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Sciatica - sciatic pain

So who suffers from testicle pain and also gets sciatica, pain in legs and feet, front, back or sides of legs?

I understand sciatica is a condition that is being caused by something else, I guess whatever is causing my testicle/scrotum pain is also causing sciatic pain.

I do. I have pudendal neuralgia, from what was supposed to have been an easy procedure to remove a blood clot from my left testicle that wasn’t even there. But it led to over 20 procedures now, one causing Fourniers Gangrene and that caused massive damage to my groin to where I lost my left testicle, a huge chunk of my upper groin area about 4cmx4cmx1.5cm deep. The base of the left side of my penis and over into the inner thigh crevice area. And that caused damage to my pudendal nerve.
I have so many different types of pain happening at the same time that I can’t even describe. But it shoots down to the top of left foot the whole leg, groin upper groin areas.

I hope none of you guys ever have to make the decision to cut anything from your groin unless it’s absolutely necessary because there will always be a level of pain.
Every cough, sneeze, going to the bathroom, bending down, so much strain is on the groin from so much everyday life, you don’t even think of it until you have pain there. But after having both epididimectomies in 2008, my right hardly bothered me, and my left, which was the biggest problem causing, I always felt a dull ache and occasionally like a hard kick to the balls for a minute at most and then gone for 10yrs. Then the pain just hit and wouldn’t go away for a few days.
I regret everything following that. I wished I’d have not followed any Drs advice, because not one of them is there for me like they all said. I have permanent nerve damage that can’t be fixed.
I have one last resort at it’s finally scheduled in a month and that’s if Medicaid will improve it. My previous insurance finally approved it last year after having to appeal it and had it scheduled around this time. Then during lockdown last year my insurance dropped me because Medicaid was full coverage and they could remain if I could pay $800/month with high copays and deductibles. So everything stopped and I’m finally close to catching up a year. I just need the approval.
I wish you and all the other guys the best of luck. Make sure to get life insurance and set yourself up financially if able before any procedure. I wished I’d had done a few things different that I can’t do now that I’m listed disabled and on Medicaid.

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Man, reading your story is heartbreaking.
One thing I don’t understand, they had to “remove a blod clot”. What kind of blood clot? Inside a vein or artery?

Yes, very much so. It’s not sciatica, potentially some cross talk between inguinal nerves