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Right chord pain

16 year old with extreme pain in Right cord. Totaled not working, dilaudid not working, hydocodone not working volume only relaxing but still pain. Cord block worked for three hours. No infection, no stones, previous testicale torsion not now. No hernia. As the dad I am asking anyone for help. PLEASE. In hospital now and a top doc is at a loss. Told pain could last for months. Does anyone know of this

Is this the same patient that used to play a lot of soccer? It’s probably a nerve issue. I’d reach out to Dr P at the PUR clinic in FL or find a hernia surgeon well versed in the inguinal area. Urologists know testicles and urine but not much about nerves.

Not the same p/t but plays a lot of basketball 6’3" as a sophomore. Does hove back pain due to growing so fast were in NE

Thank you and I will make that call in the A.M.

Maybe try messaging @SPEDRED I know their son had a similar situation. If I have any advice, I would say be careful who you work with and try not to lose patience due to pain. It hurts, it’s stressful, but this is a very delicate situation and one wrong move/surgery could expose you to a lifelong of suffering. There are very few qualified to work in this region. Don’t just trust the guy at the local hospital.

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Well I was hoping for a miricle or something this morning but that’s not the case. My son is in the same pain. Pain management team comming in today. Call in the Dr in Florida today. I don’t know if I can say the Dr name that my son is working with on this site. But he is well known through out the US and has been published a lot. A 16 year old can’t live like this!!! I read last night that thus does happen with older men and with back pain. My son has back pain a lot due to quick growth. I’m going down that road toda.

Can I ask you Choo. Are you a patient or Doctir?

My son is a patient of Dr. P’s, and my son loves him. We have been down to Florida 4 times - started with his block of the right spermatic cord and got 12 hours of relief; then micro-robotic denervation (also called neurolysis) of the right spermatic cord but no relief from the pain, then cryoablation of of the right spermatic cord and last, in Oct., botox of the right spermatic cord. All to no avail. I try not to spend my days crying over my son’s constant pain, but I do at night. This is the only place I can go where folks understand the agony. This week we have a new appointment with a different pain clinic. Duke Pain Mgt. gave up and dismissed my son as a patient. I am adding prayers for your son. Other things that the urologist ruled out for my son: kidney stones via a special ultrasound. This all started with testicular torsion surgery last March. That surgery did not relieve the pain. Pain level now around 5-7 our of 10 daily. My son is has a temporary impairment educational plan at school so that he has extra time to complete assignments and so that he can use the elevator and not have to walk up stairs with a heavy backpack. It hurts him to walk around or sit up for very long. We are next considering surgery to remove the nerve, but my son is very hesitant to have another surgery.

Did your son have testicular torsion surgery? My son did.He was diagnosed with bell clapper syndrome during the surgery. It took the docs about a week to diagnose the torsion though, so my son was in pain for about 10 days, and extreme pain for one night. The pain started out as right abdominal pain, like an appendicitis, but finally moved down to the right testicle.

Ok, you here! Son had testicale torsion surgery in Aug 2015. Pain started three weeks ago. I’ve done a lot of research on Dr he is with now and he’s nationally known for Urolgy. He stated that he has never checked a person in to the hospital with this pain and not had a underling cause i.e. Hernia, stones, appendicitis, torsion. All that my so. Doesn’t have. I have asked my Dr to reach out to the PAL clinic. I hope he does!! I told him of your son. I hoping these great minds can come together. I sure wish we could talk threw this over the phone but I don’t want to upset anyone on this site. . Have you gone down the spinal chord route

Are you referring to the PUR Clinic? We have such unique circumstances, unlike any others here. My son had torsion surgery in March 2015. We are allowed to talk. Please send me a personal message. We have the lives of our son to save.

Forgive my spelling, Just talked to PAL clinic in Fl. Have a phone console on the 23rd earliest they could get me us in.

Yes PUR not PAL my bad. And I will send you my info threw personal message once I figure out how it works. You will have to bear with me. Lots of nurses/ doctor snd pain people comming in the room.

