in general. We called a reversal specialist but since we aren’t specifically seeking a reversal at the moment he referred us to a urologist? I’m hoping that appointment goes well. That isn’t until Aug 16th. My husband did go back to the doctor that did the vas and as expected, he totally blew him off and blamed it on a small hernia that he’s had for years. When he told the doctor that he never had an issue with it before he actually had the audacity to tell my husband that there aren’t even any nerves in the testes or base of the penis. Excuse me? My husband was justifiably pretty upset by that appointment but I think it’s going to help give him more credibility with the urologist, that he went back for help and was turned away. At least I hope it makes a difference.

As far any recent improvements we haven’t seen much. His girth has actually returned to what it was pre surgery and his struggles with occasionally flaccidity are fewer and farther in between but he says he has even less feeling than he did before. The numbness is spreading and his orgasms are becoming even more lackluster. Which is scary as much as it’s incredibly frustrating for him but I’m doing my best to try and keep him calm and focused on the next appointment even though I’m kind of freaking out too. I’ll keep you guys updated, you have all been such an incredible support and help!


No problem @hlfl12, keep up posted. For better or worse, there’s people out there that need to hear how your husband’s story pans out.

Good luck.


You should go back or get that dude on the phone and try to record him saying that then sue his ass…


Thought I’d post a link to a similar relevant thread in this thread for anyone researching this subject.


Considering reversal with Dr Roeder in New Brumphels. He charges $3450 - he is very experienced it seems and does a lot of vasectomies. Seems to be very reliable (has excellent online reviews), and does it under local anesthetics which is likely why it is cheaper than the rest. I think some of the cost delta is also because of the religious service?? Not sure but it maybe related.

I am doing this to hopefully fix what his assistant calls “manhood problems”. As I have stated in this forum previously I have gone through a major change and sex is not close to what it was before: loss of ejaculate pressure, loss of penile sensitivity, no real stamina or pace or desire for it, etc. the other major issue is weight gain, memory loss (mostly short term), and depression (probably causing weight gain and a beer belly). His assistant recalls a lot of their patients having similar issues, “manhood” issues. She did it guarantee that all these problems will go away.

I have also pointed that down there I always feel uncomfortable. Can’t wear shorts anymore. Can’t wear jeans anymore as the pressure causes pain. Testicle volume increase and also very sensitive to any touch in that area, not yet pvps but likely getting there ??!!

If anyone here has any comments about Roeder feel free to let me know ASAP as I am going to pay the deposit tomorrow.

Wish me luck. !!!


@Vasvictim, if you type Dr Roeder into the search bar on this site, his name only comes up one time beyond your last post.

I don’t understand why so many guys would post their stories on this site, in this thread, etc, and more specifically the guys that have reversals, and they never post any updates.

Manhood problems? IDK about all that, and I don’t like the sounds of that one bit. I’m assuming he never said that to you, but still. If that’s the best information those people are giving you in regard to your outcome, problems, etc, that’s pretty scary. Using several search terms on wikipedia would give you a much better explanation, description, prognosis, or diagnosis regarding what’s happened to you.

Based on the input, and comments in the thread below, which I definitely agree with, I’m personally not thinking he’s a good choice, but idk with any certainty. If you choose him, you certainly won’t be the first on this site to do so, assuming Panzer5 actually went through with it. Perhaps you should reach out to the OP (Panzer5) in the thread below before you make a final decision.


@Vasvictim, take what I said in regard to the reversal surgeon you are considering with a grain of salt, yet take it seriously at the same time.

I do know of guys that used similar surgeon’s to the one you are considering, and had a positive story to tell. Everyone has their own opinion regarding who they would consider using for reversal, why they would consider them, and then some.

Don’t forget that I am one of those guys that doesn’t think everyone needs to use a handful of specific surgeons for reversal. I’m all about experience level, methodology, and follow-up. You might as well throw reviews into that as well. I’m absolutely certain there are many reversal surgeon’s in this world that fit that bill.

Anyway, I didn’t want you thinking I was trying to jinx you.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


@RingoStar thanks a lot for the comments. I contemplated more about this decision and decided to ask the nurse whom I talked to for a schedule with the doctor to talk about details. Obviously this will likely be a phone call. Other member in this forum apparently has talked to him so he is hopefully open to talk to me as well.

So this doctor does everything in house and likely uses manual techniques to do the stitches. We have Dr Kavousy (a dad and two brothers) in Austin who are well known, and I know a friend whom had successful fertility with them (despite close to impossible situation) they charge a lot (15k) for reversal and use robotic surgery. I certainly don’t have the money for that. But I want to know if there is a difference between the two techniques. I’ll ask Roeder about specifics of his operation. The nurse said it takes 1-1.5 hours.

At this point I have decided to talk to the doctor. So, what questions should I ask him other than the above??



Admittedly, different circumstances, but I’ve seen his name mentioned many times on Facebook in a group called vasectomy reversal journeys & recovery stories, but this group is mainly for fertility reasons.

One good thing is that Dr Sheldon Marks is an active member of the group, and he often answers any questions.


I actually prefer tried and true microscopic hand reversal surgeons. I also prefer reversal surgeons that strive to be one of the best, and deliver top notch service all the way around.

I don’t see where talking to him will be a bad thing at all. You’ve got to start somewhere. I don’t have any specific questions that I’d suggest you ask him. Assuming you have read several reversal threads, reversal inquiry threads, etc already, I think you got this covered.


