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Self Treatment for Congestive Epididymitis

Hi everyone,

I’m posting here in the search for help with congestive epididymitis. I seem to have a swollen mass near the base of one epi, and while it has slowly been shrinking and becoming less painful I’m going on my second week and getting nervous as progress has seemed to stop.

My vasectomy was about 2 years ago and after having extreme pain and inflammation post vasectomy (and post infection from vasectomy that went sepsis) I was able to return to almost 90% feeling good (after almost a year and being very careful to space out ejaculations, wear supportive underwear, anti-inflammatories, etc). When I would start to get inflammation of the epididymis and redness in the scrotum I could just space out the ejaculations longer and take some NSAIDs and within a few days to a week things would calm down.

This time the epi swelling was larger than ever before and after the main swelling and pain went away there seems to be like a hard mass at the base of the epi. It’s probably about twice the size of the other one still going on 2 weeks.

I’ve been taking hot baths everyday and haven’t ejaculated since it started. I’ve ordered some more papaya seed powder but I also can’t take NSAIDs right now (digestive issues which I probably made much worse by the daily NSAID use post vasectomy) and was hoping others might have advice for self treatment of congestive epididymitis like this.

Thank you!