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Scrotal support

Why is that the scrotal support is so game changer for some of us?
I mean, for me really lowers pain in the testicle, groin and crotch.

Does it have to do only with the fact that the testicle is not hit by the legs?
And in that case, one can infer that the pain one has is mostly neuropathic?

This is my problem. Have you found a underwear that works? I rarely have issues on the right side which was my worst side to begin with and now it’s only the left. If it hits my leg when I walk, I definitely feel it. What type of underwear are you using? The ones the work the best for me are 2 xist men’s briefs.

I don’t know why but it does help dramatically, I wear it everyday.

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I’m from Argentina so I’m wearing local brands… I’m sorry I can’t help you!