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Scrotal Pain Relief Complicated by New Ailment

So, the last 2 weeks have been pretty good. I wish I knew if the scrotal pain relief was from the botox/steroid injections (in late June and mid October) or the Hail Mary I threw by doing 24 days of doxycycline. My GP think it’s not an infection and I agree but it’s hard to ignore the coincidence.

Son of a bitch if I didn’t develop plantar fascititis in my left foot. Main is it painful, every bit as bad as I’ve heard.

My left side is cursed. I’m starting to believe there’s a connection, but some of the issues are acute and not systemic. Still, all my lower back and sciatic pain was left side as have been my PVP symptoms, my recent dental problems, a bout with bursitis in my left elbow.

Hey man, I think I told you last Spring that I got pain relief from Doxycycline as well. I know it was not due to having an infection. Doxycycline apparently has neuroprotective and neuromodulating properties. I tried hard to get a script so I could test my hypothesis. If you have relief on your current dosage I bet you would also have relief on a super low dose, like 25mg a day. I COULD NOT GET ANYONE TO WRITE ME A SCRIPT. I told Dr. P about it when I went in for Botox but it was too far out of the box for him and he would not write me a script for it. I tried to get Dr. Fenig here in MD to write me a script for it and he would not either. I also tried to get my GP to do the same and he would not. People in England that are going to Africa or anywhere that is a malaria zone can get a script for free and they basically stay on a low dose the entire time they are there, even if it’s years. Doxycycline was a substance that helped me so we have that in common. Because of this I’m telling you, you should try low dose Metformin too. It turns my pain off like a switch.

Don’t worry about your damn foot. I have gotten gout too since my pain relief started. It’s a lot easier to bear when your balls/groin don’t hurt. Once I realized I had a substance I could take to shut off my pain I think it started getting easier for my brain to “unlearn” the pain. I’m telling you, you are onto something with the Doxycycline. Hearing this from you gives me hope you too can throw the switch back off, get better and get on with you life.

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I think all antibiotics have got this property, as I was doing really well when I took clindamycin. As soon as this prescription was over, pain returned.

I think this subject was touched upon few times, I started taking CBD oil every night and found it also beneficial

Tell me about the Botox. I have been doing research and can’t find anyone willing to do it for the scrotal content pain…

Dr. P. in Orlando will combine botox with the steroid/anesthetic injection. Botox was originally developed for pain management to deaden nerves; it was only later that it became popular for wrinkle elimination. I had 2 rounds of the cocktail and am much improved.

Is it injected into the nerve like a block, or into the skin of the scrotum?

Just like a nerve block