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Severe Pain during Scalpel Free Vasectomy



Hoping to see if anyone has has a similar experience to what I just went through. I went in for a scalpel free vasectomy today. The Doctor was friendly and very professional but we ran into some problems. He applied a freeze spray to numb the area. Before he made the first incision he gave me a small poke to see if I was numb. I wasn’t so he applied more anestetic. Once numbed he made the first incision and began to the process of extracting/cutting the vas. This is when the problems started. I experienced intense pain (9/10, would be a 10/10 but I once had a perforated bowel so it was a close second). It simultaneously felt like someone was pulling me apart with the same ache of getting kneed in the balls but only way more intense.

The Dr. picked up on the fact I was in distress so he stopped and applied more anaesthetic. He tried again but the pain persisted. I didn’t scream or move but I was tensing up and it was pretty clear it wasn’t going to be a painless procedure as advertised. He hadn’t even cut anything yet. To his credit he decided to stop and recommended I go to his other clinic at a future date where he could give me a more powerful sedative in order for me to deal with the pain.

I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty high pain threshold. My wife has given me grief for ambling around the house trying to manage pain when I need to see a doctor.

The whole thing has me a bit spooked. He didn’t really give me a good explanation as to why I was feeling so much pain other then saying it was my anatomy. My concern is that I might have some major nerves in close proximity to the Vas and they are trying to tell me something. If I get the procedure under sedation it might just end up masking the pain while I’m there only to have it return with a vengence when the sedation wears off.

Anyone out there that went through something like this?


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@brucecrewe you may want to look at previous posters who experienced pain during their procedure. There are quite a few on this site. I think you should look at this experience as giving you a big warning not to go ahead with the procedure. Many guys on here still experience the pain they experienced during their procedure of the pulling, burning and aching. I think this is your second chance and I’d run and not look back.



I agree 100% with what @Worriedwife1 said. Count yourself lucky for getting a second chance to not go through with this and hope that the damage done while rooting around in there was minimal. Good luck!



I had similar issues but scalpel procedure. The doc administered anestetic on right side and went to work. I felt everything and in intense pain. (10/10) He finally stopped several minutes into the procedure unclamped what he had clamped and administered more anestetic and said he must have missed the vas the first time when giving me anestetic. The procedure was fine after that and left side had no issues. I have had right side hip and back pain every since then and have possible II nerve issues based on feedback from neurological chiro. I say count your blessing, hope no damage, and look for other options.



Thanks for sharing that.



I had pretty intense pain as well (non-scalpel). I WISH my doctor would have stopped like yours did. Instead he just said “you’re doing great” and powered through… even though I said I was in extreme pain and moaning in pain. He just acted like it was nothing and said that some people are “more sensitive to pain.”

Here I am, 8 weeks later and still not completely right. Weeks 1 through 5 were brutal. I could barely walk and I’d sometimes cry myself to sleep it was so bad. It takes a pretty heavy mental toll on you.

It has slowly and steadily improved since about week 5. On an average day, I can almost forget about it for a while here and there, but if I do something too quickly I’m reminded of the sensitivity down there. I still get some pain “spikes” every now and then too but they’ve gotten weaker and not quite as often.

I wish SOOOO badly that I had the 2nd chance you have. Even if I fully recover, it will not have been worth it.

Count your blessings and buy a box of condoms.

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What doctors don’t tell is that the scrotum area is covered with at least two layers of muscle with intertwined nerves thinner than hair. Cutting through these nerves may cause intense pain and the scarring process can be quite difficult too. Adhesion may form connecting skin layers and nerves that were not supposed to be connected. This is a highly sensitive part of the male body that shouldn’t be messed with. Same for women btw.
Don’t go on with the procedure. That’s the best advice anyone can give you.

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I had pain during mine. He told me it was supposed to last about 20 to 25 minutes. Mine lasted 52 minutes. He told me he didn’t think I was going to make it.

I have a blood disorder called Factor 5 Leiden. It causes me to clot quickly. I am not sure it causes my pain meds don’t work for me problem, but they don’t. This was given to me by someone. It’s related to pain meds not working.

My Uro who performed mine used over half a bottle of Lidocaine to trying numb me. The bottle he used was the 300ml size. He easily used 200ml. I kept telling him I felt all of it. Everything he was doing. And he couldn’t really stop. I was already open and he just needed to finish.

So you aren’t alone.

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