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Serrapeptase or other scar tissue supplements?

Anyone tried any supplements aimed at breaking up scar tissue? Reading reviews on Amazon suggest this stuff has worked to clear blocked fallopian tubes, and to clear up scars:

Not too many good studies on it, and I don’t see any specifically for scars, but it has been shown to break up mucus and shouldn’t be used with blood thinners:

Also, nattokinase purportedly does the same thing:

A couple months ago, i tried serrapeptase for a couple of weeks. I thought it was helping and was about to write a post on here about it. However, my family got a GI bug which I eventually contracted. The pain, vomiting and diarrhea was so bad I went to the ER. Eventually got over the bug and started to take the serrapeptase again. I ended up having the same severe pain, nausea and diarrhea 2 hours after I took the serrapeptase. My wife started googling serrapeptase and apparently it can cause severe GI “allergic” reactions. Turns out I never had a GI bug but was having a severe reaction to the serrapeptase enzyme. I would read the reviews and understand it may cause SEVERE GI upset. Otherwise, I would give it a shot because some people swear by it. I’m too afraid to try the other enzymes because of the reaction I had.

Well, I ordered some because supplements are cheap and why not. Also, the medrol pack I’m finishing tomorrow did nothing.

Update on the serrapeptase: Seems like it could be helping, and it feels like my vas knots are smaller. My vas knots have fluctuated in size the whole time though, so could be placebo, but between the serrapeptase and a few other conservative things I’ve tried this month, I’ve had a great last 5-6 days or so.

Also I’ve had zero reaction to the stuff despite taking about double the recommended dose for three weeks.

Three weeks seems to be kind of a magic number for me with supplements. If something makes a difference, that’s about how long it takes.

I think a combo of this and papaya could be theoretically effective for me. I went off the papaya awhile back because I wanted to be producing sperm if I went through with the reversal.

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hey @ tempe how did you make out the serrapeptase did it work for you? also how much were you taking day and did you get it off amazon?

Overall the effects were pretty minimal if any. I ended up getting a reversal in November anyway.

I was taking three of these a day: