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Reversions and scarring

Guys who had a reversal: is the procedure permanent? How long have you had sperm in your semen?

7 years and counting. I don’t know if both sides are open but at least one is.

Thank you. What can you tell me about the recovery? Was it difficult? Any special recommendation?

My recovery was difficult but I don’t think that’s the case for all guys. I bumped my groin on a laptop tray day 9 and gave myself a bleed and got hematoma the size of a large marble. That was very unpleasant. You need to do NOTHING for like 2 weeks while you’re recovering. I mean nothing and if anyone tells you to do something or gives you a hard time they are NOT you friend. That’s why I don’t suggest people do it around the holidays. I did mine before Christmas. Mistake. Also, pick a good doctor. A guy that all he does is reversals. It helps to find someone sympathetic to pain patients and in fact some guys won’t’ do pain patients. Also do the ice protocols religiously and take the meds prescribed religiously with one caveat. Take care of you gut. If you are taking NSAIDS do everything you can to minimize the impact on your gut.

Some guys have no issues with reversal and some like me it’s much worse than the vas itself. It is a more invasive procedure in general.

I think I’m headed down this route as well. My vasectomy was open ended but I swear I have blue balls, I’ve had it before in my life prior to vas, maybe I’m mistaken. I’m thinking something closed up, I feel big lumps there when I get the courage to feel around my newly butchered balls. I feel like scar tissue has sealed things off, it’s also very painful. I’m all swollen, especially my balls, is this sperm my body can’t handle, who knows. All I know is I want things put back.

What I wonder is how many people become pain victims due to a reversal? I’m talking people that had no pain prior, and are doing only for fertility reasons. Would this not be the best indication for pain risk? Or is it more likely for more damage to occur where damage has already taken place?

I may be the reversal veteran still active on this forum. Been 13 years and 3 months since my reversal. Shot a sperm count of 78MM last fall, so at least one side is still open, likely both.