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Right chord pain


Yes MikeO, your are correct. The only thing that helps him with his pain in order to get a good nights rest is the pain pill oxoycodone. As of now no doctor will prescribe it to him. He only needs one at night because of pain level at a 10. The pill provides complete pain relive and allows him to sleep. I went ahead and purchased a product called California Poppy. It is a poppy flower plant grown in California that is supposed to help with pain relief. Will keep everyone posted to see if it works.




Frank, our son has been trying an herbal pain reliever called Kratom. He said that it works some. I purchased it at a local coffee shop. Do you have this in Florida?



My son was 16 when he had testicular torsion and the op. He is 22 now and has had diff therapies. He has had an op where they shoot radio frequencies at the offending nerve. Works for 3 months max. Today still in extreme pain. I have tried everything. This is changing this boys life. Surely there is something other than pain killers and ops that work for only 3months :flushed: i am in Australi



What op did he had @Jemima?



Testicular torsionthey sewed his testicles to the sides of his scotum



Do you know which nerve is causing the problem? Does the pulse radio frequency work?



They shoot at several nerves and yes it does work but only 3 months they say it should last longer but he has had it twice and 3 months pain relief only. Now in extreme pain again



Hi there Jemima, I am so sorry to hear that your son is dealing with this too. He isn’t alone. My son is now 18 years old. He has had several nerve blocks recently under MRI guidance. We think that the three nerves are genitofemoral, iliohypogastric and illioinguinal. In July he is having surgery in Maryland to cut these nerves higher up in the abdomen. We won’t know if it will be successful until the surgery. He just graduated from high school and goes to college in August. We have a friend from this forum who got some relief after his doctors from the Mayo Clinic removed the sutures from the testicle/scrotum. My son has thought all along that might help him, so we want to check in with his surgeon on this. My son has not tried the pulsed radio frequency ablation. I am glad that it helped your son, but it would be great to have a lasting solution. Do not give up. We can talk privately if you would like to.



@SPEDRED good luck with the nerve cutting in July. I believe this is a neurectomy. Please keep us updated. I am hoping this is successful for you.



Hi. My son is having acupuncture at the moment. 2nd session no pain relief yet. His radio frequency treatment wore off 4 weeks ago and this is his 2ndtime to have it. In alot of pain again. There is a fellow on here talking about botox steroid shots into the nerve? When are you having nerves cut?



@Jemima is the pulse radio frequency with ablation at high temperatures or just pulse radio frequency at 42 degree celsius or lower? The later at lower temputures will grow back the nerves and is not meant to be permanent but is also much safer for the nerve since it’s only taking off the top layer myeth sheeth.

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Ben, his surgeon says that it is an open resection of the right ilioinguinal nerve, the right iliohypogastric nerve and right genitofemoral nerve. Surgery set for Monday, July 9. We need a miracle so that my son can get his life back.There will be two surgeons. One will operate the laparascope at the belly button. My son is 40 months into constant testicular pain at a level of 5-6 out of 10. We are pretty sure that we ruled out the pundendal nerve after an MRI guided nerve block in May which didn’t help with the pain.



Best wishes to your son. I know he’s been through a lot. Please keep us posted on results and progress.



Jemima, I am so sorry that acupuncture isn’t helping your son. My son hated acupuncture, and it didn’t help him at all. He also tried dry needling in December, but it didn’t help either. A couple of years ago, my son also tried botox ablation and cryoblation of the nerves at the PUR Clinic in Florida, but none of that helped. That’s not to say that these techniques might help others.



Thank you so much. He was so bummed out that he didn’t get into his first choice of colleges, N.C. State. His SAT score was above what was needed, but his grades where just off by a tenth of a point. He should have gotten admitted, but he got deferred and then waitlisted, then told there was no room… We think that the admissions office didn’t give any consideration to his horrible medical condition which impacted the number of AP courses he could handle and really limited activities out of school (and in school). It would be a dream come true to send him off to college with no pain. What I don’t know is how quickly we will know if the surgery works.



@SPEDRED I have done some research on this procedure and know it’s used a lot in hernia nerve damage. I pray it works out for your son. Keep us posted.



Yes, with all he’s been through, he could’ve used a break from NC State. Doesn’t surprise me, though, as I’ve found the state universities have dumbed down their admissions and scholarship-award processes to just the numbers including numbers on what, if any, diversity quota one fulfills. It’s become so “objective” that the state universities could replace the entire staff with a computer program.

I hope the doctors are able to help him. He’s been through a lot. Are you heading back to Baltimore?



Ben, thanks for sharing your research. I sure hope that it is successful for my son!



You have hit the nail on the head about the state universities. My son got accepted into Tulane University. Even though they had over 38,000 applicants, they were able to figure out that my son would add diversity to the class of 2022 based on his life experience (plus he had the needed SAT score, even if his grades weren’t quite there). Yes, we are headed back to Baltimore again. My fifth trip this year, and my son’s 6th trip because he was just there last week for the National FBLA conference.



Hi its puls and only temporary. He had it again yesterday. And in alot of pain tbis morn. This is just so upsetting. 22 years old fit healthy handsome son of mine is just beside himself. I am at a loss. So many Doctors so many its just ridiculous. Now this procedure and we will be lucky if it lasts 3 months