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Reversions and scarring

Guys who had a reversal: is the procedure permanent? How long have you had sperm in your semen?

7 years and counting. I don’t know if both sides are open but at least one is.

Thank you. What can you tell me about the recovery? Was it difficult? Any special recommendation?

My recovery was difficult but I don’t think that’s the case for all guys. I bumped my groin on a laptop tray day 9 and gave myself a bleed and got hematoma the size of a large marble. That was very unpleasant. You need to do NOTHING for like 2 weeks while you’re recovering. I mean nothing and if anyone tells you to do something or gives you a hard time they are NOT you friend. That’s why I don’t suggest people do it around the holidays. I did mine before Christmas. Mistake. Also, pick a good doctor. A guy that all he does is reversals. It helps to find someone sympathetic to pain patients and in fact some guys won’t’ do pain patients. Also do the ice protocols religiously and take the meds prescribed religiously with one caveat. Take care of you gut. If you are taking NSAIDS do everything you can to minimize the impact on your gut.

Some guys have no issues with reversal and some like me it’s much worse than the vas itself. It is a more invasive procedure in general.

I think I’m headed down this route as well. My vasectomy was open ended but I swear I have blue balls, I’ve had it before in my life prior to vas, maybe I’m mistaken. I’m thinking something closed up, I feel big lumps there when I get the courage to feel around my newly butchered balls. I feel like scar tissue has sealed things off, it’s also very painful. I’m all swollen, especially my balls, is this sperm my body can’t handle, who knows. All I know is I want things put back.

What I wonder is how many people become pain victims due to a reversal? I’m talking people that had no pain prior, and are doing only for fertility reasons. Would this not be the best indication for pain risk? Or is it more likely for more damage to occur where damage has already taken place?

I may be the reversal veteran still active on this forum. Been 13 years and 3 months since my reversal. Shot a sperm count of 78MM last fall, so at least one side is still open, likely both.

How much time between your vas and your reversal?

15 months between vas and reversal.

I’m the guy who got pain from the reversal. The reconnection site of the reversal had permanent sutures and scar tissue. The vas will be wider at that site as a result. You will likely form vasitis nodosa which are multiple small lumens. It is a much more invasive procedure. I’ve now had two vasectomies and one reversal and the reversal was profoundly more invasive. Read my thread. I got a nerve trapped in all that scar tissue. It felt like a continually contracting muscle squeezing the nerve. Good luck in your decision as it is made every harder when in pain. Oh, I also developed chronic epididymitis that I never had after my vasectomy, and yes, the reconnection was open on the pain side (confirmed by pathology).

Thanks for posting. Overall, I had a good outcome from reversal, but, even then, I’ve had two relapses of nerve pain post-reversal. First bout was 2-1/2 years post-reversal and the other was 10 years post-reversal.

I know that reversal is no silver bullet. It’s not lost on me that many do not improve from reversal, and I take NO glee in my outcome. As you said, it’s much more invasive.

I wish all were as lucky or better than me.

Just read your story, I have to admit it’s tough to read this stuff, a lot of emotions, I’m sorry that you’ve gone through so much. I feel like I’m headed in the same direction, I’m only almost 3 months post vas, I can’t begin to describe the issues that I’m having, extreme pain plus I’m actually sick all of the time, nasea, exhaustion, blurry vision, lymph nodes through entire body swollen, my testosterone has dropped to nothing. I’m laying around incapacitated most of the time, can’t sit for more than 10 min, off work etc

My wife if pushing me for a reversal saying that no one can live like this, it’s hard to explain to her that it could actually get worse. She wants me better, not for herself, I know her heart is breaking watching me labour around. It’s funny, people always think there is some god like doctor with a solution, too much TV.

Anyway, thanks for chiming in, hope things have improved for you.

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With the truckload of symptoms you’re having, it’s hard for me to figure out how you’ll ever get better without reversal. Easy for me to say that, as it’s your body and money, I know, and I’m typically hesitant to offer anyone such direct advice because of the risks.