It is not covered by insurance and they will shoot you down the first try. You need to fight and fight and fight. I prepared a huge letter with a history of my issues after vasectomy and treatments I tried. I attached scientific articles about reversal as a means of treating pain… It was a huge long letter with receipts, pictures of cutout cushions, kneeling chairs and all the pelvic pain docs and urologists etc. etc. I saw to take care of the pain problem.

They rejected my claim. Then oddly they sent me about 500 bucks. I think if i had escalated and kept fighting they would have given me more. They are not just going to give it to you. It’s best to get the authorization up front. If they think it might save them money in the long haul that might help but they can’t cover VR for pain because that opens the door for people who try to job the system just to get pregnant.


Here is the update: I talked to Dr Roeder for 45min. He was very kind and responsive and talked to me about the details of the procedure as well as my issues. Basically within 3000 reversals that he has done he claimed that there was only one case exactly similar to mine (no penis tip sensitivity, low ejaculate pressure) and here is what he mentioned: “I suggested that he contacts his doctor or a urologist to take some hormonal and blood tests to see if the issue he is facing is due to the change in those levels.” Then he mentioned that he did not hear from again. He assumes that his issue was fixed without reversal.

So he suggested the same thing to me, to start with my doctor and get blood tests done tonsee if all hormonal balances are intact or not. He also mentioned testosterone levels, which maybe the cause of this.

On another note we discussed the procedure in detail. He does it manually and he is a micro surgeon (did orthopedics for decades then started reveals ten years ago). He explained to me that during vasectomy tubes are cut and then three things are cut with the tubes: sperm, blood flow in the veins, and nerves. Hisnthinking was that penis insensitivity was due to the nerves that are cut. For ejaculate pressure loss he pointed to the prostate. Well after vasectomy prostate does not receive sperm anymore and in some bodies it may result in a malfunction. So then he wanted my prostate tonalso be checked by my doctor. Since I also see loss of urination pressure (and not just ejaculate) I think what he said makes sense.

We also talked about the “bean” on the left side of the testicles and he asked about how tender it was. He speculated that a small leak of sperm in that area can result complications.

So here are my next steps:

1- See my family doctor and get blood work for hormone levels check.
2- Have my doctor check prostate functionality.

Depending on the above results go to the next step;
3- See the ass hole (Dr in Austin) who did my vasectomy: have him do a check on me and do MRI or something to see if there are any leaks. I may try to force him to re do vasectomy (dum chance but I’m contrmplating that).

4- If none of the above works then I’ll go to Roeder and get the reversal done. According to him almost no one from his customers came back with complication or pain after reversal and that they are mostly happy with the outcome.



I had a reversal with Dr. Roeder and had a great experience about a year ago. They are compassionate and truly care about their patients. They are devout Christians and they prayed before the procedure with me. You are correct about the cost being related to their religious service. The experience was great but the reversal did not solve all my issues however I knew this was a risk going into the procedure. I also experimented with TRT during the past year so that could be affecting me as well, not to mention the mental and emotional trauma and stress I have been under. I do feel better than I did post vasectomy but not even close to where I was pre vasectomy.

Let me know if you have any other questions


@etf42 thanks for the post. Can you clearly elaborate what issues were fixed and which ones were not fixed by reversal? I’m suffering mostly from missing orgasm and low ejaculate pressure which also is part of missing orgasm problem. Thanks.


My issues were similar to yours. I experienced a major decrease in testosterone levels about a month after my vasectomy (in the 300-400 ng/dl range). I became severely depressed, had no libido, orgasm, erection and ejaculation problems, brain fog, and an impeding sense of doom and suicidal thoughts. I did not have major or debilitating PVPS but the reversal helped relieved the pressure I was feeling in my scrotum. I had my reversal 4 months after my vas surgery. After the reversal, my orgasm quality came back but not fully. My libido and sex drive are still pretty low. Erections okay but probably tied to sex drive. Moderate increase in mood and decrease in depression. My testosterone levels have moderately recovered. From what I know I have seen guys who have had all their issues fixed with reversals, but everyone is different.


It could take years for levels to recover ( if they ever will) @raising4girls kept good records, and IIRC, took him 10 years to be in the good range.


Hi everyone!

I’m new to this page. I did my vasectomy around June/2017. I never had any pain except for one sting on the left skin which bothered for several months. But in terms of sex yes. I noticed immediately the loss of sensitivity on the tip, weird orgasm and ejaculation, “balls” feeling loose after healing and gradually lost of libido and erections gradually weakened. Before I was like a machine, iron ready any time, after 6 months of the surgery I’m more like rubber. Initially I was giving time for healing, but I started to note it was never going to come back. Then I started researching and found this and other groups and realized I was deceived by doctors and did the most stupid things of my life. I booked a reversal immediately to next month. I’ll keep you guys updated after the fact. I created the account to share here because more people need to know about this lie called vasectomy.


Hi seems we all share similar problems so i have a question …In regards to urinating ; pre vasectomy I had a strong urge to frequent the toilet which could be very irritating but i could not relax until i went .It felt like an irritation but was not cystitis …Think laying in bed and if not asleep quickly one would have to get up and go .Also the feeling was another layer to my original orgasm ,a kind of strong tickling sensation …
Now both have disappeared post vas and reversal which may explain poor orgasm … !!! Any similarities …Rob