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Searching for a new hope

Have any of you guys seen guys with pvp all of a sudden just heal up? I’m about a month and a half in and the more I read the more it seems that this is just my life now. Has anyone come back and posted something like “hey guys I feel all better now” then later down the line something like “hey guys still feeling no pain I’m at 100% pain free feeling like pre vasectomy with no issues “

Yes. It has happened. @kyle @Woody and @Art I believe are 100% better.

You’re still early out and will likely improve somewhat, and perhaps even make a full recovery without surgery.

You might get ‘cured’ by a reversal, who knows.

You might also find a painkiller or nerve med that works for you and keeps your pain at bay.

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I stopped taking nsaids because I’m scared for my liver was that a bad idea? It just seemed like a lot for my liver to handle.

I drink every night now in order to fall asleep. I can’t if I’m not drunk.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much. I keep hearing that the odds are in my favor but it doesn’t seem like it here.

Talk to your GP about a nerve-pain med like gabapentin or amitriptyline.

How will I know it’s nerve pain? Will those med help with healing or just pain? I have 3 girls I thought that was a lot you got me beat man. Mine are 7 months 2 years and 3 1/2 years old. I’m a stay at home dad… kinda. Now I just sit on the couch till someone’s crying it sucks

I’m not entirely sure. I’ve heard that they help with healing, but I’ve also heard they just mask it. Either way, if you believe your body eventually heals itself, then masking it isn’t a waste since it helps you get by and cope.

Our first 3 girls were about the same ages apart. Born in '93, '94, '98. Then we had another in '07 after my reversal. Go figure.

Haha wow man well at least you were well enough to have sex back in 07

I’m not into taking chemicals long term I never have

Have you seen anyone just heal without surgery?

Yes, it can happen.

A friend of mine was in pain for 1 - 2 years, like a lot of pain and one day he just got better. I didn’t know him when he was going through this, and I wish I had asked him if he had a vas or any issues before I got mine, but yeah he says he’s 100% now, but he hates saying he’s okay, because he’s scared the pain will come back some day.

I noticed your post above about NSAID’s and nerve pains, so here goes:

I’m pretty sure NSAID’s are processed by your kidneys. Tylenol can be hard on your liver long term, but NSAID’s long term can tear up your gut, so be careful with what you eat.

Neuropathic pain generally presents as burning, stabbing, searing, knife like, pins and needles, or sometimes cold.

I’m a mostly nerve pain guy and I have sharp stabbing pains numerous times per day, pins and needles, burning, chafing and just general sensitivity - even clothing rubbing on me is uncomfortable.

If you’re just a congestion pain guy, that’s a lot easier to treat and can sometimes just get better on its own.

I can’t tell but I usually don’t have sharp pain like pins or tears. I have a dull pain that is mostly on the back left nut that sometimes spreads to the right one. And sometimes up into my stomach. But it always hurts the most on the back left nut.

That sounds like congestion. Your epi’s are most likely full and engorged. Hopefully that will settle down with time. Try some long hot baths to reduce sperm production.

Does this mean it will heal with time? How much time? Sorry about all the questions but I’m getting NOTHING from my doc. I’m so glad my wife showed me this forum. I feel like you guys are all I have. She’s great but she doesn’t understand and all the other guys I know who had vasectomies had no issues. I know I’m only a month and a half in but I’m really freaked out by all of this.

I have 3 girls as well. I had a 7, 5 and 1 year old when I got my vasectomy. I have spent most of their lives in pain. That’s just me. You will probably get better so don’t freak out too much. Please describe your pain. The location and the sensations you have. Let us know what types of activities or situations make it worse i.e. sex, erections, sitting , riding in a car etc…

It hurts with an erection more towards the end of sex and after sex I need to sit with ice on my balls. The pain slowly moved to the back of my left ball but then for no reason spread to both again and when my right ball would get jostled even just a little I would feel it in my stomach riding in cars hurts even at idle due to the vibration. Why did you say I will probably get better? Do most guys get better? And does better mean pre vas better?

I feel like the congestion guys can get better. If it’s a nerve entrapment thing it is less likely. How many weeks out are you? How is your wufe handling your pain issues. Tell her you are not alone. Not by a long shot.

THanks man I don’t even know you but you just brought tears to my eyes. my wife is usually great but just today she basically told me to stop being so pessimistic because it’s bumming her and my kids out. It made me feel like such a burden. I had my vasectomy done oct 6th. What symptoms do the nerve guys usually have? I’m very new to all of this man.

Nerve pain is usually sharp burning pain, stabbing, tingling, shock feeling around the site of the incision and radiating outward. I have burning. Congestion pain feels like aching/sensitive balls. You are sensitive to any sort of jostling or pressure/contact and your balls feel full and heavy.

I think you will probably be fine but your wife needs to understand that this can be permanent and life altering if it doesn’t resolve. There is a lack of awareness of just how bad a bad vasectomy can fuck a man up. It amazes me. People don’t want to hear about it. Women go through a lot having kids and it creates in them a sense that men deserve to suffer too. The difference is women’s bodies evolved to bear and have children. It’s not a walk in the park but the body is designed to do it and recover from it. Vasectomy is completely unnatural. Anyway, women, after all they go through, can really be disinterested in pain down there in men caused by vasectomy. Many don’t get it or don’t want to admit it. As a man that basically did the damn thing for the wife it can be a total WTF type of thing. Stopping talking about it doesn’t make the pain go away. You need to have an open and good line of communication with her to minimize any resentment/damage to your marriage. Know you can vent and research here and people will understand and help you. You just had the thing. It may take you 6 months or a year but you will probably be okay. Statistics say you will be okay. If you can’t handle it or it gets worse we can recommend some good specialists or give advice/feedback to you.

Good luck.