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Semen Viscosity

Figured the article below was relevant to this discussion as it suggests a 10% decrease in semen post vasectomy. See the “side effects” section.


Good article, bit of a grim read, but I feel like the side effects section was cut short.

Yeah, my linked article is cut short on many levels and the website is incomplete. I would’ve posted a link to the source study [5] but that link leads to a domain name that is for sale. I would guess the source study can be found elsewhere online.

Funny (not really) how the vast majority of websites that have linked references fall short linking as many reference studies as possible on the exact same subject matter.

If anyone wants to sway an audiences perception, all they have to do is link studies that will do just that. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about :roll_eyes:

My experience supports the findings above. About 8-9 months post-vas I still believe satisfaction from an orgasm is down and my semen is noticeably runnier and shoots farther.

I take zinc and did not know about it aiding in sperm production. That’s unfortunate, because zinc is important for immune function (to my knowledge) and in this time of Covid 19 I’m making sure I take vitamin C, D and Zinc as well as a few other supplements.