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Serrapeptase and reversal

Is the union of Vas deferents after reversal relying on scar tissue to seal and secure the joint? If so, would something like Serrapeptase or anything else claiming to remove scar tissue be concerning for maintaining the integrity of the joined Vas deferens?

I’ve been taking serrapeptase for the last 2yrs ever since reversal, still flowing as checked under the microscope. I’ve also noticed positive changes in my scars as I have some really bad ones.

Ever hear of anyone having luck using Serrepaptase without getting a reversal?

Can’t say I did. I started taking them after reading a lot of positive threads on the fertility groups on FB, a couple of men became fertile after taking serrapeptase when their reversals failed with zero on Semen Analysis. A couple of women benefited after they had tubes tied and reversed too