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Sex Drive Afterward

I’ve always had a healthy sex drive. Since my vasectomy, it has been in overdrive. The topic of vasectomy alone gets me hard and horny. The pain from the procedure, to this day, is enough to turn me on to push through.

Jacking off as much as I can is not enough.

Anyone relate?

We gotta get you hooked up with a dominatrix.

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I’m listening… lol

It certainly didn’t have this effect on me, nor on many others, but it’s said, and in many cases sold as - that men with vasectomies are hornier, will want it more often, etc.

This outcome was mentioned and was framed up like a sales pitch to me by my vas urologist. I’ve even meet men at least one man in real life that said it made them hornier as well.

Yikes - TMI bro, lol :roll_eyes:

How long ago did you have the procedure?

Do you experience any pain still?

Any side effects?

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I can kinda relate. My sex drive has been on a rollercoaster. Certainly not the “idea” of a vasectomy, IMO that’s kinda f***ed up, but whatever works for you man. I think my balls have been in a cycle of inflammation and recovery, along with my hormones. The highs have been higher and the lows much lower. I think some of it is due to never feeling a true "release’. I hope this doesn’t catch up with you as a painful crash or blowout. How long since your vas?

May 2018 is when I got the vasectomy.

Yes lingering pain. In left nut. In my groin. When I ejaculate. Just an overall soreness. Diminished orgasm too.

I noticed that right after my vasectomy, I felt like I always wanted sex, and this was when I had a lot of inflammation in my epididimes and it hurt worse than ever.

I suspect that this was because, until then, I had always associated that full feeling with a lack of sex and a subsequent awesome orgasm, and after my vasectomy, no matter how many times I got off, it never felt like I had any release. The orgasms sucked and it hurt so bad, yet I kept trying to get ride of that feeling of fullness and no release.

It got better with time, but never fully went away. Now, 6 weeks post reversal, I am getting close to where I don’t notice the discomfort day to day, orgasms are almost like before, sex doesn’t hurt as long as I’m not doing it too, too hard, and even that is getting better with time. Erections are almost back to pre vas: much more consistently, better quality, and I’m randomly getting them in the morning, throughout the day again, where as post vasectomy I had to fight just to keep it up. Ejaculation force also seems to be almost normal and I notice a normal amount of volume, plus Precum has returned. I’m still not out of the woods yet, but a reversal definitely helped me. I don’t know what on earth that vasectomy did it me that almost everyone else gets away with, but it was the worst mistake of my life and nearly cost me my life.


That’s great news thank you for your update.

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Thank you for update @Tyler1. Pretty similar story to mine. Needless to say, worst decision of my entire life, and I’ve done a lot of dumb suff previously. Sex so much more enjoyable after reversal.

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I want a reversal. I’m just worried it could do more damage. Thanks for sharing your story. Sucks all around.

I felt like I had to risk it. I was slowly getting better, but not enough and I didn’t know how much I’d ever improve. I just wanted to get as close to normal as possible. This seems to have been a good novice so far. Best of luck.

@Ste I have seen quite a few people that say they constantly want sex after vasectomy. This is due your body telling you you have a blockage down there and need to release!, but your body doesn’t understand that the vas are cut.