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Scar tissue supplements / natural remedies

Just curious if anyone has tried any supplements to try and reduce internal scar tissue from their vasectomy?

I’ve noticed some tightness/mild aching near the vas site and my assumption is it’s scar tissue. I stumbled upon a site where someone was looking for help to get rid of internal scar tissue from a thumb injury and someone suggested a supplement called “Avogen.” Still plenty to research, but maybe there’s something somewhat natural out there that treats scar tissue.

You can also try this supplement made from avocado, called Avogen. It breaks down internal and external scar tissue, fairly rapidly, without any side effects. You take 1 capsule a day. It corrects the source of the scarring which is excessive crosslinking (a twisting and hardening of protein strands/tissues) in the extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM covers all the organs, joints, muscles of the body. It works on any ECM-related condition such as acne scarring, surgical scars, adhesions, small bowel obstructions due to adhesion, endometriosis, capsular contractures, and osteoarthritis, among others.”

I’ve never heard of Avogen, so can’t comment. However, i’ve done a little research into removing scar tissue and I’ll share a couple thoughts.

  1. Look into fasting or intermittent fasting. When you fast, you cause the body to increase autophagy, which is the process of destroying old tissue and using the components to form new tissue. Some believe that scar tissue is often one of the first tissues to get cleared.

  2. There’s an enzyme called serrapeptase, available on Amazon, which is believed to help the body dissolve scars. Word of caution, although widely tolerated by most, it left me with one of the worst GI disturbances I’ve ever experienced. If you read the reviews on Amazon, it does cause GI distress in some people. However, there are a lot of positive reviews too.

I might give the intermittent fasting a try as well. I’m not sure I want to risk my GI with the other. Lol

Here’s one of the reviews from amazon on avogen:

“This really helped break up my internal scar tissue; it is much more flexible and less noticeable. I started noticing changes after 3 or 4 days but it took a month or two of fairly regular use to really help. I could feel an actual twinge in my scar tissue on occasion when taking it late at night. I am so grateful this product exists; I was so miserable and now I have my life back. If you have painful or debilitating scar tissue, I definitely recommend trying this for a couple of months. I will continue to take this on occasion as it is also great for softer/better looking skin and hair.”

There’s some other reviews that are similar but it doesn’t seem like a well known product. I’ll keep digging and hopefully find something that can help others too.

Have you looked into DMSO?

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Thanks @crotalus97 I will check that out!

Hi @Krz673804 have you started the avogen treatment, am curious as i might try this as well. I also read ultrasound treatment can work as well but i guess that would mean getting a home based ultrasound machine for self treatments.

Hey there, I haven’t started this yet… I did order though. I plan on starting the end of July.

Has anyone tryied fasting or intermittent fasting? I’ve had some great results fasting in the past (pre vas), I haven’t done anything really long (8 days water only). I healed a nagging back issue and a couple of other things, I saw external scars that I’d had almost my entire life disappear. The process of autophagy is apparently what clears out old scar tissue, and weak cells, the body also produces more stem cells as well when re-feeding after a fast. One of the main reasons For fasting is the anti inflammatory response, from what I understand there is nothing better than fasting if you want to reduce inflammation in the body. There are also other benifits- increased testosterone, HGH and other hormones. This is all quite well documented if you do some digging around, the benifits are incredible.

I’ve searched around here, doesn’t seem to have been tried by any members. There are clinics around the world where they fast you for 30-50 days to heal various injuries and disease, it very popular in some parts of the world, and has been used for healing for thousands of years.

The problem with fasting in a pain state is that it’s more challenging than if you say are feeling okayish. I’ve been laying around the house in pain for 1 month now since vas, my self control is not there, I have been eating terribly due to severe depression and pain. I’ve always been an emotional eater so it’s tough in times of fear, sadness etc. I seem to also eat when I get anxious.

I may try to force myself into a water only fast for a week or so, but I’m not sure I can handle it mentally. Physically it’s fine, after 2 days the hunger fades, you get a ton of energy, mental clarity, and kind of this high on life sort of feel. I also turn to alcohol when things get bad, so my nightly beers are going to be missed.

The fact is I’m in excruciating pain, I’m not sure other members experience this ir not, it’s hard to get a feel through text. My entire body seems sick, my lymph nodes are swollen and painful to the touch, even under my arms. My pelvic muscles seem to have seized, I feel like I’ve got something jammed up my ass, my balls are at least twice the size they were, my back is messed, Im leaking urine, my penis feels like a I have string tied around it cutting the circulation off, electric shots through the groin into the legs, tingling and numbness in my feet. Pinching and pulling in the scortum. I don’t feel as though I have an infection, my doctor seems to think I do. The usual treatment - anti inflammatory meds (ibuprofen), antibiotics, and going for a ultrasound. I don’t have any trust that these drugs will help me, they haven’t so far, I’m sure the doctors won’t find anything.

I might have to just be forced to put my body into healing mode through a prolonged water fast.

Please let me know if any of you have tried this approach, or maybe you have some input. Thanks

Im planning to do a 3 -5 day one in the comming months,only reason I havnt done it sooner is I was always trying some kind of medicine or supplements in last year or so. My pain isnt extreme anymore so I feel I will be able to cope.

Currently in hospital with suspected appendicitis and was fasting there for 40 hours or so incase they needed to operate and my normal testicle pain seemed less.

My appendix pain wasnt exteme and has lessened last 12 hours so doctors arnt sure now, but my bloods showing an infection…could it be underlaying from my testicle troubles or my appendix which is infected god knows, will prob have to have it removed to be safe.

Will document my fasting results when I do it.
Its another last resort that definately has to be tried for myself.

Good luck, keep us posted. You may need to do multiple fasts, I know 5 days seems like a lot but it’s really not, maybe a 5 day per month or something…

Most people won’t even reach ketosis for 3 days which from what I understand is to be the time that autophagy starts.

I’ve been taking serrapeptase, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that it dissolves scar tissue. I have been taking it ever since my reversal year ago, and I did notice that one of the thicker scars on my cheek definitely reduced in size. I’ve still got swimmers under the microscope

Pain went while in hospital just before my scheduled removel this morning, got discharged and all good now.

Has anyone tried palmitoylethanolamide. I have just recently started this but to early to tell, as its ment to take around 4 weeks for pain relief. Its quite expensive but decided to give it a go as research on it seems promising and have read alot of sucess stories on pain forums. Worth a google alot of info around on it.

Also I have tried alot of serrapeptase and did seem to get relief from it before my orchiemectomy. Worth a try to anyone who has yet to try it.