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Reversal with Dr. Marks tomorrow morning, 15 years post vasectomy


My 6 weeks was 18.3 mil/ml, 63% motility. I was taking NSAIDS and still do, they suppose to help with recovery and healing. Many men mention marked improvements after taking them.



I just had my reversal two days ago. Had to fly 4 hours to another state, in the way back had to fly 4 hours +, and drive on deep snow storm for 1 hour, at night and alone. It was tough but I made it home. Now at home just waiting. I don’t feel worse or better than before. Feel very light pain when moving, almost nothing. Let’s see how things go.

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@SomeGreyBIoke, I had been on meloxicam since reversal. Apparently it wasn’t doing the job, or I was pushing too hard causing swelling. Hopefully the steroid will open things up more. I am on a 30 day step down dose.

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@daniel, if you were like me, you might feel pretty good throughout the healing process. But they really stressed near constant icing the first week or so along with very limited activity regardless of how I was feeling. Everyone seems to have a unique experience.

Where did you have yours done?



Mine was done in New Braunfels, TX. They asked me if I wanted Valium to relax, I said no. Then I took the local anesthesia and did it. After the surgery around 08:00 am. I went back to hotel and relaxed on bed till around 06:00 pm. Having only, lots of water. I never put ice or took the ibuprofen. I avoid drugs as much as I can in my life. I feel great so far. I went out for dinner and groceries. Walked slowly and carefully. Next day I relaxed at the hotel again till 02 pm and then can back. I was lucky to be able to change my seat on the plane to one close to the emergency exit. It has a lot more room for the legs. I don’t feel better or worse than pre reversal. But I hope to feeel positive effects in future. It’s too soon to say anything.



@InForSomeChop, great progress so far and thanks for providing the updates.

Random question on the reversal: Did you notice that your balls hang higher or differently since the reversal, or pretty much the same as before?



I have a microscope, and remeber seeing very little around 4 weeks time. Then at 6 weeks there were 100’s more.



@worship01, the way my balls hang is another change I hadn’t mentioned before. The vas-to-vas side has dropped, but not quite as low as normal. The vas-to-epi side is still quite high. We discussed this when reviewing my lab results and they said it is possible the vas-to-epi side has internal inflammation and is still recovering from the more invasive procedure, causing the body to keep it higher. The steroid will more aggressively combat inflammation. I was talking to my wife the other day about the high testicle, wondering if he maybe tacked it up there when he put it back in the sac. She reminded me we asked him about having to make any changes to accommodate the epi connection and he said no. In the pre-surgery consult he said he rarely needs to adjust things due to botched vasectomy, such as prior cutting too close to the epi tail. But when faced with this he “changes the geometry” internally to make the connection. Did not need to do that in my case on either side. We will see what happens over the course of the month with the steroid boost and more healing time. I am also going back to wearing the jock strap over my underwear and avoiding heavier activities which I had resumed, like firewood, snow removal, moving bags of pellets for the pellet stove, etc.

To be clear, the changes I am making are solely based on the lab results, not because I am feeling complications or feeling bad. Just trying to minimize any chance of scarring over. I know it could happen anytime, but now is the most likely time for it while things are still healing in there.



@InForSomeChop, thanks for the excellent answer I appreciate the details. Stay nice and warm up there in Maine! My brother in law lives up there and have visited a few times in Portland area.



Thank you @InForSomeChop for sharing your saga. So glad you had good results with your reversal.
Unfortunately I did not have the same results. Mine was done just 8 months after the vas- 15 years would be long time to hold out. I didn’t know a “blown out” epididymis was a thing- ouch!

Surgeon did find lots of granulation tissue when he did my reversal. The other thing that I noted afterward is a lot of bruising (up to my navel) and that the “dissolvable” sutures took over two months to dissolve afterward.

Having suffered through this for just a year, I can empathize with the tears of joy- and hope to find similar relief one day. Cheers!



@InForSomeChop, thanks for all of the detailed updates. Any changes in recovery now that you are on the steroid?



@GoingNuts - The only change since being on steroids is I have zero pain now. When I was only on meloxicam I had the sensitivity I mentioned above along with mild aching left side when walking around sometimes. Either the steroid is just masking the pain, or it is also reducing inflammation which had been contributing to the mild pain. I am now stepped down to only 5mg per day, will be on that dose for 20 days before going back to meloxicam. Will have my next SA in a couple weeks while on prednisone. My semen looks just like before going back on the steroid, so no idea if the pipes have opened up to allow more sperm; wouldn’t be any visible changes with that anyway I suppose. I can say I still feel great! I am surprised with my recovery, figured it would be a much longer road. I guess I am really not out of the woods, could certainly still have a setback since I am only 6 weeks post-reversal.



That is great news! I am so glad to hear that after 15yrs of suffering you are on the road to recovery!
I am trying to make the reversal decision for myself, but am terrified of becoming worse. I know everyone’s outcome is different, but your results encourage me.



@GoingNuts I had the same mindset about making things worse, which is mostly the reason why I waited so long. Remind me what your current issues are, how long since vasectomy, etc. Or point me at a thread where you already elaborated that.

I will say my pain did not sound quite as severe as what many of the guys have described here. I had regular aching from mild to moderate, with really bad days a couple times per month. The bad days were debilitating. Besides the pain I had the other issues I described in my first post on this thread. Yeah, I was suffering for sure but maybe not to the degree of others I have read on this site.

