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Scrotal Removal as last resort?

Okay, so here’s my totally hypothetical question, perhaps @Choohooo or @Acschiro could chime in, since these guys really know their stuff about nerves.

So let’s say you have a reversal, and it doesn’t work, then you do denervation, cryo, blah blah, and all of those don’t work, so you have a double orchi, and it doesn’t work, and you still have pain in your sac, so you decide to have your scrotum removed.

Apparently this is a thing:

Yeah that’s a body modification website with lots of crazy shit, but anyways WTF happens to all of the nerve endings in there? I mean, we as a group seem to get fucked up real bad from this ‘simple procedure’ and a lot of it is from nerve damage, yet these guys find ‘cutters’ to remove their sac and they’re presumably fine??? I mean, what about the branches of the pudendal, GF, II, IH? Are they just cut off or stuffed inside? It seems like you’d have a hot burning mess of neuromas after that’s done.

Let’s go a step further here… Same thoughts apply to sex changes. Lots of genital mutilation in that department to.

I’m all for scrotal removal, of urologists that mislead patients about the risk of pvps and then deny they have a bad outcome.

I guarantee yoiu that will solve a lot of cases of PVPS before they happen.

I know a guy that had a sex change and he suffered less pain than me what the fuck? Maybe i should become a woman. Lol

I really have no clue. I let my dog out to pee last night and couldn’t help but think of the millions of castrated animals that don’t struggle at all. Honestly, it doesn’t make much sense. I used to castrate cows in my younger days and we used to rope and a rusty knife without any issue. Things don’t add up.

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My wife and I have had the same thoughts far as sex changes, and the genital mutilation that comes with those types of procedures. Where are all the reports of people in pain?

Dido that with all the castrated animals in the world. How many people’s pets are neutered or spayed? I haven’t seen many, if any of them limping around in my days on earth.

When men are leaking sperm, and have an inflammatory response, that equals pain.

Men that are congested, sometimes feel pain.

Nerve damage is a pretty deep and wide topic far as sensitized, hypersensitized, hypersensitive nerves go.

Humans aren’t quite like animals far as our brains, and nervous systems go.

I think this topic hits on something pretty big myself.

Did you ever know Raider901?

A quick Google search finds who this is. This person is a member of this group.

I will add varicocele pain to what I said above. In a way, scrotal varicocele’s can be compared to congestion of the epididymis.

When veins start bulging down there, some men feel pain. I would guess anatomical differences in men’s scrotal nervous structures are to blame. Every man that has a varicocele does not have pain.

My varicocele pain incident that happened years before my vasectomy likely started with a nice tap to my scrotom by some chains that snapped back, and hit me in the groin at work. Can’t be sure of this, but I do remember such an event.

Did this event hypersensitize my varicocele? What about the vasectomy? When I started leaking on my left side, this happened right next to my varicocele. Let’s tack on the metal clip scratching right on my varicocele too.

This event left me feeling shocked, tasered, and kicked in the lefty at times at minimum.

The stupid idiot urologist that did my vasectomy should’ve known better. Plain and simple.

I had bi-lateral orchiectomy (castrated) 4 yrs ago by Dr. in Phoenix and scrotum was removed same time. Incission scar was about 6 inches long. Healed up after few weeks and was fine. Only had some numbness along the incission for a couple of months but that went away. Feels completely natural now, with no testicles and no scrotal skin (even the webbing down the base of my penis shaft was removed).

@Brandon thanks for posting this, orchi is a very sensitive subject. Can I ask for some background on your story and how you are currently ? Are you on testosterone supplementation, what is sex like ? I hope I am not being too intrusive but I think this procedure needs to be talked about more on here for men in chronic pain.

@Don yeah no problem. I’m on full testosterone replacement with weekly injections (I do my own injections), and my test level is high normal range. Sex is pretty much the same just without the feeling of the testicles and scrotum (there is a lot of sensitivity there that I no longer have of course, and miss too). I have some ED but that preceded my orchi so on meds for that. Otherwise everything works fine, just less semen and maybe more watery. I never had vasectomy but had couple bouts of idiopathic orchiealgia, both of which resolved after a few months and before my orchi. Orchi was voluntary and was done by a surgeon who does mostly sex reassignment surgeries. Anytime you have a surgery tho there is always risk of unintended consequences and neuralgia. I had a epidural steroid injection and Dr. hit the nerve root and caused numbness in my left toes for couple of years … took many months to resolve and I can still feel it somewhat, almost 5 yrs later. Nerve damage takes long time to heal. I know nutz are really important to a man but I also believe manhood is more than just a pair of glands between a dude’s legs. I still identify and see myself as a man even without the balls and sac.

