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Role of sleep apnea in chronic pain

I wonder if having sleep apnea puts people at a greater risk of developing PVPS?

I recently started using a CPAP and it makes a major difference in how I feel. Much less tired, much better handle on negative emotions. Much more alert.

Should doctors be screening for sleep apnea before doing surgery?

snoring in fact could indicate the presence of one sleeping giant of an issue when it comes to post-operative healing: OSA, otherwise known as obstructive sleep apnea. Individuals afflicted with this disorder after surgery face more post-operative complications and a much longer recovery time before they are finally able to rise from their hospital beds and emerge into the outdoor air.

Even slight drop-offs in balanced oxygen levels in the blood can dramatically impact health. At sea level 96-97% would be considered normal, while long time sufferers of OSA would be in the low 90% range. A 5% decrease in blood oxygen could cause hypoxia and the concurrent medical complications. Recent studies on the link between oxygen deprivation in wound tissues and rates of healing have concluded that a lack of oxygen in wound tissues, known as hypoxia, results in a dramatically slower recovery, bouts of encephalopathy, and a lowered resistance against bacterial infections. The complications occur because oxygen plays such a major role in the metabolism of ATP, and also oxygen is a vital element in protein synthesis, angiogenesis (“the sprouting of blood vessels from existing vessels”), and cell proliferation, which are the processes that comprise the regeneration of bodily tissues.

I’m not thinking so - or I don’t think it’s one of the leading and/or typical contributing factors anyway.

Nerve hypersensitivity, hypersensitivity within the CNS, anatomical structural differences within the CNS, individual systems, individual immune systems, and so on would be more of the front runners IMO. I would guess those would be more of the leading contributing factors to consider first.

I would guess that depending on the kind of surgery one is having, surgeons may be pre screening for sleep apnea, or similar already.

Years ago, a well known pvps doc used to talk about a possible pre screen test for nerve hypersensitivity. I’m not sure if such a test even exists, but that’s what they used to think might be beneficial pre vasectomy.

Others, including myself have suggested pre screening SA numbers. Perhaps that might be helpful too.

No doubt, sleep apnea can cause a lot of problems. I know several people that have sleep apnea, and use a CPAP when they sleep, including a family member. Now I know of another person :wink:

Interesting article BTW.

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I’ve since been diagnosed with mild OSA. I’m 6’0 160 lbs. I’ve used a CPAP off and on for 2-3 years now. When it works it’s magical but many night I struggle to get along with the mask. Leaking, aerophagia, etc. it’s a love hate thing.

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I have sleep apnea and have mixed feelings about the device. There are times when I feel like I sleep worse because if it. For instance, I took it off this morning at 4 and went into a deep restful sleep. If you have bad apnea you need to get it treated. Losing weight and decreasing alcohol and smoking helps apparently too.

Anything that diminishes sleep quality is going to be bad for pain and conversely anything that helps sleep quality will diminish pain.

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