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Scrambler Technology for Nerve Pain

We’ve had some success with this, though it’s not a permanent fix, and it’s so far only available in Boise, Idaho. Might be worth looking into though, for some people! My husband started this and was at a 7-8 on the pain scale. After 3 months he was down easily to a 3-4, was functioning better and was off his heavy-duty pain meds. The downside is that when he took a month long break the pain came back.

Anyway, it’s worth a mention!

We are seriously considering this for my son who is 17 and has suffered with testicular pain for over 2 years. Has anyone else tried this therapy? We are looking at going to MUSC in Charleston, SC or Richmond, Va, which are closest to us. First my son has to wean off Lyrica for several weeks. This drug would interfere with Nerve Scrambler Therapy.

Have you guys been able to try this yet? Has it helped?

I think my husband’s case was atypical - the doctor really expected it to help him. I sincerely hope your son finds relief. <3

Yes, my son tried this in July after spending three weeks weaning off of Lyrica. He tried three sessions, and he felt no pain relief at any of the sessions. Our first session was free, but the other sessions cost $250 each and were not covered by insurance. It made no sense to continue “trying” the Calmare therapy if it wasn’t working at all. My son was the first patient on the new machine in Richmond, Virginia. The very kind trainer even tried some face timing to make sure that the electrodes were properly placed. It was a huge disappointment, that’s for sure. Right now he is trying “creative” writing recommended by Dr. David Hanscom in his book Back in Control. He is on day 3, but he says that he has not yet noticed any pain relief. We are in week 3 of increasing the Lyrica dose back up. His pain levels have been elevated now for about the past 6 weeks, so for most of the summer. We knew that we had to try this during the summer. Thank you for asking. How is your husband doing?