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@Brandon thanks for sharing your experience with this.

Did your surgeon ever explain what he/she would be doing with all of the nerve branches in the scrotum? There are plenty, as you probably already know, and I’m wondering if they were just cut or ‘stuffed’ back into the inguinal canal.

Seems to me that cutting all of those nerves would have a high potential for neuromas and severe pain.

Couldn’t agree more about balls not equaling manhood - I always thought I’d never get them cut off no matter what, cancer, etc. you name it, but at the end of the day, if a reversal, denervation, cryo etc. don’t fix me, I’d happily have it all cut off to be pain free. I guess chronic junk pain has changed my mind lol.

@vasregret Hey man, no Dr. didnt say how he was gonna do the sac and nerves. He marked up my sac with a marker before surgery where he was gonna cut and then just cut the sac off with the nerves, thre is no scrotum skin left. I just have regular skin under my cock now. My junk doesnt even get that funky musky smell now no ballsac sweat glands left. I was more worried about the skin being too tight or phantom ball pain but that has not been a problem. Like i said there was just some numbness at first right along the incission line where the skin was sutured together but that went away after couple months and just feels like normal skin now. Sorry about the pain you are experiencing and from the couple bouts of orchiealgia I had I know how terrible that can be.

You are a brave guy, more accurately you are a guy that has a strong sense of self glad to hear you have moved on.

I think the key is eliminating the chronic pain. I believe chronic pain/discomfort is probably more detrimental to sense of self than loss of that part of the body. Pain is the constant reminder that something is wrong and because the sensations are unpleasant our brains interpret that what has happened is bad. Chronic pain does not let you forget/adjust/move on.

I don’t have testicular pain. None. I have pain where I was accessed. Guy cut me way high up near the base of my penis. I think even getting scrotum removed would not touch the part of my body where my pain comes from.

How is your sex life? How is your partner/spouse? Was he/she supportive of your decision and have they just moved on and accepted it as well as you?

@Brandon I agree about testicles not making you a man. Personally I would rather have no balls and be pain free and able to do heavy work and go to the gym, now that’s being a man. Having balls but stuck all day not being able to do exercise or lift things that’s not being a man. Its a shitty situation we find ourselves in. Thanks for posting your story !

@MikeO Yeah, it was weird feeling at first and started to get inside my dome some and i got depressed for awhile. I would wake up in middle of the night and go to scratch my nads and realize they werent there and not gonna grow back. I do miss having my yam sack stimulated during sex and the feeling of the muscles retracting the nutz up close to the bod right before orgasm but other than that sex pretty much the same except for my cum. Less ejaculate comes out now and it thinner and clearer. But the testosterone injections have turned my libido up on high now and I’m still gett’n busy. I’m a free agent so didnt have any partner/spouse telling me what to do with my balls. Most of my hook ups don’t say nothing about me being nutless and just roll with it. I think women are more ok with rock’n it with a nutless dude then men tho. Had one friend tell about a girl he knows who dislikes balls … she love the man tool just not the balls and sac part lol.

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Yeah balls are not the most aesthetically pleasing visual creations of evolution. I hear you on the pulling up and on the clearer ejaculate. Any fool urologist that tries to tell you your ejaculate is the same after orgasm is full of sh1t. After I got reversed it looked like the amount that came out of me had doubled and it was white. I am back to half watery so I think one side has closed although I still have swimmers so I know that at least one side is open. Unfortunately I have burning pain something fierce right at the juncture where my spermatic cord crosses the base of my penis before it enters my body. I was cut way too high on the left and I don’t think anything can fix it because it’s so damned high up.

Glad to hear you’re rocking it.

@Don so true! Thx man! be well

Brandon, what about phantom pain? Or phantom sensations? Who is this Dr in Phoenix? Can we get someone else to comment on scrotal removal.

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I’ve often thought about sex change patients, you never hear of any horror stories where they have been left in awful pain. They undergo bilateral orchiectomy and scrotal removal and its content, and go on to live wonderful fulfilled lives. There don’t seem to be any negative stories with patients going in search of help regarding being left in pain???