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Sex only 5 days after


My bad. And it was oral sex without ejaculating… just playing around for a while. blame me and the wine and no self control.

I was doing pretty darn good too. Pain or discomfort was at a low following the procedure. But this morning? it’s deeper inside - in the lower abdominal area. Is this just a case of something like blue balls, as in, I never let myself come close to having an orgasm? It’s Sunday and I cannot call my MD so I’m here asking the world at large.

Anyone else go against doctor’s recommendation and have sex within the first week and live to tell the tale?



Some doctors recommend you wait 7 days, some say as soon as you feel up to it… They really don’t know, so don’t beat yourself up over it.



I wouldn’t consider it that big of a deal. Obviously it’s best to wait but I wouldn’t say having sex two days early is suddenly going to make or break your chances of getting pvps. Rest, don’t lift, give it some time.



Thanks to the two of you. Being that I literally JUST had the procedure and feel I’d regressed in my recovery, naturally I feared the worst. Admittedly, I freaked a little - enough to come here for advice. I bet I’ll be just fine. If not, I’ll post it right here for others to see and heed warning. Let’s cross fingers that won’t be necessary.



I was in so much pain at day 2 that I purposely had sex around day 5-6 just to see how it felt. Almost like a diagnostic tool. Fortunately, I don’t have pain on sex.

You have forever altered the function and health of your testicles. Of course they are sore.



Just wanted to give an update. I’m fine. By virtue of this forum, we all know problems can arise and I was afraid I’d be another statistic. 1 month later I’m completely pain free no matter what I do - sex and cycling both. I wish all the best of luck here in having whatever symptoms your feeling subside with time. And hopefully sooner than later.

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I’m so glad I saw this thread. After a date night with the wife I recieved a “hand service” from the mrs nathan. Things went fine and normal so to speak but honestly i could not have waited 2 more days anyhow. Dont see how I did 8 weeks of boot camp 26 years ago without givin myself a handy.