You’ve made a lot of posts here, and it sure sounds like your issues include extreme pain but aren’t limited to pain. Pain itself can tip the body into a mess but I suspect (and you must get medical confirmation of this opinion) that you’re having an auto-immune response to the sperm running around your body. Read up on this from Dr. Bowins, Dr. Carruthers, and Kevin Hauber. They all discuss the biggest hormonal issues that some, not all, men have with vasectomy.

My PSA was over 4.0 and my T dropped to around 300 post-vas/pre-reversal. In addition to pain, I was a physical mess. I’m 13 years OLDER yet my PSA is consistency around 0.6-0.8 and T is 650-750. Yes, I’ve had two bouts of nerve pain post-reversal, the last lasting 2-1/2 years, but had I undergone a successful cord denervation in lieu of reversal, I don’t believe my energy and hormone levels would have recovered.

I don’t know if reversal will work for you, and I’m sure we all fear it making matters worse pain-wise, but I can’t think of a better solution. Perhaps the least bad solution.

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I had reversal just over a year ago, so far I had 2 good SA’s and periodically check under the scope, so far so good with plenty of swimmers, but am still in pretty much daily pain from the reconnection site. It is very slowly improving, and I do get days where pain is next to none.

I think I’ll heal slower than other guys as had 3 major surgeries in the past 2 years.

Yeah I’m going to chat with my doctor about it all, I’m sure youre right it’s more than pain, although I’ve never been in this much pain for for this long so I don’t fully know what issues constant pain can cause. Things I do know for sure, baaaad swelling in entire area from lower abs to my tailbone down my legs, weak and tired constantly, I feel like I’m walking around with a terrible hangover trapped in a haze. Low testosterone, I’ve done 3 tests to make sure, doctor wants me on replacement.

I’m heading the way of a reversal, this all just feels plain wrong. Pain is getting slightly better but still pretty unbearable. The swelling bothers me, my balls look cylinder in shape, they really pop out at the back, guess very swollen epididymis.

I keep finding myself shocked that this can actually work for some people. I even look like I’ve aged in 3 months since the procedure, now lost a lot of muscle as well.

Just watching a podcast on YouTube, weird they started talking randomly about blue balls. This dude was saying that he has to release within 5 days or he starts getting a deep ache and that his wife can actually feel the size difference in his testicles if it’s been a few days. This dude was talking about the sweet relief after he cleared the pipes, I’m sitting there actually in envy of this guy. Still can’t believe this all.

Amazing how your T numbers pop up after the reversal, how does the medical community not pay attention to what is happening here. I read prior to my vas that low T after a vasectomy was a common myth, should have know. Dirty fockers.

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I feel badly for you. I recall you’re in Calgary without a lot of PVPS treatment options. Supposedly Dr. Jarvi around Toronto is one of the best. I’m guessing he’d at least be covered under the national health plan. I’d highly recommend talking with Dr. Parekatill in Florida. He charges $100.

My fear for your condition is that you’ve got some peripheral nerve damage. That’s another can of worms, not irreversible, just more complicated to treat. I don’t know about peripheral nerve specialists in Canada. I saw a really good one in Maryland last year, Dr. Eric Williams.

At the same time, you may simply have pelvic floor muscle tension that could go away if you could get rid of the scrotal pain. It’s really hard to unwrap this and why you need to see someone like Jarvi.

Yeah I’m not sure if health care covers a reversal or not, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I’m fortunate enough that I’m in a okay spot financially, so I’ll probably go with whoever I feel is right. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still a big chunk of cash, I would rather not have to waste money on this for no reason, if Jarvi is as good as the others, I’ll definitely take that route. I’ve read some good things about him but I’m still undecided. I think I need to do more research maybe.

I think you’re right about the nerve damage, but even if I could get my T levels back up and get this kind of sick feeling to go away, this would be half the problem solved. I feel weird, pain aside I just don’t feel like myself, kind of blanked out and in a zombie state most of the time. I am waking up at times and I don’t know where I am or who I am, it’s very strange, it’s like I have amnesia until I fully wake, never had this before, maybe it’s unrelated, or I’m just fully exhausted, I don’t know.

And the swelling is stressing me out to no end, my legs are all puffed up, along with testicles and butt checks. Everything is rubbing due to the swelling, Im starting to develop painful sores.