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Sexual problems post vas

Just curious (as it’s been quite a major thing in my PVPS saga so far) does anyone else suffer from less intense orgasms since their vas? As I’ve discussed before, I get bad pains just before ejaculation, but I’m talking about the orgasm itself now.
My problems are as follows;
•Weaker erections, sometimes losing it during sex. Never, ever had this problem pre-vas, I couldn’t even shower without it standing to attention.
• Lower semen volume. I used to cum a lot more than I produce now.
• Semen kind of dribbles out rather than shooting anymore. I use to have 3 or 4 good shoots then dribble, now I get a solitary shoot every now and then but mainly just oozes/drips out.
• Semen smells now but it didn’t before. I can’t even begin to explain how screwed up this is!!
• The actual release feeling, muscle spasms and general pleasure associated with orgasm is far less intense than before. In fact, there has been a couple of occasions where I’ve ejaculated, had pain but no orgasm feeling at all!!

So, anyone else got similar problems? I do suffer from the pain associated with PVPS but a lot of the negative side effects of vasectomies aren’t all about pain.

I remember after my reversal I had a LOT more and much lighter, white creamy, ejaculate than before my reversal. I think having sperm and whatever other fluid etc. traveling with them to your seminal vesicals may stimulate the production of more fluid or at least is a constant fresh infusion of material into those glands. They say there is not difference but man could I tell a difference after my reversal It seemed to “shoot” further too. It’s possible it looked like more because the color was more apparent but it was definitely different. I think it smells more pungent now that I’m reconnected than before to be honest. Perhaps the smell is just different absent sperm. I have noticed since some of my pain returned on the left that I don’t seem to have as much or shoot as far as those first few months however I know I have sperm due to my own microscope ( i check about 1 time ever 6 months) and it just has a different more sticky consistency. It’s more viscious and “snot” like. I know that’s gross but that’s the word that comes to mind. And is smells like it used to.

A reversal helps with this some but it’s a lot of money and more cutting down there.

How far along are you?

Next week it’ll have been a year since I had my vasectomy. Like I said on a previous thread, the first time I masturbated after the op the orgasm was insane! The second time was good too, but it’s gone down hill from there. Sex and masturbation should end in a relieving orgasm for everyone involved, and I’m just not there anymore :cry:

I’m at 18 months post vas. There are times that I cum and only realize it when I get the post orgasm sensitivity and stop. Very minimal sensation.My wife noticed that my erections are weaker. Medicine denies this because they can’t figure out the connection. There’s so much more that goes into orgasm than anyone comprehends right now. I’m starting my fourth week of cymbalta. For the first two weeks I could barely even reach orgasm. It would take literally 45 minutes as hard as I could go only to end with a disappointing burning sensation for an orgasm. Medicine can’t explain this phenomenon even though it’s widely publicized. The only explanation they can come up with is “its mental” when it clearly isn’t.

Went to my doctor this morning regarding the possibility of a reversal. He said point blank that it wouldn’t be available to me on the NHS as both he and the urologist think it’s all in my head!! Going private could be extremely costly :confused:
I swear I’m going to crack if one more person tells me it’s all in my head!!!

There have been people here who have gone to Dr Dawson in Hartlepool - his fee is about GBP 3,000 and he believes in PVPS

I think if we had single payer like in the UK and I had to deal with being told it’s in my head when it was those jackasses that did that to me I would crack, their heads.

If you don’t have pain you won’t get any sort of hearing. Less intense orgasms is not something you will get much sympathy for, as devastating as that would be.

Dude, taking SSRIs or SNRIs will completely destroy you sexually. You will have to practically break your dick off to cum.
I will never take any antidepressants for that reason alone.

I have almost the same issues. And I never had an issue till after my vasectomy.

I would agree with you. Without too much detail, it takes almost an hour of hard thrusting to climax on cymbalta. I’ve never used so much lube in my life. It’s definitely ruined the thrill so to speak.

I do get a lot of pain, general pain in my testicle and vas throughout the day but a much sharper pain before orgasm. Although the less intense orgasms are a bummer, that’s not the reason I want a reversal. I want one because of the daily pain and the acute pain which has ruined our sex life. Like I said originally, I do suffer with PVPS but I have other side effects (the lower intensity) and just wondered who else suffers with it. There are a lot more negatives out there after a vasectomy as well as pain.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Post Vasectomy Issues.

Every single doctor has told me it’s in my head. Even the ones who say they’ve treated people for PVPS Pain. They still tell me it’s in my head. My wife says it too. So do friends and my in-laws. It’s massive bullshit.

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@Cartman, that was the purpose of my thread, the actual pain associated with PVPS is bad, but for many/most of us I’m sure there has been some sexual problems associated with the vasectomy too. Like you say, a lot of people will say it’s all in your head, they’re wrong! My pain is very real, and the accompanying sexual problems (weaker erections, lower volume semen, crappy orgasm) are very real too. Sometimes I feel as though the professionals think that pain and a lesser sex life is a price worth paying :cry:

And for me, I told my wife, I said this isn’t fun. We haven’t had sex in years now cause it isn’t fun. It certainly isn’t pleasurable! Her whole reasoning is it’s my fault of course. And it’s in my head. Her answer is we just wont have sex anymore cause I am in pain. WHAT??? So either I’m in pain and you believe it or I’m not and you don’t. She wants it both ways. I really believe she just doesn’t want sex anymore. Now that we have kids, she’s done. And she’s told me many times after the last kid, she’s a mom now. She can’t be having sex. It pretty much stopped after the third. I practically forced her for the 6 times after my vasectomy. And that was within within the first 6 months after. So it’s been 2 1/2 years now. Cause I am at 3 years this december.

I had a reversal with Dr Dawson just over three weeks ago. I was impressed with his empathy, care and concern. I felt much better after the reversal compared with how I felt after the original vasectomy.

That’s good to hear Art. I’m glad you are feeling better. How long did you go between vas and reversal?

Two and a half years. Still early days yet post-reversal but fingers crossed.

I have less sensation after the vas. and it didn’t get much better after reversal. Less semen and I can’t shoot as far as I used to. Sometimes it is just dripping out. So here’s the thing. Since a few months if have a returning pain which I had in my pre reversal time. I think it’s de vas afferens on my right side. It’s near my kidney region. When I have pain ( a dull pain, not very intense but enough to worry) my ejaculate does come out in a much more enthousiastic way and it seems to be more then usual. The pain is then gone for sometimes a few days or sometimes just a few hours.
Any ideas? Sounds familiair?

Oh yeah,

In my healthy days. My balls would retract during orgasm. Sometimes they were pulled up so far I could’t see them anymore. Since the vasectomy they don’t anymore. Nowadays after the reversal they sometimes get pulled up. Or just one…or even the other way… so one of my balls goes the direction of my penis. It gives a awkward unpleasant feeling and takes a while before it relaxes. Well it surely takes the fun out of cumming.
And I must say that I sometimes have issues to keep him up to his task. Dammit urologists!

Your kidney problem as it relates to orgasm sounds like textbook vesiculitis to me.