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Scalpel vs Non Scalpel Vasectomy and Outcome


Hello Gentleman, I am here bc the wife and I have discussed vasectomy as a contraceptive method for us. My wife never used the pill nor does she want to have a tubal ligation performed. I decided to possibly move forward with the vasectomy. I am doing my due diligence and trying to learn as much as I can before making a decision. I ended up on this forum from the reditt channel r/vasectomy. I see that this procedure does have its complications. My question for you is this: How many of you with long term issues had the non-scalpel vs scalpel procedure? The doctor that you used how many vasectomies has he/she performed before you? Im trying to gain some sort of metric between experience and the type of procedure that was performed.


Since you found this page, and assuming you’re at least of average cognitive abilities, you should be able to reckon that the risks are absolutely not worth it. Get used to condoms or start saving for more kids. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I was not as lucky (or thorough?) as you are bro. If I had found this forum prior to my vas I would never have done it. This forum has an awesome crop of members, with a excellent knowledge of body anatomy and insight into the depth what a vasectomy can do to you and your body. We have doctors and dentists and engineers (like me) and other professionals who got their lives ruined by this “simple” procedure.

I am an engineer in my late forties. I work in the high tech industry. I have four kids. Two years ago prior to vasectomy I was a normal happy person dealing with normal life circumstances. Now: I am a depressed person, 25 pounds heavier with a beer belly (never had a beer belly), had to give up on sports even yoga that I used to do for a long time. My balls are extremely sensitive and when kids come close I have to use my hands to protect them from being hurt, and so on. I have a constant neck pain for the past two years. And so on… these are the minor problems.

Members of this forum know my major issues (feel free to read my other posts) - on and off pain in the epi area, epididymitis that I thought was healed by antioniotics but apparently is still there, lack of penis sensitivity (when I am coming the feeling is almost like pissing, it feels aweful), ejaculate pressure a lot lower, almost dripping compared to shooting, … this is aweful man!!

My psychiatrist already confirmed that I am depressed and now finally I started on Walbiutrin.

Should say more!!???

Don’t do it. Ever!! Show this message to your wife.

Best of luck!

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Welcome. You’ve arrived at a site mainly for victims of vasectomy, so you’re unlikely to get any objectivity here. I think it’s safe to say that every member here regrets his vas whether via scalpel or otherwise.

There are several problems with vasectomy that I think an objective person should investigate:

  1. What happens to the sperm after vasectomy? That question gets swept away by urologist stating the body absorbs and expels it. Maybe, but the mechanism is not well-understood. What is known is that the epididymides become damaged after vasectomy in EVERY man, and it’s just a race hoping that they won’t cause problems in, on average, the last half of a man’s life.

  2. Where did the figure 1-2% of complications come from? A member of this forum has proven that those figures are BS. They are cited in three main sources where A cites B, B cites C, and C cites A in a circle of phony stats that have become conventional wisdom. A well-known urologist who performs vasectomies but also treats men with pain and complications has performed studies that show 6-30% of men have complications and pain, and he tells men (me included) that it’s 1/6, not 1/50 or 1/100!

  3. Why are urologists performing a surgery when they can’t fix the men who it damages? Ask your urologist pointedly what he’ll do for you if you develop PVPS. At best, he’ll acknowledge PVPS exists and tell you he’ll send you to Pain Management. More likely, though, he’ll tell you some lie that he’s never had a patient develop PVPS.

Most manufacturers who supply OEMs cannot begin supplying parts until they have a Control Plan in place for addressing defects. If we can expect that from companies who make parts, why can’t we expect urologists to have a well-defined game plan for the 1/50 (or 1/100 or 1/6, whatever stat you believe) that experience complications. Instead, most uros performing vasectomy play the “hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil” approach.

I could go on. Men who don’t experience problems with vasectomy are merely lucky. It’s a very risky procedure that creates problems for which there are no guaranteed cures. It’s criminal that they can operate like that with impunity.


I will totally agree with raising4girls. I am part of the 30% that has issues. I was told on all occasions that the pain that I was experiencing was all in my head. It lead me into serious depression. I was a fool and lived with the pain for 26years I almost committed suicide but it was my ķids that kept me from doing that. Mate you are so lucky to be seriously looking into this mutilation. Don’t do it why would you want to create a new set of problems. Condoms are cheep

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No scalpel V done 01/19. In pain since day I got up from the table after it was done. Can’t begin to tell how much I regret this and wish I could turn the clock back. Don’t do it!

My doctor was suppose to best of the best and he treats guys for PVPS. He’s done over 5000 vasectomies, but I risked the 1-3% complication chance which later found out was BS.

This was the worst decision of my life and I would rather have 20 kids than to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Your halls hurt 24/7 and I have a really hard time walking right now. This procedure has cost me thousands of dollars of lost income. Good luck with your decision.

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Agree with all of the above.

I had an open ended thinking I’d reduce the risks of problems. That wasn’t the case. Turns out the open ended has its own set of complications. First, it’s likely it will seal up on its own anyway. Second, if it doesn’t seal the leaking sperm will create problems since they are inflammatory when exposed to he body outside of the ordinarily closed system they’re in. That happened to me and it caused nerve issues and pain in the spermatic cord. It then created a granuloma which caused even more nerve issues. That was on one side only, the other closed up. After / in addition my buys were swollen and sore to the touch for most of 2 years. I reversed eventually and it helped tremendously. However, the biggest issue now is the nerve pain resulting from the granuloma. That was cut out as part of the reversal but still acts up a few times a month.

To sum it up, don’t get a vas. If you decide to roll the dice, don’t do open ended and emphasize that the guy is to take out as little vas as possible and not to cauterize the hell out of the rest ( my reversal uro didn’t have a lot to work with when reconnecting).

Another point. I get the whole bit about your wife sacrificing to have kids and not wanting to go on BC and you wanting to step up. They go through hell with that. BUT don’t let that override the fact that it’s your body and your choice. I didn’t want a vasectomy but got a ton of guilt and pressure and relented for the reasons above. That was despite my research and having a lot of doubts and not having a problem using condoms. My wife felt I was being paranoid, being a stereotypical guys worried about his balls and basically told me I needed to step up like other good husbands did. We both regret how it all went down and it really impacted our relationship for the worst. After all my issues she admitted she never really gave any credit to my concerns, bought into her friends saying it was an insignificant procedure and that she just needed to draw a line. Unlike birth control or an IUD it wasn’t something that can truly be undone. She eventually got a tubal (her own choice - I argued that she shouldn’t) and hasn’t had any issues in the 2 1/2 years since.

Only get it if you really want it and think it will be a good thing for you. I have some friends that haven’t had any issues with theirs but I also think a lot of men just suck it up and don’t complain.


Thank you for sharing your experience. After doing my due-diligence on Vasectomy I decided to refrain from doing it. As much as I miss “busting inside my wife” like we did when trying to conceive I feel the risk is not worth it in the end. She may get a tubal ligation but I for one am not cutting anything. I want to thank you and the other gentlemen sharing your stories. I for one am listening and you all have been heard. Thank you for your advice.


My wife started to use diaphram type inner vaginal birth control system 10 years ago. She just noticed that her discharges in menstruation days are decreased considerebly. She couldnt use pills due to headache. So no major or minor Side effect. İf the tubes of the overiums are closed then it May cause overium cancer. So dont play with the bodies. Use condom.


Don’t do a vasectomy my brother. I barely recovered, thankfully I’m somewhat back to normal. I wish I had read all the posts on this forum before getting mine done. Would never had done it.

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Excellent decision. Bravo :clap: !!