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Scrotal ultrasound question


So I’m having a reversal in a few weeks and the doctor wants me to go in for a scrotal ultrasound before at his office with his tech. Although I’ve never been embarrassed or nervous seeing the urologist for exams, the ultrasound has me anxious.

Anyone have any tips or experience? I’m concerned about embarrassing circumstances rising up so to speak during the ultrasound.


Nothing to be worried about brother. Actually, the ultrasound techs can be very smart, and may be able to answer some questions you never thought about. Yes, it is a bit awkward, but you will manage.

I asked my tech how often she sees men like myself because of a vasectomy. She said she sees them all the time. She wasn’t pleased to hear how vasectomys are being sold to men that know nothing about it.

Far as tips, shower, and a bit of a trim may be helpful, haha :smile_cat:

You may actually learn something interesting, never know.

Good luck with the reversal bro


Rather than edit here, far as rising up, they have you in a gown, and towels covering up your unit. Seems I was able to keep my hand on the towel. I don’t recall rising up, but it was awkward having two gals in their 30’s in a room w me in that predicament. The tech is usually the smart one. The helper runs the actual ultrasound head on your boys. Your boys will be covered in warm gel to ease the gliding of the ultrasound head. Feels sorts of weird, should help with not thinking about rising, or arousal.

Ive had at least 4 ultrasounds done in my days. One was prior to the vas mess. Was the same lead tech on 3 occasions. She’s very smart. Not sure how everyone else experience went.


I have had multiple scrotal ultrasounds. Honestly they aren’t bad because they rub the ultra sound gel on your genitals. I have never been close to having an erection during an ultrasound. Don’t be nervous, its easy and it’ll be done before you know it.



So the ultrasound was not that big a deal. Thanks everyone.

Had it today in advance of a reversal in a few hours. The tech wasn’t very helpful though. She questioned the pain and asked if I was in pain then but when I said not at that very moment she asked why get a reversal. Added that her husband had vas and has never complained of pain. Then asked why don’t I give it more time and why I wanted to have a more complicated surgery. She ended by suggesting that I’d have now have to worry about birth control and asked if the pain was that bad to want to undo it. She then asked what I planned to do for birth control?

Not the best pep talk for a reversal less than 24 hours out but whatever. Also just odd and more detailed than I expected from a tech. I got the impression she thought I was being a wimp or just was making it up.


Well, you never know what direction conversation with women about vasectomy pain will go. One of two ways.

The ultrasound tech I spoke of that is smart, she teaches ultrasound. She’s so smart, she’s likely pushing the limits of her badge.

Pretty sure that’s why there was two girls at the place I normally go to. Seems the other place I went to, it was just one girl did it all, and she was quiet.

With this unorthodox guy that did my vasectomy cutting everyone up around here, not a wonder my main tech girl has seen so many men having pain, and complications post vas that require an ultrasound.

All at the same time I know of at least one guy that had his vas same place I did. He says he can’t tell any difference, and jerked off a day or two later worried it might not work anymore. He says he’s perfectly fine.

Good luck


Just had a venous ultrasound. It was very easy. Female tech told me to leave underwear on but I didn’t have any. She scolded me a little for not wearing any and I felt in at first but as she start building a repor with me I was good. She then explained that she had to put the transducer near the groin first. No big deal, until I felt some sensation on my penis. Her fingers were rubbing against my penis as she was scanning and I was getting aroused. My penis was erect dispite being really nervous. But I then started to like it and wishing she would stay there long. She kept going up and down, slight subtle moves but it felt good. I’m sure she knew what was going on(she was kinda rubbing my penis) but did not try to adjust her fingers or anything and just kept going anyways . That was probably the reason she wanted my underwear on, but then she probably did not care, maybe because it was part of her job anyway. If she rubbed on it harder up and down I probably would have orgased. The room was in a secluded spot so if I moan loud it would not have mattered much. Worst case is that she probably would have been questioned but just she would just explain back, “orgasms happen during exams like this”