One thing that has been suggested to us over the past year is complete removal of the testicle. We have not rushed into that because I have read and our doctor told us that removal has a 50% chance of resulting in phantom pain. As far as we know, our son’s testicle is healthy. I sent you a private message. Sending prayers your way. I know exactly how you are feeling.

I don’t know how much this will help, but tell your son that he is not alone. Your son is the only other teenager that we know about who is going through this. The surgeon who did the testicular torsion surgery told me that my son should not have had any more pain after the surgery. He had zero help to offer us other than to say “go to a pain management clinic.” My son loves soccer and started playing when he was 3 years old. He has not been able to play since the torsion surgery.

How long after the torsion did the pain begin. As I satiated torsion surgery in August. An everything was fine tell now. Is this pain related, to the surgery or is it something else? We’re waiting for pain management team to come in sometime today. We’re hoping for some sort of magic. If this is a nerve from everything I am reading we need to go down go after that, what’s your thoughts. I have a chiropractor that believes this may be a route. I have more but got to get this kid into the shower. My wife couldn’t bring her self to even finish your last couple of text. She’s a mess right now so bare with me.

I am so sorry. Hopefully your son will be different from mine. Unfortunately,his pain never stopped after the torsion surgery like it should have. I often wonder if it messed up his nerves to have the torsion pain going on for a week before he finally had “emergency” surgery. The pain was only on the right side, and thankfully the left side did not get painful after the surgeon tacked down the left testicle too during the torsion surgery. We have tried everything - going to the chiropractor. In January he went to four sessions of accupuncture with zero relief. He had several sessions with a psychologist to learn progressive relaxation and biofeedback and talk about dealing with chronic pain and anxiety. My son uses those relaxation skills every day to survive… Among the worst symptoms is the lack of sleep due to waking up with pain at night, every night. My son never gets a good night sleep and occasionally uses Ambien to help him. I know how your wife feels. I broke down at work last week when our pediatrician gave us a difficult time about refilling my son’s narcotic pain prescription. I am not sure what you mean about “going down after that.” Going to Florida? Hopefully we can talk on the phone. This is so difficult because no one has ever heard of this and they act like they don’t want to talk about this subject. My friends sometimes do not provide needed support because they are shy about dealing with testicles. In other medical situations there is an outpouring of support, meals, etc, especially from a sports team. My son’s situation is complicated by the fact that he had two really bad concussions from soccer in 2014 (he is a goalkeeper), and that is first what took him out of soccer. This hit in March 2015. My heart goes out to you. It would be hitting the jackpot if your son’s medical team can get to the bottom of this now. There just has to be another doctor out there somewhere who has dealt with young patients like our sons. I do know that Dr. P at the PUR clinic has.

Good Job Choo Getting these guys talking.
I’m going to ask some obvious questions.

  1. Your son had real testicle torsion with the severe pain and discolouration etc.?
  2. This was obviously confirmed before and after surgery with ultrasound and by Dr who did surgery?
    3.Pain was gone after surgery with no discolouration etc and pain just started recently?
  3. The pain is it up high in the canal or lower in scrotum radiating to testicle?
  4. I take it he had ultrasound for hernia and varicocele??? Varicocele are quite painfull, even small ones and they are in the cord (I have some and they are small but contribute to my pain big time) , cystoscope for stones? I haven’t heard anyone speak of varicocele even the Dr.
  5. Mri of L4-L5 and L5-s1 to rule out bulge disc.?
  6. I take it other than pain he’s feeling ok so no post surgery infection.

Good news or as good as it can be at this point. Sound like my sons Doctor and the docs at Dr P office are talking and shooting ideas off one another. I will call our Doctor Dr D. At this point. We are working through pain management at this point. I have also made Dr D aware of this site and he is aware of the conversation we are having. I will keep you informed.

Fantastic that they are talking. No need to reinvent a wheel.