I think my root causes were congestive, combined with the nasty scar tissue wrapped around that clump of several clips. I definitely had more noticeable localized pain where those clips were, what my regular doc thought was a granuloma.

I should also note that 10 years ago I was suffering more acutely. The years that rolled by either gradually reduced the severity or caused me to grow somewhat more accustomed/tolerant of it.

Regardless, I was still suffering enough that I decided to take that chance of making things worse on the hope that I could be made whole again. The only regret I have with my reversal is that I waited so long.



Thanks @InForSomeChop. I had my no scalpel vasectomy in the beginning of sept 2018. The vas was cauterized without clips. I have had pain ever since. My story is under the title “Will I ever get better”
I have spoke to / seen at least 6 different Urologists (2 of which were directors of fertility at teaching hospitals). Had 2 Ultrasounds and 1 CT scan. A left side diagnostic cord block (which did nothing) and then a recent cord block on both sides by a different Urologist (which completely numbed both testicles). The only thing I still felt was this nagging phantom skin pinching sensation on the right side of my scrotum that started after the Vasectomy.
After speaking with the several doctors willing to do the reversal I have found that they all agree on the following: about a 75-80% chance of improving the pain and 25% chance stays the same or gets worse with reversal.
I found that they all have there own theories and surgical / post op approaches for best success which don’t align with each other. This makes me believe it really comes down to how the individual’s body reacts and the rest is marketing for why they should get your business.
There are no more diagnostic tests to be done or additional Drs to consult. It’s just a matter of deciding if I want to live the rest of my life like this or take a chance to get better. And if so, who should do the surgery.

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@InForSomeChop, how’s the recovery going?



Received my SA results, 8 weeks post-reversal, second SA. The numbers still are relatively poor. Total count was 31.92 million, last SA was 29 million. Motility percentage still very low at 3%, same as last time. Total volume was a bit more than before at 5.6ml, which meant count per ml was down to 5.7 million per ml. Last SA was 8 million per ml. He noted I should only abstain two or three days prior to SA, I had waited four days. I doubt that would have boosted my numbers much. So the prednisone had no effect on opening things up. It is likely that my right side VE connection is still not flowing yet, he said it could take months.

Instead of going back to meloxicam I am trying Celebrex. It definitely is working better pain-wise. Just like with the prednisone, I have zero pain using celebrex. When on meloxicam I had some mild ache on the left side.

I suppose I should be happy my total count did not plummet, and I remain hopeful that my numbers will improve. Next SA in 6 weeks.

The important thing is all of the old issues remain non-existent and pain is zero when using celebrex. Ejaculation is still great. Very grateful the reversal has given me my life back.



@InForSomeChop I know the SA numbers may be a bit disappointing, but as you mentioned, I also read it could take months to produce higher numbers.
Regardless, the pain is the reason for the surgery and the fact that you are feeling better after the reversal is great news. Definitely where the focus should be. I spoke to several reverse surgeons that won’t even do SA, they just go by pain level.
That’s interesting that Celebrex works better than meloxicam, I will keep that in mind as an alternative. Thanks again for your willingness to document the journey!



My numbers exploded at about 5 months post reversal. It was very low initially. You will see that number tick up significantly once everything gets going again. Just keep your inflammation down in a gut healthy way and live clean and healthy. It will happen. Those are not that bad a numbers. Motility is usually low at first. My numbers were in the dirt around that time but then really took off.



A classic example of how urologists at minimum are ok with mind effing so many of their clients, and it’s not frowned upon by society in general (medical/layman/etc), and it’s perfectly legal.

If they were more upfront and honest about so much of this vasectomy, vasectomy reversal stuff it would change the entire dynamic of the situation many of these practitioner’s engage in creating themselves.

What’s so hard about being upfront and honest about all this stuff beforehand?

If I was a practicing urologist / reversal surgeon I may not sell as many vasectomys or reversals as the others that are flying under the radar with manipulative deceitful consultations that easily fall into what could be considered as partial truths, and playing with people’s lives. I’d be completely upfront with people, and I’d set them people straight right from the get go.

Reversal surgeons that don’t do SA’s post reversal on pain patients are setting people up for mental mind games at minimum, and apparently the majority of society is ok with this. What’s so hard about being a realist?

I understand that there is a mental trade off regarding knowing, and not knowing your fertility status post reversal, but I’d definitely rather know what the hell is going on with me, than not, rather than spend the rest of my life caught up in these peoples silly mind games, and assuming so much about so much.

I’d guess that the majority of the people that get sent out the door with no SA are clueless as to what’s going on with them. How many of them are wearing a condom post reversal and hate it that don’t need to be? For how long do they and their partners put up with that situation? Some of these men’s wife’s go as far as to have their tubes tied after the fact (another risky and questionable procedure) And who created these situation’s? So many mind games within urology, and modern medicine in general. It’s truly saddening.

I’m dealing with some low testosterone related stuff lately and my general practitioner tells me 250-300 is “normal”. You can bet I let him have it. I blew him out of the water when I asked him how in the heck do you figure 250-300 is normal when the scale tops at approximately 1050 - 1070~? I told him to not treat me like the average ignorant people that he sees 30+ times a day because I’m not, or at least not anymore.