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Semen Viscosity

Figured the article below was relevant to this discussion as it suggests a 10% decrease in semen post vasectomy. See the “side effects” section.


Good article, bit of a grim read, but I feel like the side effects section was cut short.

Yeah, my linked article is cut short on many levels and the website is incomplete. I would’ve posted a link to the source study [5] but that link leads to a domain name that is for sale. I would guess the source study can be found elsewhere online.

Funny (not really) how the vast majority of websites that have linked references fall short linking as many reference studies as possible on the exact same subject matter.

If anyone wants to sway an audiences perception, all they have to do is link studies that will do just that. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about :roll_eyes:

My experience supports the findings above. About 8-9 months post-vas I still believe satisfaction from an orgasm is down and my semen is noticeably runnier and shoots farther.

I take zinc and did not know about it aiding in sperm production. That’s unfortunate, because zinc is important for immune function (to my knowledge) and in this time of Covid 19 I’m making sure I take vitamin C, D and Zinc as well as a few other supplements.

Here’s my update after a long delay: SA came ok, only 58 count found in the sample :pensive:. Apparently this means the gates are open now. But the next analysis in around a month from now will prove more or less. I’m worried about my right side where the stitches are really close to epi. Will see how it heals.

I’m taking Horny Goat Leaves and Ginko Bilboa a couple times a week, together with vitamin D and B12.

The topic here is semen viscosity. I can clearly see a difference here as my ejac is a lot less viscous (less think) now. It has changed composition and color is clearer as well.

Reversal impact is continuing to get better however the recovery is pretty slow. I still have feeling of fullness in the restocked despite the fact that I can say “I’m feeling better than before reversal”. However I am finding that the area is still very sensitive and will likely be so for the foreseeable future. My GP told me that I should wait a year before seeing positive results … I’ve heard that here too.

The feeling of numbness in penis is a lot lower. But during climax I’m nowhere close to where I want to be. But again it’s gradually improving I think and it’s getting better. Will see how close it will get to pre-vas. I remain hopeful.

On another note, on Google search bar I typed “vasectomy forum” and this article came up as the first search result. Guess this is good:

Anyway, I’ll keep updating you guys on my situation as it goes.

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Thought I want to chime in. I have recently noticed that the more I ejaculate, the less viscous the ejaculate gets.
I have a burning pain 80% of the time deep inside, where my prostate sits. If I push on the belly and bladder, I can increase this pain. 20% of the time I get twinges in my testicles (cannot distinguished side) and/or a kicked in the ball feeling.
I do have other prostatis type symptoms like frequent urination, less strength, feeling of being only half emptied (at times), etc.

Does any have similar experiences wrt to changes in ejaculate appearance & viscosity ?

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