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Reversal with Dr. P 10/08/2014

Had my reversal yesterday with Dr. P I opted for the bio wrap, thank god. Surgery is normally 2-2.5 hours mine was around 4+. Told my wife he had to remove a lot of scar tissue on both sides so I’m glad I chose the bio wrap. If you haven’t read any of my posts I’ve had weird nerve issues, pelvic pain as well as congestion problems. Just woke up about 12 hours post op congestion pain already feels better. Entire region is a dull ache and into cords bilateral, but no sharp shooting or numbness in cord region it legs. Scrotum had only swelled if say 20% at most if that. Some bruising started, but compared to original vasectomy with immediate sharp pains and severe bruising next day as well as bilateral hematoma larger than a grapefruit is say this is 10% the post op pain I had with the first butcher job. Thanks for taking your time Dr. P I already feel like I made the right decision and am on the way to recovery, it may be a slow progress but it was defiantly the right step to take after 6 months of constant 24-7 pain. I’d highly recommend Dr. P and his staff to anyone. Quit stalling and mark out a plan if you aren’t hitting those marks then do something about it. My plan was if no improvement in 3 months post vasectomy see Dr. P for blocks, then had 2nd set if blocks at 4 1/2 months locally, then got second opinion due to my weird nerve and pelvic issues from pelvic specialist at 5 months who reaffirmed it was not pelvis or back related just compensation due to vasectomy pain. So at 6 months had reversal, the sooner the better no regrets even jf it doesn’t fix everything I’m going to continue until we get it fixed. If after consult w Dr. P in 6 weeks I’m still not where I want to be we will lay out the next step in the plan. I’ll try and update my progress as I go even if in totally fixed to help others. Feel free to PM me in questions. Again thanks for being there for all of us PVP patients Dr. P.

Congratulations. If you can take it very easy and do nothing to jeopardize your healing. Follow your post op instructions and take it very easy. Don’t let anyone or anything shame you from a path of kicking back.

All the best in your recovery. Like Mike said, stay off your feet and take it real easy.

I’m off work a month not planning on getting out of bed besides flight for 2 weeks.

Acschiro can u keep updated on status please also some trivial things like how was plane ride did u leave right after surgery would it have helped if u would have waited a day. What was plane ride like. Should u bring wife or significant other. Just curious about some of the stuff that doesn’t get posted.

Good luck ! Please stay off your feet and do nothing ! ICE is your best friend :smile:

I brought wife, 8 yr old and 8 month old as well as my parents we did Disney a day, universal a day, downtown Disney a day. I’m lying in condo all day today and we fly out tomorrow afternoon. I’d say pain level is at most a 2-3/10 today just dull discomfort have slept a lot. I’ll update plane ride tomorrow we leave at 3 in afternoon. I also brought a seat cushion with a cutout for the plane let you know how it works. Compared to my original Vas this pain is nothing, but I had bilateral hematoma pain was 9-10/10. Needed help just to get to the bathroom. Dr. P told me to fly out within 2 days cause he did blocks during the surgery.

Awesome news. What not doing any rides today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: nice to have family support. Good idea on the cushion. Looking forward to updates very helpful. Hang in there or I mean hang both in there.

Have had trouble sitting ever since vas got the cushion at its adjustable and the boys never touch anything works great! Give you update after plane ride tomorrow

I did ride all the rides before figured what the hell can’t make it any worse

24 hour update I don’t feel any testicle pain or congestion dull sore ache bilateral cord regional up to inguinal canal pain 2/10 and sore back from lying all day but overall I feel pretty good way better than I did after the vasectomy. Also some tingling at bottom of scrotum which I’ve had on and off since vasectomy actually feels like worms crawling more than anything worst part is urinating is painful and burns but to be expected.
Will update how plane ride goes tomorrow luckily only a 2 hour flight. But I feel like I’m on the road to recovery!

Caught turbulence on plane ride thank god I had the cushion with cutout. Everything is turning a nice purple shade and a little more swelling. Overall plane wasn’t bad I’d say pain 2-5/10 throughout day better in car reclined. Took a nucynta pain med before getting on plane. Should have took business class seat for more room. Swelling about tennis ball size not bad way better than the double grapefruit from original vas. I can stand and walk with only minor pain but short times back to the bed.

After driving hour home and evaluating swelling increased dramatically, but ice is taking it down pretty quick. Overall with plane ride etc, pain isn’t any worse than before surgery, but its a different kind of pain more surgical. Also after talking to wife my reversal took 4+ hours w Dr. P he had a ton of scar tissue to remove bilaterally basically surgery was twice as long as normal, but he told her he took his time and made sure he had entire area cleaned up and was able to reconnect vas to vas. This is why I chose the PUR clinic they are dedicated to helping us poor tortured souls, my wife said he looked exhausted but still took the time to answer all of her questions. I don’t remember talking to him after I was still out of it. I’ll try and update every few days so those debating on reversal
Have an idea what to expect first couple of weeks.

Update 4 days post op minimal bruising on right but left side is deep dark purple and mild light yellow bruising into inguinal canal region. Pain varies throughout day from. A 2-6/10 but I am still getting periodic bleeding from incision site when I get up and move around too much and left side significantly more swollen. Overall a little larger than a tennis ball, but ice is helping. Definitely know I couldn’t work within a week glad I took 4 weeks off. I do still feel pulling in cord inguinal canal into abdomen bilateral but dull no worse than before surgery hopefully this will subside as the inflammation does.

Acschiro thanks for the updates all extremely helpful. Stay off your feet and enjoy the holiday.

Any sense that the pain is different or is it just too early.

Thanks again

Had felt better the last 3 days was good today until tonight bent over to pick a sock up and moved wrong and had the old sharp shooting pain from right groin into testicle and then the tingling sensations in the legs returned. Went away with ice in about 20 minutes. The congestion pain seems better. Since he took out so much scar tissue I’m expecting to have some of the sharp pains just from the surgery itself still have a lot of inflammation scrotum is bigger than a tennis ball, but with all the cutting Dr. P did I still have less swelling than the original vas with bilateral hematoma. Just got to be more careful and do nothing at all just hard to do with an 8 yr old and an 8 month old. I knew going into the reversal that there was still a possibility I’d have to do a denervation later but Dr. P and I decided on reversal first since my symptoms were both congestive and nerve. He was hoping he could clear the nerves up during the reversal. Either way I still think lll be in a much better place with the reversal than where I was before! Just gotta give it time, damaged nerves take time to heal.

Dude you just had it. It takes 6 months at least. Just relax and ice and take it easy. You are barely out of the operating room.

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Oh I’m just fine was just updating so others would know what to expect. Charly12 asked me to post updates because he is thinking of reversal and not a lot of posts show a detailed day by day let alone week by week account of changes. Most just show monthly to 3 month updates. I figured the more I posted hopefully I’d help someone on the fence decide to take action. I’m a chiropractor I fully understand how nerves operate and how long they take to heal and that this was a major surgery especially since Dr. P told me I had excessive scar tissue. In no way am I complaining or worried I fully expected symptoms to change daily.

Hi Acschiro, thanks for all the updates. Hope every thing goes well and you don’t need further procedure’s. Did Dr.P mention what caused so much scar tissue, was it just the way your body was trying to heal after being in trauma or some other reason. You never know what’s going on down there till they go in to fix things. Is it possible for the nerve problem to settle down now after reversal, what were Dr.P thoughts on this.

Thanks for posting all your updates for everyone’s benefit. Good luck on your healing !