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Reversal with Dr. P

I appreciate everyone’s posts on reversals on here, they have helped a lot. I got my reversal yesterday with Dr. P in Orlando.

I got my vasectomy in Feb 2020, I noticed after a couple weeks I still had pain and it really never went away. It was mostly on the left side and was a 1-4 on pain scale until June of this year. It started to get worse around June of this year, I was getting shooting pains throughout my body sometimes. It got up to 6-7 sometimes, I went to the ER 3 times in two weeks for pain. It was really affecting my work and I was running my business much poorer than I normally would. As a small business owner, I could literally see how this pain was costing me money every week because I couldn’t devote as much time or energy to the business. I was missing meetings and sales calls… the list goes on.

Tramadol did help somewhat but didn’t remove the pain, all NSAID didn’t help including max dosage of Ibuprofen. Then a Vancouver urologist put me on six weeks of Ciprofloxacin and asked me to stop Diclofenac which I was taking prior. Diclofenac didn’t help at all but I also didn’t take it that long. After two weeks of just taking Cipro the pain was back to before, around 1-4 throughout the day with no shooting pains or scary flareups.

I stopped taking the Cipro a week ago and stayed 1-4 the last week. I got the reversal done yesterday so I guess I’m on day 2 of recovery? I don’t want to make any conclusions now with regards to pain because its so early but what I can say is I am comfortable and my urination is better than ever. I was peeing like an old man most of the time after the vasectomy. After the surgery when I got home, I had to pee once per hour for the following 3-4 hours, I’m not sure why. It was a healthy stream though and I could change the pressure. I can’t remember having a stream like that post vasectomy. It was not painful to pee.

I’m not sure if this post helps anyone but I wanted to do my part to share awareness of post vasectomy pain. I also shared my experience to my Facebook because I want my male friends to be aware of this and not have to go through what I did. Some asked me questions after that so it feels good to do my part to share awareness of this dark and dismal type of chronic pain.

I am being very careful in my recovery now and on my back in bed most of the day. I get up very carefully and walk slowly in the house. I will continue like this for the next 2 weeks. I think I was too active after the vasectomy so I’m being extra careful now. God bless us PVP sufferers.

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I should add that he is very kind and his staff were all very professional. I believe he really cares for his patients and is empathetic towards our pain. He has a beautiful office with a sort of futuristic design which I enjoyed. All my interactions with him so far have been excellent and I have nothing bad to say. Good luck to me now :slight_smile:


Wish you good luck in your recovery! Are you in Vancouver WA or Vancouver BC?

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Vancouver, BC. I decided to stay in my AirBNB longer here in Orlando though for the recovery. Would need to go through customs in Canada which is lots of standing in line, not to mention no direct flight.

Ah ok. I’m in kelowna BC. Contemplating using Dr Cassidy in Prince George for either a micro denervation or partial reversal. I guess both are partially covered by MSP and I hear he’s pretty decent

Did you have a reversal yet? Denervation is usually done if reversal didn’t help AFAIK but I’m not a doctor. If you go in for just reversal I don’t think it will be covered. I guess denervation is covered in BC if your urologist chose that route but be sure to research it on this site first because I’ve read of some that weren’t happy with the result.

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Hey WinterSoldier, I’m planning to go to Orlando to see Dr. P probably late August or early September. How’s the Covid situation there now? I keep hearing stories about rising infection rates in Florida. I was originally planning on mid-August, but have already postponed due to Covid. Also, did you bring anyone with you or did you use the Butlers For A Day service that the office recommends?

I am taking what is probably considered max dosage of gabapentin, it helps the most of what I have tried in case anyone is looking for immediate relief. I am in a very similar situation as you in terms of pain and experiences, please keep us posted over the next weeks/months-- I’m on track for finding a pvps reversal specialist in USA and want to hear someone’s success story before I decide and bite the bullet.

I wouldn’t worry about Covid. Just do distancing here. If you have pain you’re not supposed to delay treating it. I did AirBNB here and talked to hosts in the chat before I booked it. I told them my situation and offered some extra cash to be my chaperone. They agreed. I came early to get to know them a bit before it. That all went smoothly here and the wife waited in the lobby for me to finish (about 5 hours total). Because I didn’t know them that well, I had a friend in Houston that was ready to fly in as a backup. But my chaperone was very kind and it wasn’t needed.

The Butler service should be good but when I called him he said he was moving and not available. Maybe they have a new butler now.

Will keep you updated here from time to time on my progress. Good luck with your pain.

@WinterSoldier - I hope your recovery is going well. I am seeing doctor P next week for nerve blocks to help determine the cause of my pain. Reversal may be my next option shortly after. Can you detail where your pain was? I read that you had shooting pains….my pain is mostly behind my testicles in the epi but I am also getting pain up in my abdomen.

Mine was in the left epi. I describe it as a pain point because it was just one point. It would ache and last all day. A bit of a sharp pain too. Really annoying carrying that with me all day. I’m on day 3 of my recovery now and very optimistic. I’m sore down there but it should be acute. The top right side is a bit purple but its just bruising. Right now I am not feeling that pain “point” in my left epi. I don’t want to celebrate yet as its day 3 but quite optimistic now I might be pain free soon.

I really hope you get some pain relief. Keep posting your progress

I’m on Day 6 now. Still optimistic. The chronic pain point I had on my left epi, I don’t feel any pain there right now. It’s possible I still have that pain sometimes but don’t notice it because of the overall soreness down there. When I stand I feel pain on what I assume is the connection points, but I suppose its normal because they are still healing. When I lay in bed or sitting in a recliner there’s not much pain other than general soreness. Still optimistic I will be pain free.

I’m on Day 8 now. Took my first shower since the operation yesterday. The most pain I feel is when I am standing so thought I would reduce that. Today when I am standing the pain at the connection points seems less than before. It is still swollen down there and there is a strange small bump on the left side, but it’s not painful. Overall the pain seems gradually less each day. The swelling is going down slowly but seems on the way. I have been in bed mostly until now and no quick movements, minimal walking around the house. I try not to bend over too much until now. I’m wearing a cup until now as well, 24/7.

How’re you feeling now mate? reversal in 20 days for me, cautiously optimistic lol

How are you recovering?

I’m just over six weeks after the operation now. What I can say is that I definitely prefer the feeling down there than pre-op. I had chronic epidydymitis on the left side for a year and a half prior to the operation. I don’t even think it’s curable but somehow mine got cured during the operation. This was a sharp pointed pain on the left epi that was 24/7 and very noticeable all day. That is 90% or 100% gone now. The reason I am not sure is I still have some soreness down there. I had this soreness pre-op as well, basically general soreness on the left and right testicles that moves around, and the pain varies. Although it’s not that bad and I do think it’s improving, it seems like its improving so slowly. I am on Gabapentin and Tramadol and I think they do help reduce the pain when I’m on them, esp. the Tramadol. It could be my Gabapentin dosage is too low and I’m going to talk to my GP about that. But sometimes when I have 100mg Tramadol in me the pain is very, very low.

I had a telehealth call with Dr. P and he said its still early and it takes time. He did tell me before the operation to give it three months to become pain free so I’m just half of that time now. I really like having him as my urologist and feel grateful to be his patient. My pain is different now than pre-op but definitely a better kind of pain, soreness as opposed to a sharp pain, so ZERO REGRETS on the operation. I’m still optimistic I’m on the road to being pain free.

I’m going to try doing ice baths soon at around 4 celcius, just up to the pelvis. I have no idea if that will help, just want to experiment a bit.